Why Use Facial Cleansers?

The purpose of facial cleansers is to remove damaging items such as air pollution, bacteria, sweat, excess oil, cosmetics and dry skin. Facial cleansers are better for doing this than soap-even gentle soaps because soaps are harsher and often take too much of the skin's natural oils. Cosmetics firms would have you believe that you need expensive cleansing products like benton honest cleansing foam.

How do you know which skin type you are? If your skin is very dry, oily or blemished you will know by looking. If it is sensitive then you've already had trouble with cosmetics and cleansers. If it is a combination skin then get a good multi-purpose facial cleanser.

A Benton moderately priced cleanser suitable for most skin types. It is reasonably priced and gentler than soap. Benton cleanser is gentle enough to use on a baby's skin and recommended by dermatologists is also relatively chemical-free and doesn't dry the skin.

They produce reasonably priced facial cleanser products. It cleans so thoroughly it removes even microscopic dirt particles. Benton facial cleansing comes with scrubs and cleaning cloths for all five skin types. Users say it leaves the skin feeling extraordinarily clean. Their facial cleanser is oil-free and uses apricot extract to scrub skin clean, help fight blemishes and avoid drying out the skin.