What Are The Types Of Poly Mailers?

The e-commerce shipping market has seen poly mailers gain immense popularity. Poly mailers are a cost-effective and common packaging option for shipping multiple e-commerce products. They are more durable than cardboard and can be used to protect many e-products. 

Personalized poly padded envelopes are lightweight and strong plastic bags made of water-resistant polyethylene film. You can also customize them with design elements to enhance your business brand. This article will discuss the types of poly mailers.

Poly Bags Online

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These bags come with a fold-over lip that self-seals, which reduces the need to tape. The shipping label can then be attached directly to the bag. These bags are strong against dirt, dust, and tampering, which ensures that the customer receives their parcel in perfect condition. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles. They are usually available in white or gray.

What are the Types Of Poly Mailers?

There are many types of poly mailers available today. The type you choose depends on your requirements.

Lay Flat Poly Mailers:

Lay-flat poly mailers can be used for many products that do not require bubble wrap or cushioning. They can be used to hold books, magazines, clothes, and other light products.

Expanding Poly Mailers:

These are heavy-duty, poly mailers that have expandable sides gussets. These standard poly mailers are strong enough to keep your product safe even when you overpack.

Eco-friendly Poly Mailers:

Eco-friendly poly mailers can be a great option for eco-conscious businesses. They are safe for customers and the environment and minimize waste.

ClearView Poly Mailers:

These mailers are transparent and allow for excellent product display upon arrival. They can be sealed with stick strips and are easy to use.