Social Media Manager – Internet Marketing’s Most Wanted Professional

The social media manager has become one of the most important titles in internet marketing because of the impact social sites are having on business. In the last year and a half, the starting salaries for this position have jumped significantly.

If you haven't heard the term 'earned media' it refers to consumer information sharing or advertising. Objectively your business brand, reputation, product, or service is shared over social networks and the social media ads manager ensures that the discussion keeps going and the crowd keeps growing.

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An advertising budget dedicated to increasing social recognition through paid ads on social sites yields a much higher ROI because the real growth is all freely spread between friends online.

Then and Now

Before the internet, marketing specificity was almost impossible unless you were marketing to existing customers. Reaching new customers through radio or TV was hit or miss.

The internet gave consumers the option to find exactly what was of interest to them and business owners were now able to speak only to the people who had an interest in them.

Why People Buy

Buying is an emotional activity and social networks are ideal for sharing the stories and experiences friends have with new purchases.

Sharing Is Emotional

Social sites are all about emotion and conversations that get passionate also get noticed.

This information is valuable for home business owners because of the potential for creating another income stream while benefiting your team or network.