Explore Different Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems in Toronto

Without the proper wine room cooling unit, wines become exposed to temperature fluctuations that will cause chemical imbalances that can quickly ruin the taste of your wine. There are many types of wine cellar cooling units or systems; all of which have distinct differences that make them better suited for some wine cellars than others.

wine cellar cooling

There are 4 important types of wine cooling units presently on the market, they are:

  • Self-contained cooling system

  • Split cooling system

  • Ducted cooling system

  • Split e-cool cooling system

As a wine bottle ages, there are over 1,000 chemical reactions taking place inside the bottle, all of which bring different flavors and aromas to the wine. What dictates all of this, is an oxidation phenomenon, which to put it simply, is a chemical reaction between the wine and the oxygen.

There is, therefore, a very particular and precise balance regarding the amount of oxygen with which wine must be brought into contact to ensure that the desired flavors are obtained. 

What you want to do is maximize certain reactions that will bring desirable aromas and minimize the reactions that will bring undesirable ones. 

Wine has a very precise sweet spot, which is why choosing the right wine cellar cooling system is essential. You want to make sure that your wine is stored in an environment with optimum storage conditions, the kind you find in natural wine cellars in Toronto.