Dealing With An Inflatable Paddle Board

One of the first things you should do when your inflatable paddle board gets wet is to remove all of the parts and put them back in their protective storage bags. Yes, a simple repair job can be done by the owner of the inflatable boat, but often more often than not, a competent repair shop can repair many different types of damage to the inflatables. Many inflatables still have a 'Patch Kit' attached, but for a good quality inflatable, this is rarely required. For the most part, these inflatables are made from a vinyl material that does not require replacing or repairing, because of their longevity and the material that is used to make them. However, in many cases, even a simple repair kit will be necessary in order to safely remove the damaged parts from your inflatables and put them back into place.

Once the repair kit is removed, all that is needed is to remove the damaged parts of the inflatables and put them back in place as shown at While some repairs may require a lot of sanding and drilling, others may require very little work at all. While working on the water, you may have to deal with some large debris such as sticks, twigs, or other objects. If you want to remove any of these pieces of debris, you can do it without damaging your inflatables or the water itself. All that is needed is to gently wipe any piece of debris away using a paper towel. This should be done before you move on to the next step.

After you have moved on to removing the large pieces of debris, you are ready to set up the inflatables. You may find that you need a spray bottle to keep the water clean. You will also need to spray on the "Fix-It" compound that will allow you to attach the patches to the boards. This compound can be found in most local sporting goods stores or you can purchase it online. The fixing should be done to the watertight portions of the inflatables. It will come in handy if something happens to the boards, such as when you are out on a trip.

The inflatables will need to be allowed to sit on the ground for several hours before they are used again. You may want to have a few towels available to soak up the water before putting them back into use. You should be prepared to take them out and put them back in again. before the boards get wet. When all parts of the inflatables are dry, you are ready to use them. You can store the board in a dry place and store it in a dry place or you can store it in the back of your truck. before it starts raining.

Before you start the repair, make sure that the boards have been installed correctly and that all the repair kits are in place. If you have purchased the patch kits, you may have to use the adhesive that comes with the kit, so that they do not come loose and become lost. After installation, you can start to do repairs. Just as all inflatables will require repairs, they will also require some maintenance to keep them working right and in good condition. It is very important to clean your board regularly to prevent dirt and debris from building up.

If you do not own your inflatables, then you will have to purchase the parts to repair your inflatables. Most parts will require that you purchase them separately, but some of the larger components may already be included in the kit. Most companies offer repair kits.