Four Of The Best: Vegetarian And Vegan Eateries In Paris

Think French cuisine and the dishes that come to mind might be foie gras, bones, frog legs and snails. But vegetarians and vegans needn't worry too much about eating out in Paris, because the plant-based diet has them. The chef's imagination conquers the whole city. For starters, here are four vegan eating houses in Paris to whet your appetite.

Creature:- Located on the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette, Créatures is a pop-up restaurant dedicated to vegan and vegetarian dishes. The salads are fresh, colorful and organic – and if you're feeling too virtuous, you can always make up for it at the Créatures cocktail bar.

Guenmai Vegetarian Paris:- Since 1979, this macrobiotic grocery store restaurant has served salad plates — made whole with added tofu and tempeh — and squeezed carrots into juice. This is an excellent position to refuel on a long shopping spree at Saint-Germain.

Le Potager de Charlotte: One brother is a chef, the other a naturopath, and both are vegan, so it's no surprise that the dishes served at their restaurant strike the perfect balance of delicious and healthy. Not to mention a lot of weird wits; Think chickpeas and rice pancakes, rich in cashew cream, packed with zucchini risotto, and a dessert glass filled with lemon curd and chocolate cream so satisfying you'll swear you'll never need cream and butter again.

42 degrees: Imagine the taste of a vegan lunch, with aromas and flavors beautifully presented on a plate, making you feel like you are in the midst of vegan heaven. That's the idea of 42 degrees. Restaurant 42 Degres makes vegan lunches fun, delicious and accessible. 42 Degrees Vegan is known for its delicious vegan lunch buffets.