All About The Steel Beams

Steel beams are structural steel products designed to carry heavy loads. Steel beams are available in various sizes and types, therefore their application is different in the construction of structures and buildings. Building codes define the geometry, size, and shape of the beams. This beam can be straight or curved. You may buy steel beams online through

Types of Steel Beams - Structural Guide

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Steel Beam Type

Types of steel beams based on support

  • Plain Straps: These beams are supported at the ends and can be twisted freely.
  • Fixed beams: They are supported at the ends but cannot be rotated.
  • Suspended Beam: This type of beam extends beyond its support on one side.
  • Double overhangs: They hang supports at both ends.
  • Continuous Beam: Extended with two or more supports.
  • Console: Stays at one end but sticks out.
  • Split Beam: This beam is reinforced with rods or cables to form a truss.

Types of beams by geometry

  • Straight Beams: As the name suggests, it is straight.
  • Curved Beams: These beams have a curved shape.
  • Conical Beam: This beam has a pointed cross-section.

Types of beams based on a cross-section

  • I-beam: This type of beam is also known as the American standard beam or junior beam. It has a profile I.
  • T-beam: As the name suggests, this beam has a T-section.
  • Channels: Also known as C-beams, these beams have a C-section.
  • Wide Flange Beams: Also known as H or W beams.. They have non-tapered flanges and are wider than standard I-beams.