Know About The Types of Cats And Their Variations

Over a hundred decades before, we started methodically breeding cats to appeal to our aesthetic preferences. Hair length, color, coat pattern, in addition to leg and head proportions result in the "appearance" of particular breeds. Look at sufficient cat faces and bodies, and you will find two distinctly different kinds.

Faces are triangular or curved. Bodies that are slender and lean belong to the lithe oriental, or overseas breeds. Short legs behind a wide, compact body are all characteristic of a "cobby."

You will find more than 70 different breeds of cats that are recognized by appropriate cat registries. Some registries recognize more than 40 breeds since they exclude cats such as Bengals that are hybrids of wild and domestic cats. But the Bengals are a very popular kind of breed. Many people love to adopt them as pets. There are various types of Bengal cats such as snow Bengal cat, silver Bengal cat, etc. You can buy a silver Bengal cat from

silver bengal cat

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Some "breeds" are only variations of main kinds. By way of instance, a Balinese cat is a more haired kind of Siamese kitty.

Cats have lived with people through different cultures and times. They have been paired with different cat breeds to produce a new and a different cat breed.

Actual Persian cats may be paired with a pristine Siamese cat. The resulting breed will have attributes that are consistent and clear.