Most Common Vehicle Conversions to Your Van

If you're considering purchasing a converted van that is already in use or has your vehicle modified to accommodate the needs of a wheelchair user as well as a driver, then you might be wondering about the most effective and efficient conversions for vehicles. You can also modify your Minespec via Klarmann Automotive Solutions.

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It will be more comfortable to allow your family members with disabilities, family members to travel and also give them the independence they want. What are the most commonly used wheelchair conversions?

  • Usually, the floor of the vehicle is likely to be adjusted to fit the wheelchair with the person in the vehicle. Floors can be lifted in most cases in the amount you require (starting at around 10 inches in a minivan).


  • A ramp can be constructed to make side-entry or rear-entry easier for those with disabilities. The ramps could be operated manually (meaning that an able person is required to lift the ramp off of inside the vehicle) or electronically controlled (meaning that with the push of an electronic button the ramp will reduce itself).


  • The wheelchair lift has become among the most popular vehicle modifications nowadays and can be used on front-entry or side-entry vans. The platform lift can fold inwards when it is not in use. the under-car lift can be placed underneath the van. the swing lift, as well as those with a hoist or rotary lifts, are not able to raise wheelchairs with occupants.