Upgrade Your Home Office with These Brilliant Plant Ideas

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The recent lockdowns across the world have pushed people inside their homes. While offices have started resuming at regular occupancies, many employees still prefer working from home. So, if you have also created a home office setup, you can upgrade it with better aesthetics and freshness by using these brilliant ideas.

Add a Trailing Effect with the Devil’s Ivy

Also called the pothos, this plant works well at all indoor spots. You can use a hanging pot, a moss pole, or a regular pot to keep this plant in your home office. With light watering requirements (and less in winters), this plant grows beautiful and purifies the air for you.

Create a Tropical Oasis in the Office with Bamboo Palm

If you love holidaying in a tropical paradise but can’t get enough time, this plant can bring that feeling inside your home office. You can place the Bamboo Palm plant in a small pot on the desk or in a large pot against the wall. The plant grows well in moist soil, away from harsh sunlight.

Get a Trendy Office Desk with Fiddle-Leaf Fig

The Fiddle-Leaf Fig is a favorite office plant with its deep green leaves. Since the plant varieties can grow large enough, you should consider adding a dwarf form to your office desk. Away from direct sunlight in damp soil, this plant grows into a gorgeous, happy plant.

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