What is Massage Therapy – Healing Practice of Touch and Movement

A physical therapy assistant can be a licensed professional who has completed special training. These assistants assist physical therapists with patients with disabilities or injuries. Many treatments can be used to relieve pain and increase mobility.

There are more than 200 physical therapy assistant programs in Annapolis. Candidates must have a high GPA, especially in the major sciences like chemistry, biology, and statistics, to be considered for these programs. You can also apply for the yoga classes in Annapolis.

Every candidate must volunteer in the field of health care, ideally as an aide. They also need to show community involvement by participating in a service program. Physical therapists are also recommended as a prerequisite to being accepted into a PTA program.

Seniors getting a yoga exercise from their yoga instructor.

What does a Physical Therapy Assistant do?

Physical therapy assistants work with physical therapists to treat patients who have physical disabilities or injuries. This type of assistant in health care is supervised by licensed physical therapy therapists. When caring for patients, they offer a variety of techniques, including deep soft tissue massage, exercise treatment protocols, and general mobility training.

Assistants in this field must also be able to use different types of physical therapy equipment. As physical therapy assistants, they may also need to answer the phones, fill out insurance paperwork, or order supplies.

These health care professionals can work with people of all ages. Physical therapy is available to injured athletes, stroke victims, cerebral palsy patients, and those who have had recent surgery.