Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Toronto

What is sexual abuse? It is any manner of physical contact, which has no compliance involved. Sexual abuse involves rape, sexual assault, or non-consensual sex.

Victims can seek justice against their perpetrators, and many victims have been able to recover monetary compensation for their mental anguish and suffering. Sexual abuse lawyers can help you seek justice if you have been sexually abused by a priest or clergy member. You can hire a sexual assault lawyer in Toronto from

How can you determine whether or not you have a possible claim? Here are some of the forms of sexual abuse:

Coerced you to engage in vaginal (or anal) intercourse

Coerced you to have oral sex (or perform the sexual act on you)

Fondled or touched your genitals (or forced, even convinced, you to touch his)

Obtained pornographic or disgraceful photos of you

Displayed his genitals to you (or made you display yours)

Made you see pornographic materials

Children and teenagers are susceptible to sexual mistreatment by adults whom they regarded as trustful and whom they deemed to have power over them. Thus, the damages inflicted on them as victims of abuse are often endured throughout their lives.

Cases of sexual abuse are very sensitive and should be dealt with delicately. Victims are often afraid to come forward and talk. So it is important to find sexual abuse lawyers who have respect for their clients and the confidentiality that is very much needed.