A Loft Conversion is Worth Considering Instead of Moving the House

With mortgages currently so hard to achieve in the unexpected movement in the housing market, loft conversion, and renovation in the UK can be a better and more affordable option when a growing family needs to build a little more space.

However, making it as stress-free as possible requires proper planning and research so that you know what it is allowed to do and can have confidence that the job will be done correctly and safely.

This is perhaps an occasion where it is not entirely wise to do all the work yourself. Good advice from the local planning authority, help from an architect, and guidance on building regulations from a qualified builder are essential.

The first step is to make a list of the essential features you envision the finished room to have and find out if they are feasible, not only from a planning permission perspective but also from the practicality of complying with building regulations. More obvious effect and cost.

It is pointless to undertake a loft conversion that is designed to add value to a home if the cost will be so high that trying to recover the investment will result in a realistic asking price for that area at a sale above the generally accepted level. The price rises. In.

For example, there is a maximum allowed volume that can be added and that is 40 cubic meters of additional roof space for terraced homes, which includes any previous developments that have extended it, even if done by the previous owner and No extension can exceed the highest point of the existing roof. You may face additional restrictions if the home is in a listed building or conservation area.