HR’s Tole in Organisational Creativity and Innovation

Technology has already made huge strides in changing the face of the modern HR department over the past few decades. HR technology has cleared the decks of the traditional workplace to make way for a more streamlined HR department.

Human resources professionals are now better able to focus on front-burner and face-to-face tasks. Instead of shuffling through stacks of paperwork to find a single piece of critical information, HR staff members can use cloud-based workforce solutions to access information quickly and easily.

Creating, maintaining, and managing skills orientated towards innovation must be one of HR’s main objectives. But honing these skills and guaranteeing their sustainability goes through generating a culture of innovation in human resource management.

innovation in human resource management
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How can human resources contribute to building an innovative culture? Some ideas are:

  • Implementing policies on incentives for innovation. These incentives should be financial, but can also be recognized.
  • Implementing specific training programmes on innovation for key leaders.
  • Disseminating the importance of comprehensive innovation: innovation in products, processes, and the business model.
  • Leading campaigns that ease employees’ fear of failure.
  • Ensuring a real budget for innovation. New ideas need to be prototyped and tested. Without real resources for this, ideas may always remain as that: just ideas.
  • Facilitating mobility and collaboration between people from different departments. Innovation often comes about when you bring together minds that have different knowledge, backgrounds, and perceptions of the world.

The agenda for innovation that we lead should be committed to building and maintaining a culture of innovation that is sustainable over time.