How To Install The Best Handrail Brackets?

Handrail brackets are used to secure them to your wall. If they aren't correctly installed, they'll pull away creating ugly holes. To prevent this from happening make sure that you correctly put the brackets. To assist you, this guide will show you how to set up the brackets correctly.

Start by marking a spot on the wall. For best results, ensure that the area is at least 36 inches from the edge that is facing the lowest riser, and 6 inches away from the top of the railing. To stop the markings from being visible on your wall, you must make use of a pencil.

The steel handrail brackets should be put in the correct position then mark screw holes on each bracket. Then, take off the handrail and drill pilot holes. It is important to note that the screws are inserted at an angle. It's often difficult to ensure that the alignment is correct Therefore, it's crucial to first create the openings for starters.

To ensure the safety of your walls, you must use the appropriate drill. For instance, if you are fixing the brackets to a masonry wall, it is recommended to make use of a masonry drill to drill into the hole pilot.

Thanks for taking the time to share your desire to know more about stainless railings made of steel products. Together with the handrail bracket, you will make stunning contemporary areas that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.