Amethyst Jewelry and the Benefits of Wearing Purple

The purple color of the amethyst gemstone is rightly so special. Purple is the color that awakens our highest spiritual energy, and therefore this color was mostly preserved in ancient times for the robes and clothes of kings and priests.

For centuries, amethyst has been used to protect against hangovers. Greek mythology associates the purple color of this stone with the tears of Dionysus, the god of wine and celebration. You can visit this link for various types of purple gemstones. 

 The present Greek word "Ametustos" means "conscious." Today, wearing amethyst jewelry is still recommended for those who are recovering from alcoholism or other drug addiction. 

Wearing purple and its various hues and shades like burgundy, lavender, purple, plum, and magenta can help us escape emotions that can irritate the intestines and blind us to our true spiritual goals. It can relieve feelings of self-pity and turn the desire to escape from everyday problems into awareness of God's calling.

It can be said that purple is the color of independence, in the sense of willingness to follow our divine calling rather than other people's calls. And this divine calling will help bring about God's will on earth in certain ways that each of our souls wants to be done. This is why so many teenagers are attracted to purple. 

They realized that they were soon to grow, requiring an awareness of their true individuality about what they were here to contribute to the divine plan. In the early stages when adolescents feel they are stepping into a new, individual self-image, this new awareness can manifest as rebellion.