The Benefits of Making Your Own Yogurt

Because my family ate a lot of yogurts, I've been thinking of making your own yogurt for some time, but keep putting it, thinking it will be one more thing that takes time for me to do it. Then one day I read the back of Yogurt Yoplait my husband likes to eat and disappointed to find that, first, almost 1/6 of all containers is sugar. 

I decided it was time to try my hand to make myself. I went to Amazon and found you can buy yogurt makers for anywhere from $ 25 to $ 65. I finally bought one of Aware, EW-5K102, which was $ 25.99. I chose this one because it seems to be on a pretty good sale and because it seems relatively easy to use. You can purchase the high tech frozen yogurt equipment at

After mixing in culture, you pour yogurt into eight glasses, turn on the engine, and set it for nine hours. I was really happy the first time I made yogurt to see that it looked exactly like yogurt! Keep in mind, however, that this is plain yogurt, some of us have ever bought. Even though I really liked plain yogurt, I had to disguise it a little for husband and son.

They hit! Since then I made blueberries, pineapple, and raspberry/blueberries even though I gradually weaned the sweetener of honey. Because I like any lemon, I now want to try the recipe for lemon yogurt in a booklet that might not be anyone besides I will eat. After you make yogurt several times it's actually a very painful process.

If I do it to finish it, I will buy a yogurt maker that comes with a glass container than plastic. I plan to try finding a glass container that matches my current yogurt maker. I think the final cost makes yogurt (minus the initial expenditure of $ 25 for the yogurt maker itself) factoring in milk, buy a yogurt and fruit starter package.