Get Rid of Back Pain

Within the world of medicine, back pain and all its ads-on are now occupying center stage. The hope is for much more effective and speedier treatments to surface. There have been massive updates in the way how the medical world has treated that condition. Some updated treatments will now be attempted:

1. Be aware of the trigger of the new back pain episode

2. Smoking is lethal. Avoid it at all cost

3. Limit your bed rest after an attack

4. The drug use versus non-drug use conundrum

5. Treating the psychological effects of back pain

6. Utilisation of combined therapies (not singularly)

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Be aware of the trigger that caused the new back pain episode

Back pain occurs under very different circumstances, in many ways, and a for several reasons. Some of them are very innocent but the end results sometimes are catastrophic:

a. coughing

b. reaching forward to grab hold of an object only to freeze as a result of the excruciating pain that occurred

c. not sitting very comfortably for varying lengths of time. accommodating past problems, e.g arthritic knee pain causing the walking stance to become compromised

Smoking is lethal. Avoid it at all costs.

Whenever we stand, we owe our upright stance to the bones in our bodies. Those bones include our spine which consists of vertebrae sitting one on top of each other throughout the entire back. Interleaved between the vertebrae are discs that give much flexibility to the body. The fact that we can bend and regain our upright stance is all due to the flexibility given by the intervertebral discs.