All About Bullseye Striker Glass

The best mental image ever created while holding your golf swing in an airplane is a Ben Hogan glass. Hogan spends an entire chapter in his book Five Lessons on a rocking plane using this "glass" image. 

It tells you how important it was for him to swing the stick on the plane to become a great golfer. You can also check for the best bullseye striker glass via the web.

Wood Striker Streaky

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Check out the image above and burn it into your soul! This large cup is at an angle from the ball over the golfer's shoulder and so on. The angle of the glass is determined by the golfer's position.

Hogan loves imagining this glass as it swings as it allows him to swing the bat from behind under this imaginary "glass" while swinging, as well as down when hitting and finishing – without breaking the glass!

The truth is, Hogan's golf swing has always been on the plane and most consider him "the best ball-striker who ever lived"!

If you have a swing "from above" (also known as a pour), you can see how you will break the glass at the start of your downward swing.

The glass image also helps you reverse. If you swing the stick too hard at the start of the swing, you will break the glass. Your wrist will shrink on its own without you even thinking about it.