BMW High-Performance Dual Exhaust Systems

accepted by manufacturers for aesthetic and performance reasons. For owners looking to improve their BMW exhaust and car performance, a good aftermarket exhaust system is one that improves performance and adds a more aggressive touch to the car. For American Iron fans, twin exhausts are a common sight, and seeing a pair of glossy exhausts on the back of a car is nothing new. You can easily buy performance exhaust systems for your car online via Xforce.

However, as buyers became more sophisticated and knowledgeable over the years, manufacturers were forced to offer more powerful cars with each new iteration. Cars like the BMW M3 have started to have quad mufflers, even when the M3 engine was still a straight-six. Below, a dual exhaust system, powered by three exhaust pipes, drives the exhaust with dual exhaust tips at both ends. 

On vehicles with V-shaped engines, the dual exhaust is a natural arrangement as the engine configuration dictates that the exhaust holes are on the side of the engine at opposite ends. Here the double damper is usually equipped with a cross pipe. On-road engines, the connecting pipe is a necessity as it can counteract the adverse effects of 2 anti-ignition cylinders on opposite edges of the engine.

The effects include loss of torque and limited power at high rpm, two things performance-minded owners are always trying to get more out of. The most common OEM crossover pipe is the H-design, which is a larger diameter pipe connecting the left and right halves of the dual exhaust system.