How to Identify Quality Cannabis Branches

Shopping at marijuana stores has become the preferred choice of millions of home builders. There are several benefits of planting cannabis from clones, but many people also prefer seeds, but in terms of simplicity, convenience, and speed clones are very popular.

Growing strains like top Michigan marijuana genetics and  Double Barrel OG is a great way to get high yields with minimal effort. The good news is you don't have to be a skilled gardener to make a good replica. 

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It's often easy to buy from a well-established and reputable supplier you can trust. If they knew what they were doing, they wouldn't be deliberately selling the homeless for sale.

However, there is some evidence that high-quality cannabis clones should be sought. So if you want to grow the highest-shelf-rack shoots to be proud of, here's how you can identify an excellent cannabis clone:

Strong roots, First, look at the growing environment and examine the roots of the clone. In a quality clone, it will see strong, white, well-developed roots. If there are signs of discoloration or weakness, this is not for sale. 

When growing marijuana from clones, nothing is more important than a strong and healthy root system. This is where all the essential moisture,  nutrients, and oxygen are absorbed by the plant to finally determine its properties. Compare several clones side by side and see who has the strongest roots.