Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends

Since the essential oils used in aromatherapy are distilled from plants, they are naturally natural. However, because essential oils can cause irritation and severe reactions in some people, they are usually diluted by mixing them with a carrier oil. Basically, essential oils should always be mixed with carrier oil.

A natural blended oil also called a base oil, must also be a natural vegetable oil, although vegetable oils are sometimes used. (Oils are solid or semi-solid at room temperature, while oils are liquid.) Mineral and animal oils such as fish oil are not usually used in aromatherapy practice.

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Natural oils have different properties and tastes, although they are much milder. However, you may be able to enhance and/or counteract the desired odor and effect, so it is advisable to experiment and read extensively when creating your own natural aromatherapy oil blend.

Grapeseed and sweet almond oils are some of the most popular essential oils. When buying a carrier oil, look for cold-pressed oil.  With mechanical pressing process. Heat can destroy the nutrients in the oil, and although the main benefit of aromatherapy comes from essential oils, there is no reason not to use a carrier oil. Especially in massage apply the oil directly to the skin.

As a result, natural oils are usually purchased in smaller quantities to ensure they are depleted and undamaged.

Essential oils also tend to lose their potency quickly, but in this case because of their volatility, and instead of going rancid, they lose their strength through oxidation.