Shopify App: Use Of Tag Filtering

Tag filtering is applied based on changes to the collection URL. However, the app provides a way for customers to interact with this feature so they don't have to manually change the URL.

Label filters must be included in the collection template or through the included section in the collection template. You can use the smart product filter by visiting  To implement the tag filtering feature, you can iterate over all product tags in a collection using the collection object's all_tags attribute. For each tag, you can check if it is in the current_tags object and then look at the link to add or remove it.

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Go to Shopify admin, choose Products, then click on Transfers, Customers, Blog Posts, Orders, Order Drafts, or Inventory. Click Marked filters. write the name of the tag you want to use as a filter. The filter results are displayed.

Like this, you can easily use tag filtering on Shopify. Using Shopify product tags is important. You can easily set up your store, showcase and showcase products, and create a seamless experience for your customers. You may be more used to using Shopify for dropshipping, but Shopify's capabilities are beyond that.

The feature in Shopify to filtering is Spaces, underscores, dashes, and slashes are allowed on labels and values for your tags & much more.