How To Manage The Staff Absence

Management of staff absence is a major problem for any organization, no matter how large or small. Small businesses can suffer more from sickness absence than just financial costs. In these difficult times, business survival can be affected by the loss of knowledge, disruption, and impact on customer services.

Management of sickness absence is crucial to minimizing business disruption. Bradford Factor calculator is a great tool to count the Total Days Absent of employees.

In the 1980s, the University of Bradford's School of Management researched absenteeism. The Bradford Factor was developed but is also known as the Bradford Formula and Bradford Score.

This metric was created to highlight the impact of short-term absence on organization performance compared with single instances of prolonged absence.

Bradford Score The Bradford Factor Score (although it looks complicated, is quite simple) can be calculated as follows:

Bx ( Sx S) x D

  • B is the Bradford Factor score

  • S is the total number of spells (occurrences/instances) of the absence of an individual over a set period

  • D is the number of days that the individual has been absent over the period

This period typically lasts 52 weeks.

Take, for example:

  • A person has one instance of absence for ten days (1x1x10) = 10 points

  • A person is allowed to take off five times in two days (5 x 5x 10 = 250 points).

  • A person is allowed to take off 10 times per year for 1 day (10 x 10x 10) = 1000 points

It quickly identifies frequent 'offenders', allowing you to target management actions on them.