Different Methods That Professionals Use For Carpet Cleaning

A number of factors determine the best carpet cleaning method for your carpets. First of all, the type of fiber that your carpet is manufactured is likely to assign the cleaning method to be taken into account by your carpet cleaner.

In addition, the location of your carpet and your preferred drying time will also affect the choice of the cleaning method. Other factors such as the level of educational traffic and the presence of allergies can affect your choice of cleaning method. You can prolong your carpet life with FoamFrenzy!

Examine different methods used by professionals to clean the carpets and how each of them is unique.

The first is commonly called hot water extraction or steam cleaning. In this process, a spray that uses high pressure is used to cover the carpet with a hot water cleaning solution. This solution, associated with dirt and water, is then sucked up the carpet with a damp vacuum. 

The method involves a number of steps that the carpet remains impeccable and the cleaning solution is completely rinsed. This is the best cleaning method because it offers deep carpet cleaning and can therefore be used in highly stained areas.

The hood or dry cleaning method is also very popular. During this method, the carpet is cleaned with heat as well as chemicals that disintegrate the oil inside the fiber. 

The process uses a rotating machine that completely cleans the carpet and leaves it dry and impeccable. It can be a rather expensive professional cleaning method, but it offers fast-drying and is very safe to use to clean sensitive fibers.