Beat The Summer Heat With Arabian Jasmine

Imagine you are relaxing after a busy day in the city, sitting in a garden or gallery with sunset presenting you the aroma that can ease your mind and relieve all your stress. It's like being near the Arabian Jasmine flowers. You can easily find jasminum sambac via

jasminum sambac

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Jasminum sambac is scientifically known as Arabian Jasmine. It is a member of the Oleaceae family, which goes by many names such as Mogra, Mugra and so forth. The name Jasmine comes from the Persian name Yasmin, which denotes a fragrant flower.

Conventional Ayurvedic healers use the blossoms Jasminum Sambac to adjust "Tridosha". (These keep your body functioning smoothly). The fresh vibrant juice from the ground blossoms can be used in treating bruises and wounds as well as itching.

Traditional Medicine uses Jasmine sambac to treat tumors, Diarrhea and conjuntivitis, as well as skin ulcers and fever.

Medicine experts use the roots of this plant to relieve extreme pain, sleep deprivation and migraine. They also treat pain caused by broken bones or dislocated joint pain. This is mainly due to the anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and sedative properties this fragrant herb.

A few flowers are kept in a small jar in villages. This makes the water scented and prevents the body from getting too hot in the summer. women often use the beautiful flowers of the Arabian Jasmine plant as hair ornaments, especially after marriage, due to their natural euphoric and aphrodisiac properties.