Activities For Dyslexia Learners

Dyslexia is not an illness and people who are dyslexic are not less intelligent than others. They just handle language differently. Unfortunately, public education is not always set up to cater to dyslexic students. 

When a child begins school he or she will learn how to read. However, at a certain point the focus at school shifts from learning to read, to reading to learn.

If dyslexia gets in the way of comprehension and language production, it can have a major impact on learning and performance. Therefore, It would be highly advised to get in touch with the dyslexia champion providing Dyslexia Awareness Resources for All.

Activities for learners:-

Choose a celebrity and put together a poster presentation

Have students select a famous person with dyslexia and deliver a presentation about their life. If you have a large class you may also want to give them a chance to expand the list first. 

Encourage learners to choose someone they feel they can relate to, whether this is because of athletic and/or creative ability, the impact dyslexia has had on their lives, or the films they have acted in. 

Ask students to learn five facts about that person and deliver a short oral presentation, accompanied by a poster board with images that represent different aspects of the person’s life and character.

Discuss the qualities people on the list share

Put a famous person’s name on the board and draw a circle around it. As a group makes a list of that individual’s character traits as bubbles coming off of the main circle. 

For example, you might find creativity, persistence in the face of difficulty, or trying new ways of approaching a problem are things actors, mathematicians and artists alike have in common.