Introducing The Scrum Master

Scrum: Why?

Scrum is an acronym that comes from rugby, where teams work together to achieve their goal. Scrum encourages teams to push themselves further every time. Scrum is based on the principles of "Inspect" and "Adapt". 

Regular inspections expose any issues or barriers, and the team adapts its approach to address them. This feedback loop is shorter and allows for product defects to be identified early in the process. You can also get scaled agile coaching online.

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Scrum is made up of certain roles, artifacts, and time boxes. Scrum teams are made up of between 5 and 7 people. 

Scrum Roles

Scrum has only three roles for its developers. These roles are the Product Owner and Scrum Master, as well as the Team. Usually, one Product Owner acts as the customer proxy or finalizer of the requirements. The Scrum Master, or process owner, focuses on eliminating any obstacles that the team may face and ensuring that Scrum is properly followed. 

Any member of the team other than the Scrum Master or Product Owner is called the Team. This could include a tester, programmer, business analyst, or architect. Scrum encourages team members to take on different roles and it is common for team members to pitch in when and where necessary.

Scrum is made up of iterations, or sprints. These can be any length, from one week up to four weeks. No matter how much work has been completed, sprints begin and end at the same time. This is known as a "time box", which will be described below.

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