Tips on Realistic 3D Rendering Services

Ever wondered why your 3D rendering doesn't look very real? Not sure how to make a leap from producing an average 3D rendering to consistently make renders that are truly realistic?! I will let you enter some industrial tips that should make you improve your skills in a short time. You can consider the best product 3D rendering services to promote your products online.

Making 3D architecture rendering requires a lot of technical capabilities. It can take years to become proficient in certain modeling and rendering software. Making 3D rendering is a problem-solving process. You can see what doesn't look good and you have to think of a solution to make it look better. But to do this, you must know your software backward and can recognize the causes and effects of changing certain parameters.

But you can have all the technical capabilities in the world and still can't produce great rendering. So what makes a difference? What makes some renders look extraordinary while others just look standard?

  • To learn to live. That simple.

The only way you can make a 3D photo-realistic rendering is to learn the original photos! Or better – study real-life scenery. You need to pay attention to specific details. Details in lighting, texture, forms, and structures. If you look at a great 3D architecture rendering, you will be amazed by the detail in all things ranging from textures and materials to lighting and background.

  • Learn good architectural photography.

This will not only give you an endless source of inspiration for your 3D rendering but will help you recognize good composition and lighting. You will learn about interesting things and thirds of the rules. However, the main objective of architectural visualization is to visualize buildings before being built. 

  • Attention to detail.

The main reason why most 3D rendering does not look realistic is attention to detail. You have to spend time in detail! You must ensure your 3D modeling is right. Then your texture. You need to add details to your texture. How often in the real world you see clean wood granules or tiles?! Never. Select attention to your material and what elements of the scene they cover.

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