5 Steps to SMART HR Strategic Goals

Setting SMART goals is an essential step to run a successful business. How are you going to achieve anything if you don’t know what are you aiming for? Setting up goals, writing them down and sharing them with others is important because it gives you something to work towards. Plus, sharing your targets with others makes them real and holds you accountable for your actions. If you want to know more about what is goal setting for HR Managers, you can navigate to many reputable websites.

SMART HR Strategic Goals
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Following are the reason why you have to set smart goals for HR Managers:

Make Your HR Strategic Goals Specific

When you state your goals in very specific terms it presents a number of advantages. It helps you to visualize exactly what it is you want to achieve. Once this is covered then you are able to figure out exactly what you need to get it done. If you have others on your team it also helps them to be clear about what needs to be achieved, plus it allows your seniors/supervisors to know what to expect from you and your department.

  • Make Your HR Strategic Goals Measurable

What does it mean to be measurable? It simply means that others will be able to measure/assess/see if the target has been met. A goal that is measurable has certain keywords weaved into it. Some of the terms will show how much, how many, who will be included, the change that will occur. Here are two examples we will use to bring out the point of being measurable goals.

  • Make Your HR Strategic Goals Attainable

Make sure each goal is also attainable. When setting your goals, consider the host of duties you need to perform and how much you will need to depend on other managers, technical people or your leaders, to be able to achieve the strategic goal you are setting.

One the greatest frustrations can come from the extent you will need to rely on other departments to achieve your HR strategic goals. To manage this challenge, engage the stakeholders in setting the goal and in agreeing on the measurements that will be used. By doing this, you will tend to gain greater commitment to achieving the goal and increase the chances of achieving the goal.

Make Your HR Strategic Goals  Realistic

In the world of HR there are always new things to accomplish, changes that need to be made, policies that need to be created and implemented. So it is important to make your HR strategic goals realistic.

Avoid the pressure to create goals to impress your colleagues in other departments but instead, consider the resources that you will need to be able to accomplish them.

  • Make Your HR Strategic Goals  Time Sensitive

Setting a time frame for when you want to achieve each of your strategic goals helps you prioritize, allocate the needed resources and chart your progress on each goal.

If you simply said, “This year we want to create two new policies related to educational assistance”. Well, when do you imagine you will get to squeeze that in with all the other targets you have to meet, without a specific deadline?

Any goal that is a priority needs a time descriptor to help you prioritize. Setting a time frame for each goal will keep you focused and committed to investing what is needed to get the job done.

Setting goals must be followed up by a solid action plan that describes the step by step actions to meet the goals. But starting out with clearly expressed goals is the first step to creating your HR strategic plan. When those goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and framed within a specific timeline, then you have a solid footing on which to move forward to achieving successful outcomes.

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Fast Facts On Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is a skin disease that stains the skin and loses its color at the same time. The area of skin affected, which varies from person to person. It can affect the eyes, mouth, and hair in the same way. Usually, the affected area remains dirty for whatever remains of the individual's life.

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Vitiligo is described as "it's more than just a cosmetic problem". There are different treatments for Vitiligo. The first remedy for Vitiligo is to use oil to avoid this disease. Telenor oil is one way to treat vitiligo.


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Causes of Vitiligo:

There are a number of factors that contribute to vitiligo. Some of them are given below:

  • Because of a stressful event
  • Genetic imbalance
  • Exposure to certain chemicals

Inherently, this means that if first-generation family members have this disorder, it is likely that the next generation will be affected. This is a virus. So normal people can get the same thing.


There is only one main symptom of Vitiligo, which is the appearance of flat white spots on your skin. Most often the first affected area is where it is exposed to sunlight. This means that this area should get lots of sunlight.

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