Dry Van Trucking Companies Are Using Connected Trucks in Kansas City

Kansas City dry van trucking companies are now using modern trucks that are connected. The trucking industry with connected trucks is now faced with concerns regarding cybersecurity. 

These days, hackers are well funded and are very refined in their ways. The new trucks have various gadgets that increase the functionality of the trucks and provide a better level of security and safety for the driver and the onboard cargo. You can find the best dry van freight transportation company in Kansas City via an online search.

Some dry van truckers like to install gadgets in the cab and under the hood. They like to install sensors that foretell mechanical hitches and also monitor engine performance. Modern video systems used by truckers allow them to avoid accidents on the highways as they provide a forewarning.

dry van trucking companies

Since Kansas City trucking companies like to save on the cost of fuel and want to prevent costly accidents. They like the devices that keep an eye on driver behavior so they can continue making profits. 

A little accident can turn into a big story and this means losing business with a bad reputation on the market. The cost of insurance also goes up higher for companies whose trucks come into collisions.

Since the trucks are all connected, the data from these trucks is available "on-air" for hackers to use. They can easily get attacked by unknown entities and get exploited. All data from the trucks is saved in data centers and the more trucks are connected to data centers the more victims the hackers can have.

Therefore, it is important to get an added level of security for Kansas City trucking companies so all their data is secure from cyber threats. All new technologies carry some type of risk and learning how to cope with the same gives you complete peace of mind.

Treating & Surviving Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

Regardless of what you may have heard about stage 4 stomach cancer, given the advancement of medicine today, it can actually be treated successfully. If you were only diagnosed with the disease 50 years ago, your concerns are reasonable. However, today's experience is a real opportunity and this article will show you how.

However, there is also a fact given by cancer lawyers if you or a loved one has grown cancer in the stomach after taking heartburn medicine, then you might be acceptable to file an Antacid Cancer Lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Stage 4 Stomach Cancer Life Expectancy - CancerOz

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The most common treatment for this type and stage of cancer to date is surgery. This involves the manual removal of the infected part of the stomach and is medically known as a subtotal gastrectomy. However, at stage 4, the surgeon may decide to remove your entire stomach, as well as your spleen and possibly part of your small intestine.

After the surgery, you will have several tests to see how much cancer has been removed and whether you need to move on to the next treatment, which is usually chemotherapy. These drugs aim to kill cancer cells and prevent them from multiplying. There are many ways doctors give medicine, either by mouth, spine, or even organs.

Between these two treatments, doctors usually also prescribe palliative therapy which aims to relieve pain caused by symptoms. For example, the tumor may be large enough to prevent food from entering your body. In this case, action will be taken to remove these obstacles.