Women Entrepreneurs – The Key To Women Empowerment

It is true that women have come a long way with more than eight million businesswomen in India! But, when we have a closer look, it was only 13.76% of the total entrepreneurs.

Why is shared very little? This is because we do not understand the meaning of the economic independence of women. It is a must to realize that Real Women Empowerment through Economic Independence.

Every woman is a businessman if he realizes his inner strength!

I believe every woman has a great potential in him. Then talent like wasting their time sitting idle and watching a TV series or getting depressed over small things.

Before we get to a conclusion, we must first find the cause – Why do women end up with such a lifestyle? This is because of their family commitments, regular working hours do not suit them. It is this that makes even educated, employed women to leave their careers in due time.

In the end, they are trapped in a vicious circle of economic dependence on their productive family members. economic dependence was built in the feel unsafe, lowering their confidence and shrinking their freedom.

Eventually, they lose their personalities and their lives become filled with only a compromise. It is not only negative for the woman herself, but for the families and the entire community as well.

On the other hand, when a woman is empowered economically, she reveals her true personality. He became an independent decision-maker, a Role Model for their children, families and entire communities.

The transformation of women into the perfect citizens: Only a woman like empowered to raise voice, take part in policy making and being an active contributor to the community.

It is this change that will empower women; It is this change that will empower our people and our Worldwide.

It will be proved right when Empowerment, Transparency of Qualifications and come in line, quotas or Reservation becomes insignificant.