Tactical – of or pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward
gaining a desired end or temporary advantage; showing adroit planning; aiming at an end
beyond the immediate action. From the Greek word taktikós.

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Real American Heroes
December 2014

Elderly Muskogee Woman Tells Of Being Robbed, Beaten
Posted: Nov 25, 2014

Thieves have twice targeted an 83-year-old Muskogee woman in the past few days. On one occasion, Joy Vogel, was pistol-whipped by a robber. “When a kid comes in with a gun and puts it right your face, you're gonna be a little startled,” she said.

She said she's not scared anymore. Despite a badly bruised eye and a being attacked twice in her own home, Vogel is finding reasons to smile. “The good Lord helps me, He's been helping me a good many years,” she said.

Over the years, Joy has almost lost her hearing, so she didn't know when three masked men kicked in her back door Saturday night. “Sitting right here watching television and they just come in the door from the dining room, they come in the back,” she said.

Joy's not sure how long the men were in her house before they confronted her, but when they did, she couldn't hear their demands and was attacked. “He hit me with a fist that had the gun in it, twice. He hit me there,” she said pointing to her eye, “and he hit in back of the head, I have a big knot back here.” That night the men got away with about $100 cash, money Joy had just taken out of the bank to pay a lawn care worker. They also broke her glasses.

The criminals weren't done yet. Exactly 48 hours later on Monday night, they went back. The second time, they snatched her purse where she kept her $2000 hearing aid and her car keys.

Joy fears the men will come after her again, and since she doesn't have any family to check on her, Muskogee Police stepped in. “Basically we just all came together and said, ‘Ya know, this is a problem that needs to be fixed and we're all gonna come together and fix it for her,'” Sergeant Michael Mahan said.

Two off-duty officers installed a stronger door and Security Alarms Company installed an alarm system free of charge.

“I'm amazed that they would do this for me,” Joy said. Amazed, but also grateful, she said good almost always outweighs evil. “I asked God to talk to those guys' hearts and maybe he can change 'em because we sure can't,” Joy said.

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest; and until then, police are zoning in on Joy's house. “It appears she's being targeted so we've got increased patrols in this area and we're gonna be watching things real closely,” Mahan said.

In this column I typically write about what the victim could have done differently to keep from being attacked, but in this situation there’s not a whole lot this lady could have done. She’s nearly deaf and had no idea there were intruders in her home until they confronted her in her recliner. The only thing I’m going to say about the actual attack is there’s a special place in hell for the kind of garbage that would beat up an 83-year-old woman!

This article is about real American heroes. The kind that make you proud to remember what America is really made of. The kind that make you want to cry because you just can’t believe, considering what they face, that they would be so full of nobility.

Having friends in law enforcement, and having spent 12 weeks with Oklahoma City Police Officers attending the Citizen Police Academy and doing ride-alongs, I already know that most LEOs are not just good people, they go above and beyond to protect and help others. In more than one OCPD CPA session I heard commanders talk about the various things officers in their divisions did to help crime victims...like make sure their door is replaced with a good security door after a home invasion where the door was kicked in, have alarm systems installed, and get the victim emotional support and help. In the above situation, two off-duty Muskogee police officers actually installed a secure door, and arranged for an alarm company to install an alarm system free of charge for the victim.

In October I read an article about Kansas Deputy Stan Kurtz who found an 88-year-old WW II veteran at a convenience store in Newton, Kansas. The Broken Arrow man had driven to Nebraska to attend a friend’s funeral, on his way home he became disoriented and was nearly out of gas money when he stopped in Newton. Deputy Kurtz was called to help him, he put him up in a motel and called the man’s family who said to just give him directions and send him home (really?). Deputy Kurtz was still concerned so he drove the 430 mile round trip to take the man home. That one made me cry, especially when I saw the picture (right) of Deputy Kurtz with the flag behind him...our flag still represents the greatness this nation was founded upon and I stil take pride in our flag.

In November I saw a story on KFOR about a 13-year-old boy who was heartbroken because his bicycle was stolen off his front porch. His mother called the Purcell Police Department and Officer John Idlett came out to take the report. The next day Officer Idlett showed up with a brand new bike for the boy. This article gives more details about Officer Idlett, and indicates that this type of giving is the norm for he and his family.

Just before Thanksgiving KFOR aired a story about Barons Buddies, a program in which Barons Hockey players adopt a Special Olympian for the season. It was created by OCPD Sgt. Shawn Byrne, one of the officers who helped with my OCPD Citizen Police Academy. Watch the video if you want to cry happy tears.

For every story that makes the news, there are dozens of stories that no one ever knows about except the giver and the receiver. Not only do law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect the public, but they are treated – for the most part – with disrespect and dishonor, as if it’s their fault the bad guy is going to jail. Reality check, it’s the bad guy’s fault for breaking the law!!! And in the cases where a civilian ends up dead, nearly always the perp was struggling with and/or trying to kill the officer. Forensics and eye witness testimony has already verified this was the situation in Ferguson. As a citizen who is interested in learning to protect yourself, do you think a law enforcement officer has less right to defend his or her life than we do? Of course not, they have the same right to self-defense as civilians! There's one key difference in us and them, they are frequently in a great deal more danger than we because their job is to protect the public.

The horrifying events in Ferguson show us that law enforcement there are on their own and no one is protecting them – not the governor, National Guard, citizens, and most certainly not the federal government. And why are they having bottles and batteries thrown at them, and police officers and firemen being shot at? A crime was committed, the pursuing officer in an attempt to stop the suspect found himself in a fight for his life (bad guy was trying to get his gun), and the bad guy was shot by the officer. And because the police officer was white and the bad guy was black home grown terrorist (that’s right, I called them terrorists) are perpetrating lawlessness as if they have a right to do so. (Hint: a wrong plus more wrongs can never equal a right).

Folks, it’s really important to support law enforcement – they are what stands between us and raging terrorist such as we’ve seen in Ferguson. Don’t think they’re not here because they are, I wrote about this in my November CPA article. Already OCPD have thwarted such terrorists from terrorizing our streets.

Since 911 I have made it a habit to thank everyone I encounter who is or has been in the military for their service. Especially considering the attitudes of the lawless (these are not law abiding people like you & me, they are people who expect to break the law and get away with it) this is a very important time to thank every law enforcement officer you encounter for their service. They need to know we, the law abiding citizen, stand behind them.

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You Do Not Want a Piece of This!
November 2014

Authorities Identify Suspect In Nichols Hills Armed Robberies
Posted: Oct 27, 2014

Kejuan Latrelle Price, 17, is accused of strong-arming a woman in her driveway near Larchmont Lane and Western in Nichols Hills on Sept. 17, around 11 p.m. Chief Richard Mask said two men followed the victim home and blocked her in the driveway. One suspect approached the driver side door and held a gun to her head. At the same time, the other suspect reached in the passenger door and stole her purse.

Chief Mask said Price was on probation for similar crimes and was wearing a GPS monitoring device. They were able to locate the probation officer and retrieved information on Price's whereabouts the night of the crime. "His own GPS bracelet showed him at the scene of that robbery at the time that robbery occurred," Mask said. He called it strong evidence.

To make an even stronger case, Detective Nix retraced the victim's path home. He determined the suspects followed her from a convenience store in SW Oklahoma City to her driveway on Larchmont Lane. Surveillance video at the store near SW 29th Street and Meridian Avenue showed four people in the car. Two males suspects were in the back and two female juveniles were in the front seats. The car seemingly followed the victim out of the parking lot. The victim told police she did not realize she was being followed until the suspects blocked her in the driveway.

"Obviously, he is not learning his lesson," Mask said. He thought Price would stop at nothing unless he was caught. "Looking at things he has already done, not everybody learns a lesson."

Mask said Price has not checked in with his probation officer recently and has known gang affiliations with a street name 'Pancho.'

Let me start by saying no one deserves to be attacked. It's a horrible thing for a woman to be attacked in any circumstance, let a long a woman by herself attacked by a gang of thugs. Within days of the above attack in Nichols Hills, a woman in Shawnee was severely beaten by a gang of thugs (article). I met a friend of that woman and she told me what I already knew, she is severely emotionally traumatized. I don't know if the woman in Nichols Hills had a gun, but the Shawnee woman had more than one. I address this in speaking engagements, and the entire three hours of the Defensive Awareness class is specifically about this, every woman has got to learn to protect herself, and folks that starts with the mind! The Bible teacher I study with recently said, "A gun is just a tool, the weapon is your mind."

Home invasions used to be a once in awhile occurrence; now they're happening weekly, if not daily, in our area. And these are not just burglaries (property crimes), these are violent attacks, frequently upon women. I have tried for years to convince women they need to be prepared to protect themselves. Many of you have listened and have taken classes, including at OPD, and you are already ahead of the criminal. How about criminals plural? Are you prepared to deal with 2-3 thugs? How do you do that if you're just one woman?

And what about when you're at work? If you're a realtor and you show houses, can you possibly keep yourself safe? Or if you work at a company that just fired a disgruntled man who is disgruntled because his coworkers won't convert to Islam, what can you possibly do to protect yourself?

Well, for starters, never turn your back on a predator. Better yet, spot the potential threat and stop it before it can become an attack. The woman in Nichols Hills never knew they were there until they blocked her in her driveway. Why was her window down so that thug 1 could put a gun to her head? Why was thug 2 able to take her purse out of the other side? Why did a woman at work in Moore not know an attack was imminent when she saw her fired coworker appear?

Ladies, we can not afford to be timid little flowers who don't want to offend anybody. We need to be mean, ugly, paranoid, whatever it takes to be proactive about defending ourselves. We must know what's going on at all times in our environment. Every time you leave your house you are in danger because you are prey.

Does this mean you should be afraid? Not just no but HELL no!!!! That's why I do what I do, train plain ole ordinary women like me to be able to protect themselves. When people meet me for the first time in a class or speaking engagement, they assume I'm just another woman who's gonna throw some advice at them about looking under their car or carrying their keys between their fingers. But the first time I demonstrate the aggressive STOP! command, half the class jumps through the ceiling and the other half of the class wets their pants (not really, but they want to). And then when I show them how I walk out of any public place with a kubotan in one hand and pepper spray in the other, everybody laughs when I say I've never been attacked...and they're not laughing cause it's funny, they're laughing because the idea of me being attacked is so ridiculous to them at that moment they can't imagine it.

And yet I'm just a short, overweight, middle aged red-head who's fascinated by shiny things and colors.

But I'll tell you what the difference is, I've got an attitude that effuses out of me and that attitude is, "You do not want a piece of this!" and "Stay the hell away from me!" and "If you dare try to do anything to me, I'm gonna hurt you badly!" and "If you try to hurt me I'm gonna kill you in a most unpleasant manner!"

Ladies, every single one of us can be proactive about self-defense, which needs to be self-offense (and buddy I'm offensive!) as soon as we're able to turn the tables on the bad guy.

And that's why I am partnering with home security expert Todd Jackson to bring a 4-hour seminar on personal defense, home protection, and trauma training. I've set the cost ridiculously low at $10 which will only cover my rental of the space but will make it so affordable everyone can come. Even if you've been to OPD classes, or heard me speak, please come to this event. There will be new information, and whatever you've heard before (which will only be in the section on personal defense because the other sections are brand new material) is worth hearing again.

This is our time and our world, we can no longer be flippant about protecting our own lives, we've got to get real serious about it real fast...and I guarantee you because I have experienced it myself and seen it in thousands of women empowering yourself to protect yourself will make you stronger, more powerful, and less afraid. Just look at the pictures from the October BTB class, and that's only the second OPD class for most of those ladies! Most importantly, you will actually be able to protect yourself!

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The Importance of Arms
September 2014

The 46-year-old pilot lost control in dark and windy conditions while bringing a Flybe airline turboprop plane with 47 passengers into Belfast City Airport in Northern Ireland.

You know, I drill, drill, drill into my students that you must think about "what would I do if _________" so you'll be prepared for any potential situation.

The pilot managed to regain control and make a "heavy landing." He did this, but with power still applied, and possibly a gust affecting the aircraft, a normal touchdown was followed by a bounce, from which the aircraft landed heavily.

Now here's somebody who has certainly been through enough "what if" drills that he was able to think on his feet as it were (and it's a good thing he could think on his feet).
He made a rapid assessment of the situation and considered alerting the co-pilot and instructing him to take control. However, because the co-pilot would not have time to take stock of what was happening, he decided the best option was to continue one-handed.
This demonstrates what I tell students which is don't count on anyone else to help you because they may not be able to...and also the importance of one-handed drills.

The February 12 incident resulted in no injuries among the passengers or four crew, but triggered an investigation.

Well, this proves my point that even if you do everything right you may still be investigated!

A report released Thursday by Britain’s Air Accident Investigation Branch said the unnamed pilot’s false limb became detached as he performed a “flare manoeuver” in which the nose of the plane is raised. “As he made the flare manoeuvre … his prosthetic limb became detached from the yoke clamp, depriving him of control of the aircraft,” the report said.

Obviously this is a time when I must reiterate that in today’s dangerous world a pilot should never go unarmed.

...the good news is that when the pilot’s prosthetic arm fell off during landing, no one got hurt.
I should hope not!

"Safety checks" Flybe, a UK-based low cost airline, said it had carried out its own investigation and had put into place additional safety measures.

Upon reading this section of the article my mother said, "They could start by making sure their pilots had two of their own arms. (Preferably a right and a left but who knows?)"

The report made no comment on the incident but concluded with the pilot’s own pledge to be “more cautious about checking the attachment on his prosthesis.”

It said he would also brief his co-pilots about the possibility of a similar event occurring in the future.

“Flybe is proud to be an equal opportunities employer,” it said in a statement.

This article was posted on my birthday...God knew what my brain would do with such a thing (see above) so I figure it was a birthday present from Him.

In closing, I only have a few more random thoughts to add...

This guy can really think on his feet.

"It wasn't me. It was the one-armed man." (Harrison Ford to Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive)

That was a hard landing. How hard was it? So hard the pilot's arm fell off.


Bad Guy Does Not Trump Pregnant Woman!
August 2014

Police Seek Man Who Attempted To Rob NW OKC Restaurant
Posted: Jul 17, 2014 11:38 AM CDT
By Xin Xin Liu, News9.com

OKLAHOMA CITY - Police released surveillance photos of a man who attempted to rob a northwest Oklahoma City restaurant. According to police, on June 25, officers responded to the incident at Arby’s, located at 1414 N.W. 23rd Street. An employee told police that the suspect sat in the dining area for about 30 minutes before he approached her at the register. The employee said the man acted as if he had a gun in his pocket and demanded money. She said she never actually saw a gun.

According to police, the employee told the suspect that she couldn't open the register unless he ordered something. The suspect reportedly said “just ring me up for something.” The employee then told the man that she needed his name for the order. At that time, the suspect said his name is “Cody.”

The employee, who is visibly pregnant, pretended to be having labor contractions. She went to a table to sit down so she could alert other employees, according to police.

During that time, another employee walked up to the suspect, who then left the restaurant and fled in a late 1990’s, early 2000’s model, white, Toyota Camry.

Police said the suspect did not get away with any money. It is unclear if the suspect’s real name is “Cody.” 

In this article, Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow talks about how the perp walked up to a pregnant cashier and asked for a paper bag and all the money in the cash registers. She goes on to say the clerk told him she couldn't open the cash register unless he placed an order, and that she needed a name for the order. He gave the name Cody and apparently ordered a French dip combo. It seems the employees were making it for him and he was waiting for it. However, when it finally came out, he lost his nerve and ran away. He fled without his combo or any of the store's money.

Rewind to September 23, 2010 at the exact same Arby's...
A pregnant woman arriving for work was confronted by a man with a knife who tried to force her back into her car. She fought him, took the knife away from him and made it into the store. He then rummaged through her car but when he came up with nothing of value he tried to open the door to the restaurant.
Here's how she describes it...

"We were playing tug-of-war with the door and he was pulling and I was pulling and I realized that I had the knife still in my hands and he was still hollering, 'Give me your purse, give me your purse,' and as I was trying to hold the door with one hand and he kept sticking his arm out and I was cutting him with that knife," she said.

So he left and went to a nearby Family Dollar store where he robbed another person. Police found him collapsed from loss of blood outside the Walgreens. After being released from the hospital he was arrested. Per DOC records, he was actually still incarcerated at the James Crabtree Correctional Center in Helena at the time of this incident.
(Read an article about it).

I use the 2010 case in the Defensive Awareness class to prove the point that just because a bad guy decides to point a gun (real or fake) at you (or a knife) doesn't mean it's all over. I'll never forget when Cherise attended BTB as student and during the drills she asked, "What do you do if a bad guy points a gun at you?" and I said, "Take it away from him." I showed the class the drill, pointed the training gun at Cherise, and she proceeded to take it away from me (see pics here). Cherise sent me a video today of a martial arts instructor from Redline Jiu-Jitsu in Edmond demonstrating a gun takeaway, which you can see at the bottom of this page.

By the way, at the end of the below video you'll see the instructor mock rack the slide of the training gun. OPD students know I teach keep a round in the chamber so you don't have to rack the slide. So why does he do it? Because
it's bad guy's gun, and you don’t know the condition of bad guy’s gun and he may not have it chamber loaded, so even if you eject a round you need to make sure you’ve CHAMBERED a round.

I don't know if these pregnant ladies had training, but obviously they were able to think. One took a knife away from a felon and sliced him up with his own knife (how embarrassing for him), the other completely bumfuzzled the potential bad guy until he left! That's called the element of surprise, you keep the bad guy so confused that he finally gives up and goes away.
Well, I like it when the good gal wins. I don't know if it's the same pregnant woman, but I think bad guys should avoid Arby's at 23rd & Western, and they should definitely avoid pregnant women!

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Don't be a Sheep
July 2014

Last month I read a tiny little article about a woman being carjacked at knife point. It reminded me of a couple points I make in the Defensive Awareness class, 1. crimes are often reported days and weeks after they occur and 2. crimes are often barely reported to the public at all. I only found one mention of it on all of the news sites here. The story says a man walked up to her car, pulled out a knife and told her to get out of the car.

Obviously there are very few details about what actually happened here, but the only reason I can think of that this woman would have needed to get out of her car was if the perp laid hands on her. She was apparently stopped so that he was able to approach her, but why did she get out of her car when he pulled out a knife? Doesn't a car trump a guy with a knife? If her doors were locked and we can assume they were because it doesn't say he got in the car, it says he pulled out a knife then why wouldn't she just drive away? If the windows were rolled up and again we can assume they were because it doesn't say he grabbed her then why didn't she, again, just drive away, or better yet sit there in her locked car with the windows up and call 911 on her cell phone?

This doesn't make sense to me, but then again it does. When you live in fear and fear is the absence of courage then you're going to bleat like a sheep and just do whatever the bad guy says you should do. That's why we train women at OPD to defend themselves, to actually, practically, defend themselves. As I always tell my students, if you have never thought about what to do, and practiced those thoughts, you won't automatically do it when the crisis hits.

Know Defense, Know the Law
June 2014

2 men wanted for questioning in connection with violent robbery
Date: 5/30/2014

Oklahoma City Police are asking for the public’s assistance identifying 2 men seen in surveillance video using a credit card stolen in a violent robbery. Last week, a woman was in the hall with her dog (at a motel 4829 NW Expressway) when she was attacked by 2 black males. While these suspects were attacking the victim, several people came out of their rooms to help her…and were attacked as well. One victim ended up with a fractured wrist, another a broken nose and 2 broken teeth, a third victim (who had previously suffered a stroke) was knocked down and hit her head on a table. She required stitches.
It’s obvious that the men were there to rob the victims. The only item they were actually able to get away with was a purse.
Just minutes after the robbery/assault took place, one of the victim’s credit cards was used at a nearby convenience store (by 2 different individuals).   
Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow

Two bad guys versus "several" innocent bystanders trying to help a woman being attacked. Result, three innocent bystanders wounded physically and no doubt mentally...and bad guys got what they wanted, a purse with credit cards. In this surveillance video they can be seen buying beer, cigarettes and lottery tickets within the hour after the attack. I work hard trying to convince women that they can be badly injured or killed over something very trivial, and this means you must be prepared to respond effectively! Obviously the response to the two bad guys was completely ineffective since they got away after hurting at least three people. Obviously when dealing with two legged beings masquerading as humans who don't care about knocking down an old lady and battering others trying to help her just to get beer and cigarette money, you need to have a plan of action (see definition above of "tactical"). Would pepper spray have stopped them? Perhaps. None of the other non-gun defense tools & tactics I teach would have had much effect in this situation. That means lethal force. But wait a minute, can you defend your purse with lethal force? No, but you sure can defend your life with lethal force.

What's the difference? Obviously these men carried out a vicious attack on at least three people. This article gives more details about the injuries that occurred. From the very beginning of this attack, all of the innocent bystanders were facing a deadly threat. Any one of them could have lawfully responded with lethal force.

Our world is getting more and more dangerous, and you need to be prepared to face whatever threat comes your way. That is why we offer a number of classes here at OPD, to prepare you to effectively deal with a threat. There's another component to self-defense that we must not ignore and that is the law. In the last few years there have been a number of what looked like self-defense cases in Oklahoma where the one firing the gun ended up in jail. Your first reaction to that might be to think that they got a bum deal, that Oklahoma law doesn't really support self-defense. Not true. Oklahoma law is very pro self-defense, pro 2A, pro gun! But you must act within the law in order for the law to protect you.

That is why it's so important to know the law. Taking the SDA class is not enough. OPD Helper Kim sums it up well (see article below) when she says the SDA class is an intense 8-hour class that has to keep moving. This means I don't have time to go in depth into the laws in the SDA class, and that's exactly why I wrote Stay Safe, Stay Legal, so that I can delve deeper into the laws of self-defense and help you better understand what you can and cannot do. I urge anyone who owns a firearm, whether you carry it outside the home or not, even if you haven't taken the SDA class, to attend the upcoming Stay Safe, Stay Legal class. Knowing the law is crucial!

It is also crucial to have legal protection should you, God forbid, have to use your gun in self-defense. This is something that has weighed heavily on me for a number of years because there just hasn't been a good option. I only teach what I do myself for self-defense, and I only promote services and products that I use myself. So when I say I have found a wonderful solution, I mean a solution for myself that I am happy to share with students. That solution is U.S. Law Shield. They are a firearms legal defense program based in Texas, and Oklahoma is one of the states in which they have a program. I am a member and I highly recommend them. If a member has to use their gun in self-defense, they call the number on the back of their card and are immediately talking to an attorney (not a secretary or answering service) 24/7, and your Oklahoma attorney will soon be there to protect you through the process.

Below you'll see comments from a Janis and Kim who attended the Stay Safe, Stay Legal class where the U.S. Law Shield Oklahoma rep spoke, and you'll find an article by U.S. Law Shield about traveling with a firearm. Click here for more information about U.S. Law Shield.

Not an Isolated Incident
May 2014

Notification Information
Date: 4/18/2014
Subject: Possible Attempted Abduction

Oklahoma City Police would like to make the public aware of a reported abduction attempt that occurred April 16th near the intersection of SW 51st/Western.  A student was walking home from school when she was approached by a black male driving a gold 4 door SUV (tinted windows and paper tag).  The suspect tried to convince her to get into his vehicle, but she refused and walked away.
Although we believe this to be an isolated incident, it’s always a good idea to talk to your children about basic safety precautions to take when walking to/from school. 
Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow

There are two things that really stand out to me regarding the above alert. First, I never saw this on the news. I'm not saying it wasn't reported, but I check the headlines every day and I watch the news and I never saw it. Second, the words "isolated incident." I realize the police do their best not to frighten the public, and I also realize this may have been the only incident that was reported. However, I very seriously doubt it's an isolated incident. Why do I say that? Well, for one thing this is a sexual predator and they don't just try something once and then forget about it. Also, because I have seen first hand that so called "isolated incidents" are anything but.

I'm not going to give away too much for those of you who haven't attended the Defensive Awareness class, but in the class as I'm going through locations where crimes have been committed, students begin to realize that many of the crimes were either not reported on the news or they were reported briefly and then they disappeared. Why? Well, because the "safe" places like malls and grocery stores and restaurants don't want their customers to be scared to come there.

A few years ago a doctor contacted me about getting training for his wife. She had been the victim of a home invasion which, thankfully, ended before she was assaulted. Later, the crime was reported on the news and the same two words, "isolated incident," were used. Here's the kicker – what was reported wasn't the home invasion against my student, what was reported was the one that came afterwards! The "isolated incident" had at least two known victims at two different locations. My student, a nurse, was very upset about the near miss at her own home, but she was more upset about the young woman who was attacked and raped at the second location. You see, the perps left my student's house and went directly to the second victim's house. This time when they got inside the home, they raped the woman.

All of this comes out in an article from our local news that I read in the Defensive Awareness class, and yet I doubt any of you have ever heard of it. That's why the Defensive Awareness class is so important, it teaches you what you should be watching out for that you may have no idea you need to watch out for! So many women I talk to think they're aware of their surroundings, but they let their guard down at busy malls and during the day at the grocery store and when in a "safe" part of town. Yet these are the places where crimes I talk about in the class occur...on a regular basis!

If you haven't yet attended this class come! If you have young women in your life (daughters, nieces, granddaughters), bring them to the class! The class is appropriate for teenagers on up, and I find the teens and 20 somethings, even ladies in their 30s, have a difficult time grasping the information that's in the class. I lay it out methodically so there's no doubt once you see and hear the information, but before then it seems most women who take the class are very surprised by the material. Comments I consistently get on the after class evaluations are how aware the students thought they were but realized they weren't throughout the class (see below for student comments). The good news is, once you take this class you'll be surprised how aware you really will become. It's life saving information you don't want to miss!

Knowing and Following the Law
April 2014

‘He picked on the wrong girl,’ homeowner opens fire on intruder during alleged crime spree
March 21, 2014
by Jesse Wells

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City woman is forced to open fire on a would-be thief. The alleged suspect was caught on camera trying to break into numerous homes and cars in a gated community near S.W. 89th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. Police now hope surveillance video of the suspect will lead to an arrest.

The homeowner who pulled the trigger calls it the scariest moment of her life. “I tried to warn him I was home,” said Lacey Nunnally. “As soon as he broke my glass, I shot at him. This guy didn’t know it, but he picked on the wrong girl.”

Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, “She was in fear for her life and did fire a single shot at the door. We don’t think he was hit, but it made him leave the area.”
“He was oblivious to warnings,” said Gus Gudmunson, a nearby neighbor. “He was intent on breaking into homes and didn’t care who was there.” At one point, the man allegedly snuck inside Gus’s home through a side door before being scared away. Gudmunson said, “The dogs barked like crazy and he left.”

Police say the suspect knocked on several doors in the neighborhood, trying to break into homes and cars. Luckily, one neighbor got video of the alleged suspect lingering around the back of another home while holding a brick behind his back.

After the crime spree, the suspect may have camped out nearby before fleeing without some of the items he tried to steal. Everyone in the neighborhood now hopes the man is arrested before anyone else falls victim.

“I’m sure Lacey would like to see him caught,” said Gudmunson. “She’d probably like to see him hung!” Based on the items the alleged suspect left behind, it’s possible he may have broken into homes and cars beyond just the one neighborhood. Fortunately, no one got hurt during the break-ins.

Let me start by saying I'm happy this woman was armed, that she was obviously prepared to shoot an intruder, and that the bad guy ran away and didn't cause her any harm.

Did you notice the article says this happened in a gated community? Many who live in gated communities assume they are safer than those who do not, when the reality is crime can happen just as easily there as anywhere else. This is something I teach about in the Defensive Awareness class. I also teach in Defensive Awareness (and other classes) about layers of defense that help protect you. One such was mentioned in this story, Gus's dogs barked and the bad guy left. But I have to wonder, how did the suspect sneak inside Gus's home through the side door? Sounds to me like it was unlocked. I also explain in the DA class that "getting him off the streets" is utterly meaningless. If you haven't yet attended Defensive Awareness, I hope you'll plan to come to the one in May. I see so many things in this particular story that could have been prevented and handled differently had these people acquired the information taught in Defensive Awareness.

But what I want to focus on in this article is the way Lacey handled it...I would say she was really lucky. And you know what, there's no reason at all for any of you reading this to depend on "luck" when you can instead depend on TRAINING! Ya'll know what I'm referring to when I say she was lucky?

Well, first of all, where did the bullet go? Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow says she fired a shot "at" the door; Lacey says she fired a shot "at" the bad guy. They don't think it went into the bad guy, but where did it go? Is it in her wall? The neighbor's house? Where is it? I tell students over and over again in Girls Day Out and SDA you are accountable for every bullet that leaves your gun, so you best know exactly where you're putting said bullet. If you don't have that kind of control, take the classes! GDO is where you start because you learn women specific technique, and this technique plus mental preparedness (as you learn in Defensive Awareness) helps you control your gun. It's really, really important!

From both a legal and defense perspective I am very concerned about the word "at." Cardinal Rule #4 is know your target and what is beyond your target. As I teach in GDO, it's not enough to just shoot at someone, you have to know what's around and behind and beside that someone because if you miss as Lacey did you're accountable for that bullet. I have had first hand accounts from people who found a bullet sitting on their sidewalk, or found one a rooftop, or bullet holes through their vehicle...these are errant bullets that came from somewhere else. It's possible they came through something (like a door or glass), which is why you use hollow-point ammo in your defense gun (I teach about this in GDO). Defensively speaking, if you don't identify and hit your target, bad guy isn't down which means he can still harm you. Like I said, Lacey got lucky.

And apparently she got lucky on the errant bullet because no one came forward saying their house had a bullet in it, and apparently the neighbor wasn't standing outside when the bullet was fired and didn't get hit. This is absolutely not something I want to depend on "luck" for!

The other thing that really concerns me about this is what Lacey says on the recording. I don't know if the recording on the video is her 911 call or her interview with KFOR, but she says she shot at him when he broke the glass and that he "picked the wrong girl." Well, I'm the first to say hooray for a woman with a gun defending herself, but people, you have got to be very careful what you say when it's being recorded! Let me present a possible scenario here...

What if when she shot "at" the door, she accidentally hit him but didn't kill him. I say "accidentally" because based on her own words ("shot at") she didn't know what she was shooting at. And Mr. Badguy gets a liberal attorney who presents the case that poor Mr. Badguy was hungry and cold and just looking for a place to get out of the cold when this gun totin' woman who couldn't wait to shoot somebody ("he picked the wrong girl") shot him. Yes, it is Oklahoma and as I teach in SDA, our state is very supportive of self-defense. And yes, she was inside her home and Oklahoma has very supportive castle doctrine laws which say an Oklahoma citizen has the right to expect absolute safety within her home. So yes, even if it goes to trial she's not gonna get convicted of anything. But let me see a show of hands, who wants to go through that?

Do you think it can't happen in this state? I'm sure everyone in Oklahoma who watches the news has heard the recent stories of Charles Warner and Clayton Lockett, two Oklahoma death row inmates. Lockett was convicted of torturing, shooting and burying alive 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman in 1999. Warner was convicted of raping and murdering his girlfriend’s 11-month old baby, Adriana Waller, in 1997. Their liberal attorney from Colorado has kept their sentence from being carried out by a lawsuit saying lethal injections are "cruel and unusual punishment" because they don't know what's in the drug cocktail and it might cause burning when injected. Oh, my, how terrible. I for one wouldn't want to see someone who RAPED A BABY suffer in any way!!!!!! Hey, here's an idea, let's execute them by firing squad, or better yet, the electric chair. That way they'll know exactly what's coming at them! As seen in the video here, Oklahomans have no sympathy for these murderers.

My point is, even though our state is supportive of its citizens defending themselves, other states are not and they can get involved as in the above cases by defending heinous criminals.

So what I teach is what Oklahoma law says, if you point a gun at someone you must be ready and willing to KILL that individual. Not injure or shoot "at" but K-I-L-L. We have a legal right to do so in Oklahoma. This solves three problems, 1. bad guy can't come back and hurt you or anyone else again, 2. bad guy can't sue you and say you caused him trauma by shooting him, 3. you and your family don't have to go through agony of years and years of appeals even if bad guy goes to jail it is statistically more likely he'll be released (most criminals have lengthy criminal histories) or if it's a bad enough crime he actually goes to prison and maybe even gets a death sentence, filing an appeal is automatic and that can last for years.

What Lacey did in protecting her life is correct. But she could have handled it much differently, leaving no potential for any kind of legal action against her...I mean, how insulting is that to have to defend your life and then get sued over it? Thankfully it's very rare in Oklahoma. Still, I'm all about prevention spot and stop a potential threat before it can become an attack, and when it becomes an attack stop an attacker 100 percent with lethal force.

Oklahoma laws are very supportive of a citizen's right to defend herself. Make sure you know the laws well enough that you will respond in accordance with the law if, God forbid, you should ever have to fire your weapon. Oklahoma self-defense laws protect the law abiding citizen, not the criminal. This is a blessing we have that many other states do not have. But we must still act within the laws. It is correct and just we must have laws or we have no protection, but we as citizens are responsible to know the laws and act accordingly.

And that's why I've developed the new class, Stay Safe, Stay Legal. It's not enough to just have a gun. It's not enough to have taken the SDA (conceal carry) class and have heard the legal portion of the class, which is merely an introduction to the laws of the State. You've got to stay up on the laws, and new laws are brought into being constantly the SDA law book has been revised every year for the last three years (five times since 2007) to accommodate new laws. Most importantly, you've got to know how to stay legal in your day to day life as an armed citizen. This can be something as simple as the below question a student sent me. I tell students in classes that there are no dumb questions because I never want a woman to feel intimidated to ask a question I saw that intimidation when I taught predominantly male classes and it's one of the main reasons I teach women only classes. If you have a question and you don't ask it, you'll never learn the answer! So in part, I developed the new class based on Emails I've gotten from students asking questions about the law which help me to realize what kinds of things women encounter in normal life. I hope to see a whole bunch of you at that class!

It's All About Education
March 2014

Norman man robbed at gunpoint at red light, suspects still on the run
February 28, 2014
by Bree Steffen and Kevin Ogle

NORMAN, Okla. – It’s something that happens to all of us on a regular basis. Whether you’re heading to work or home, you will likely have to stop at a traffic light. Now, officials say a trio of robbers in Norman is taking advantage of an easy opportunity.

Just after midnight on Friday, at the intersection of Kansas and Flood, an 18-year old driver was caught off guard. According to Capt. Tom Easley, with the Norman Police Department, the robber was very bold. Easley said, “Once he stopped, a black man opened his driver side door, displayed a gun and demanded money.” The victim also says there were two other accomplices who ambushed him at the red light. When the victim called 911, he told the dispatcher he was not hurt but in shock, saying he couldn’t believe what had happened.

Police say this is a very unusual crime and not typical.

However, it does have Norman motorists on edge.

“That creeps me out,” says Chris Franklin, a concerned driver. “ You stop at a stop sign every single day, all day long whenever you’re driving. Usually you’re not paying attention. Just waiting for it to turn.”

Police say it’s important for motorists to be alert and lock those doors, especially at an intersection when you are alone.

If you have any info that could help with the investigation, you’re urged to call Norman Crime Stoppers at ( 405 ) 366-7867.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm repeating myself too much. I think that surely by now those who follow OPD students and readers of the newsletter must have it so ingrained not to do certain things, or to do certain things...such as don't ever open your door at home unless you personally know who's there (or they have an appointment) and always immediately lock your car doors as soon as you get in. I think that most of you do understand these simple things. And yet I read a story such as the above and I realize that 1. these things do not come naturally and 2. too many people assume nothing will happen and so they don't follow simple safety steps every single day. Well, let me repeat myself yet again (if I had a nickel for every time I've said this even in the past month!!) and say you cannot ever let your guard down! The self-defense mindset must be a part of your lifestyle and must go with you always, everywhere you go. I just said that very thing to a group of women at the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center in Ada when I took my Defensive Awareness class to them.

Two things strike me about the above story. First of all, that the police say this is an unusual crime. Perhaps Norman is sheltered from such occurrences, but this is actually quite common. I scan the headlines every day for crimes occurring in our area and in the last few years this has been a regular and ongoing occurrence in the OKC metro. I know people personally who have had their car door handles yanked at stoplights by someone trying to get in their car...these women, however, listened to what I've repeated over and over and they had their doors locked. If it wasn't an ongoing problem, I wouldn't be harping on it all the time and I wouldn't be including it in several classes!

Secondly, the "concerned driver" just plain ole sounds ignorant (sorry if that's your cousin or something but it's just dumb!). Well yes, of course, you do stop at stop lights every day, that's precisely why you need to be paying attention AND have your doors locked!!!!

The victim states that he was unhurt but shocked. It always amazes me when people get the result their actions call for and then say they're shocked. Unlocked doors + stopped at stoplight = someone can open your door...and that someone might be a bad guy who puts a gun to your head. For the two seconds it takes to immediately lock your doors when you get in your car, is it worth having a gun put to your head...even if you don't actually get shot?

Ladies, never, ever let that be you. If you haven't yet come to Defensive Awareness, be sure to sign up for the upcoming class. I actually have photos in the class of intersections and explain to students that these are dangerous places where someone could be hiding and you, therefore, need to have your doors locked as a layer of protection against someone getting into your car. If you've got daughters or granddaughters in their teens or twenties, the Defensive Awareness class should be a top priority to bring them to.

It's all about education ladies...it's what we do at OPD, teach you how to protect yourself!

A Lady and Her Shotgun
February 2014

Normally, I like to take an article from the local news of something that's happened locally and write about that. However, I couldn't resist this story and the picture that accompanies it.

The article describes how 59 year old Carla was awakened in the night when her dog started barking. Dressed in her nightgown, she looked outside and saw one man in her backyard and another waiting by a car. So, Carla grabbed her shotgun and fired at the ground near one of the suspects. And the suspects, who had just broken into a nearby house, fled. Imagine that. There's just something about shotgun pellets and dirt flying at your feet that makes you want to move!

Regular newsletter readers and students of OPD know that I never advocate going outside, nor throwing open your door, to deal with a potential threat. However, if you are in a position of advantage for example, bad guys are far enough away outside that they cannot close the distance and get to you before you can do something about it (i.e., shoot them) then opening the door and firing a shot as Carla did may be the best option. I define the "right" thing in self-defense as "bad guy is down, you're still intact." This is what Carla accomplished.

In California where guns are vilified (especially in the hands of law abiding citizens), you might think Carla would have gotten in trouble with the law over this situation. However, since there was a break-in that night nearby, and at least four home invasions in the same neighborhood recently, and Carla's 90 year old mother was inside the house with her, apparently the law decided not to press charges against Carla...isn't that nice!!

Carla says in the article, "You have to at some point in time take responsibility yourself for your own safety and that's all I was doing." She also said, "Hopefully this is going to tell these guys you know, I’m not a sitting duck, I've got a gun and I know how to use it." She's absolutely right on both counts. I doubt these bad guys will get caught, and if they do I'd be shocked if they served any time over it (attend the Defensive Awareness class to learn about getting bad guys off the streets). However, these bad guys won't go back to her house because they're afraid they'll get shot! There's also a good possibility they will tell their bad guy friends (bad guys have their own network) to steer clear of that house. Yes, Carla did the right thing!

But I want to point out the fact that Carla not only took initiative to defend herself, she actually knows how to use the gun. She didn't shoot at the ground near them by accident, after reading the article I'm quite certain she could have shot them had she wanted to. In California, however, it's quite risky to defend yourself so again, I think she did the right thing.

Note that she also didn't pull a "Biden" and shoot into the air...what goes up will come down people, you never shoot into the air unless it's some kind of bird season and you're hunting!

What I love most about this article is the picture of Carla in her multi-colored heart shirt, smiling and holding her shotgun. If I didn't know better, I'd say that was an OPD student! Relaxed, smiling, average every day woman, holding a shotgun like it's a friend.

Many thanks to OPD Helper Kim for bringing this to my attention.


Surprised by a Criminal
January 2014

Each day I search the headlines for stories of crime and criminals so that I can use them as training aids in my work as a personal defense instructor. Through these stories I try to show how an attack can be prevented by an astutely aware potential victim. I see trends playing out over and over the things I tell my students to beware of, not to do, warn them about, are occurring on a regular basis! Things such as never, ever open your door unless it's someone you personally know (close friend/family member), is an actual official (police/fireman, obvious by the black & white cruiser or big red truck parked out front), or whom you are expecting (the plumber you scheduled an appointment with). Or the attacker's "interview" questions asked (What time is it? Can I use your phone? Do you have $5 for gas?) by a complete stranger which are designed to see how weak you are and if you're a good target. Criminals are predictable and quite frankly, they're not very smart. That makes my job easier because I can tell you, the student, how to spot a potential threat and stop it before it can become an attack.

Very seldom am I surprised by criminal activity, but I have to say, this one caught me off guard. Not only was this criminal mastermind smart, but he was completely innocent one day and committed a crime the next. He obviously put a great deal of thought into his crime and he knew exactly what he wanted, knew exactly when to strike, and within just a few short minutes he'd committed robbery, hidden his loot, and gone back for a second run. No one even saw him! That is until they watched the surveillance video.

Here's a still photo from the surveillance video, capturing the crook just as he was about to strike, and below that is his story. After you read the story I'm going to tell you how this crime was 100 percent preventable and how you can keep your loved one from taking such a wrong turn.

Dog shoplifts and buries doggie treats
Posted on: 12:33 pm, December 8, 2013
by Bailey Woolum KFOR-TV and CNN Wire

SOUTH CAROLINA – Dogs are often guilty of being adorable and messy. But, one canine in South Carolina got involved in a real crime. He was caught red-pawed on surveillance camera.

Cato the Husky got off his leash Wednesday morning and took a trip to Dollar General. The store manager of the Dollar General said it happened twice within a few minutes.

“Pig ears, beef bones, dog food off the shelf, and the little packets of dog treats,” were all missing from the store.

Once the manager took a look at the video she sees Cato around 9:38 ambling up to the Dollar General and the sliding doors close before he’s able to get in. But a human customer soon comes up and the doors open, allowing Cato a chance to get in. A few minutes later he’s seen leaving the store.

But Cato comes back a few minutes later to steal again. But this time Poole and another store employee follow the dog outside where they find him burying his loot in some dirt behind the store.

Cato is yet to confess but Clinton police filed a police report on the incident just for fun.

Folks, don't let your dogs turn to a life of crime, make sure they have plenty of treats and entertainment so they don't get bored! My three dogs, being Golden Retrievers (well, two are and one is a miniature Schnauzer who thinks he's a Golden) are both entertaining and easily entertainable. They are at this very moment happily chewing on the beef knuckle bones I got them at Atwood's today, and wouldn't dream of petty thievery.

However, I must admit that while they do not possess a valid driver's license, they have attempted a time or two to borrow my car without permission as you can see in the below photos. (Don't tell Lieutenant Randolph).


Bogie is in the driver's seat, Lucy the passenger, and lest you think Andy the Schnauzer is innocent, he's in the back seat waiting for his joy ride. (Click photo for closeup)

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