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February 2012

How can you be aware of your surroundings with kids?

Cherise Barsaloux addresses this topic in this month's Mom's Corner (below), and this is a skill she has acquired and can intelligently address since she has three children under the age of 8! Those of you with children or grandchildren need to read this very informative article. Incidentally, the next to the last paragraph she says her purse goes where her kids go...there are many reasons I tell students that carrying their gun on their person is the best option if you have children, it's the only option!

Upcoming Classes: GDO and SDA

I usually only hold Girls Day Out and SDA (conceal carry) every three months. However, I've had so many requests that I've scheduled another Girls Day Out class on March 10th and SDA class on March 31st. GDO or a private lesson from an OPD instructor is a requirement to attend SDA at this academy so if you want to attend the SDA class and haven't attended GDO, it is highly recommended. Due to my heavy speaking engagement schedule in January the GDO class is already half full. I can only take a limited number of students so if you're interested, don't delay registering. See below for more details.

Girls Day Out Special Speaker

Once again we are blessed to have Officer Betsy Randolph from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol speak on March 10th. She spoke to our last Girls Day Out and students were literally sitting on the edge of their seats. You don't want to miss hearing Betsy! If you've already attended GDO and want to hear the special speaker, you may come just for the speaker portion. Attending only the speaker portion is open to previous GDO attendees only.
Contact me for details.

New Method for Scheduling Classes

New on the Schedule page is the title "Class Dates TBA" under which is a list of classes with a sign up link. There's a great deal of time and work involved in scheduling a class including reserving the building space, lining up helpers, making arrangements for the food, ordering supplies, printing handouts...and so it's a big deal when I end up having to cancel a class due to not enough attendees. Therefore, I won't be scheduling classes until I have enough pre-sign ups to hold a class.

I have developed OPD classes specifically to take women level by level in their training. GDO and SDA are NOT enough! You need training to be able to spot threats (Defensive Awareness) and hopefully stop them before they become an attack (Between the Threat and the Bang) and if you can't stop the threat, you need training to be able to stop the attack! (Airsoft). And for those times when you can't carry a gun, not to mention the moxie you'll develop which will help you in all defensive practices, you need training such as the Everything Else and Pepper Spray classes. I was asked recently where a woman could find classes such as mine in her area. My answer was, "You can't because they don't exist." I'm the only one in the country who has developed classes specifically for average women, from an average woman's perspective i.e. training in what you'll actually need to save your life, not something ultra tactical you'll never use or something that just doesn't work for women! I'm the only one holding all women's classes with all women helpers, which is an environment I've seen first hand helps women excel in their training. And yet so few of you take advantage of what's right here in your own back yard!

So, if you want to take a class, click the link next to the class and once I have a minimum of six signed up I will go through the work and effort to schedule the class.

Policy for All Live Fire Classes

It is a pre-requisite that in order to attend ANY OPD live fire class, including SDA (conceal carry), all students must take Girls Day Out or a private lesson from an OPD instructor. This is for the safety and comfort of students, range safety officers, and instructors. This policy is posted on the SDA page as well as the classes page of the website.

Financial Aid for Classes

No one will be turned away from Oklahoma Personal Defense training because they cannot afford a class. If you need assistance, please contact me.

If you'd like to help women who may not be able to afford a class, please go to the Payment page, look for the Donate button under Financial Aid near the bottom of the page. Click that button, simply input the amount of your choice and complete the transaction either through PayPal or with a credit card. Funds are kept in a separate account and used when help is needed. Contact me for more information.

Oklahoma Personal Defense (OPD) is a personal defense academy committed to the empowerment of women through their own personal defense education. OPD protects the dignity and comfort of women by providing a safe, secure environment in which they can learn without the stress of intimidation. Classes are developed specifically with the needs of average women in mind.  Focusing on firearms training, OPD tactics and techniques are practical and doable for all women. Class helpers are women who have been students of OPD, learned the techniques, and expressed a desire to help other women learn. OPD was formed in response to the tremendous volume of women seeking their own personal defense training.

Glossary of Acronyms

Below are a few terms you may encounter in these newsletters and other publications regarding firearms self-defense

BOLO – Be On the Lookout
LEO – Law Enforcement Officer
VCA – Violent Criminal Actor
DRT – Dead Right There
ND – Negligent Discharge
FMJ – Full Metal Jacket (practice ammo)
JHP – Jacketed Hollow Point (defense ammo)
NQR – Not Quite Right
RSO – Range Safety Officer
SDA – Self-Defense Act
CCW – Conceal Carry Weapon
BUG – Back Up Gun
GDO – Girls Day Out (class)
EE – Everything Else (class)
BTB – Between the Threat and the Bang (class)
OPD – Oklahoma Personal Defense

Seen an abbreviation you don't know? Send it to me and I'll post it here.

My Ruger is named Molly. My dad called my mom Molly, she passed away 2 years ago and she was a pistol. My shotgun's name is Trigger, because that is just a good name for a shotgun.

Kim Mata

When I was young girl my father loved to watch westerns and I was a daddy’s girl so what my father did I also did.  One of the westerns was a TV show, “The Rifleman,” and I believe he used a Remington brand rifle. I always thought that it was a beautiful rifle. Anyway, I related the Remington brand with that show.  Well, when I went to purchase my shotgun a thought entered my mind that I would like to have a Remington brand shotgun.  Now I didn’t go in asking for a Remington, I went in asking for another brand the guys at work told me to try.  So I looked at the shotguns, tried a few of them, and then the salesman said, "try this one."  I did and it was very comfortable feeling and as I looked to see what brand it was lo and behold it was a Remington.  He told me he had purchased one for his wife and she loved it.  It felt very comfortable in my arms.  So, I purchased a Remington.  Yeah!!! The salesman gave me a name of a female that taught other females on self defense class.  Now I never thought that it would make a difference but I believe now that it does.  Men should teach men and women should teach women.  The gun that the guys from work told me to get was way too long and was very awkward in my arms. I was glad I got the salesman I did.  He gave me the right gun for a woman.  He understood that most guns are made for men not women and that our arms are not as long as a man’s arm.  The salesman also told me that all the women name their guns.  Well, I had no idea what I was going to name mine.  I was stumped for days. Then when I met Tammy for my lesson she was at the part where it was time to clean the gun. Tammy asked me if I had a named my gun. I told her I couldn’t think of a name. When I told her the story about how the Remington brand name just popped into my head as I was driving to the store to purchase a gun, she suggested that I name it Remi.  So that is what I named my gun Remi (with an I). 

Sharon Owens

If you have a story of how you named your gun, send to me and I'll post them in the next newsletter.

Starbucks....better than just good coffee

Some of you reading this newsletter know that Starbucks is one of my favorite places to go. In warm weather I love to pick up an iced Caramel Macchiato, in cold weather a Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

But I've recently discovered another reason to support Starbucks...they support us...and by "us" I mean those of us who are exercising our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, law abiding citizens with a license to legally carry a gun.

It has come to my attention that a national anti-gun group plans to boycott Starbucks on Valentine's Day in hopes of forcing them to put gun buster signs on their doors to keep we terrible law abiding citizens out...they think that, "Open and conceal-and-carry are among the reasons there are 12,000 gun homicides each year in the U.S."

Really? So you're telling me that the MURDERER who DOESN'T OBEY THE LAW ANYWAY is going to honor a "no guns allowed" sign? Nope, it's we the law abiding citizens who obey the law, and it is likewise we who get murdered by scumbags because they're armed and we are not.

So, there are calls nationwide by national instructors and 2A support groups and decent human beings in general to make a point to go to Starbucks on Tuesday, February 14th, and buy something, anything, to show our support.

And if you're not sure what to get, you can't go wrong with one of the above!


Girls Day Out
Mar. 10th, from 10 am to 4 pm
$45.00, includes lunch

This class helps you prepare for the conceal carry class and to become more comfortable with carrying your gun after you've taken the class. The class teaches you how to safely handle a gun, how to choose the right gun for you, and how to carry it once you have your gun. Our special speaker this class is Officer Betsy Randolph of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Register

Oklahoma SDA (conceal carry) Women Only
Mar. 31st from 9 am to 5 pm

This is the class to get the required certificate to apply for your Oklahoma conceal carry license. This is NOT a beginner level class, you MUST be able to handle your gun unassisted, and demonstrate 100% safety, in order to pass the class.


Girls Day Out or a private lesson from me is required to attend this class. I highly recommend Girls Day Out as it specifically helps prepare you for the SDA class.

Registration Deadline: All classes have registration deadlines (see Schedule page).

Refresher Classes:
If you've already attended
a class, you may take the class again to
work on your skills for
a discounted rate.
Look for Refresher Courses on the Payment page.

Children can be logistic nightmares.  It’s one thing to think about defensive awareness when it’s just you walking around by yourself or with other adults, perfectly capable of either moving away from or confronting a threat on impulse.  Toss children into the scenario, though, and it gets complicated.  Little minds may be absorbed with clouds or the beetle on the ground or the candy in the store window but utterly unconcerned with the man who is approaching alarmingly close.  Little bodies that can dart deftly between (around… through… sigh) clothing racks may find themselves rooted to the spot if surprised or frightened.  Little mouths that chatter non-stop about building a fort out of toothpicks and thus thwarting an invading ant army or who-did-what-to-whom on the school playground may be stricken dumb when what’s needed most is a piercing scream, and the kid with the nerve to climb to that floppy branch at the top of the tree may panic and fall apart in a situation where courage would be particularly useful.  And those complications grow exponentially with each child present, for while you may be able to pick up one smallish kid and make for the hills if that seems the best course of action in the face of a threat, picking up two and moving at all can be problematic and – unless you’re blessed with the extra set of arms that mothers everywhere believe should come with a newborn – picking up and moving three or more is downright impossible.  The situation with children is likely just as bleak should seeking shelter be the option of choice or, more daunting still, having to stand your ground right there on the spot, as you have to react to the threat while simultaneously coordinating the reactions and securing the safety of the little ones.

Not that I’m telling readers who have children anything.  We’ve all been there, leading our precious charges out of the grocery store (“One hand on the cart at all times, please”) through the parking lot to the parked car (“Remember:  cars can see me but they can’t see you”) at a wildly inappropriate time of the evening feeling not so much like a potential victim of violence as a potential instigator of it (“Keep whining I’ll give you something to cry about”), when we suddenly become aware of how precarious our position is, positioned as we are with our posteriors hanging out the sliding door of the minivan as we buckle the first of three children under the age of four into their safe but tedious car seat harnesses.  [If you had more sense than I did and waited longer between pregnancies so you wouldn’t end up with a car full of sticky preschoolers, just smile smugly and play along.]  What’s a mom to do, though?  Those little ones can’t yet buckle themselves in and, as much fun as some of us remember having had in the floorboards and lying beneath the rear window of the car during road trips when we ourselves were pint-sized… well, that dog don’t hunt these days.  No, it’s our duty as Mother to properly restrain the small folk until they’re old enough to do it themselves.  It’s just that protecting them like that can leave us unprotected as we’re doing it.

The first thing to do, of course, is to be aware.  Aware of your vulnerability, aware of your surroundings and aware of the other people in the area in addition to being aware of the children, what they’re doing, and what they’re likely to do.  If you get the feeling that something isn’t right, err on the side of caution and turn back to the safety of a more populated area where you can seek out a security officer for an escort to your vehicle.

The second thing to do is prepare.  Walk with confidence, looking purposefully around, keys in hand, children under control.  If the children in question are old enough, start training them to be aware by having them look around for anything unusual or people who might be following, too.  Have a plan in mind for what you’ll do if you are threatened (shout an order to STOP!, use your kubotan, use the shopping cart to keep distance between you and the attacker, run away, draw a weapon… it depends on where you are, the children with you, whether they are walking beside you or sitting in the cart, etc.), and be prepared to do it.

Assume now that you have arrived unmolested at your vehicle and, for the sake of argument, said vehicle is a sliding door minivan.  Car doors, after all, provide you with a measure of protection that sliding van doors do not since the former open on hinges and therefore give you cover against your backside that the latter cannot.  With that in mind, this is how I put my kiddoes into the van:

Having arrived at the rear of the van, looked at the area around my vehicle and determined that there is no visible threat, I send the children ahead of me up the aisle between our van and the car next to us while I press the remote key and open the minivan door.  The kids can only face a threat from the front this way as they are “covered” on one side by our van, on the other by the vehicle next to us, and from the rear by me, with my cover being the shopping cart that I have pulled up behind me.  Brilliant, right?  I get a barrier behind me while I put the children into the car AND I get my shopping cart and its contents out of the way of the newly licensed 16-year-old kid driving his daddy’s FJ Cruiser who is too busy looking at the inappropriately dressed teenage girl coming toward him to notice that he’s about to plow into my purchases.  Fortunately, these days the children are old enough to obey orders to climb in quickly, sit down, and buckle themselves up so I can close the minivan door as I simultaneously open the trunk and unload the groceries.  In the good old days, however, I’d have had to climb in behind them and buckle them up myself.

In that case, you can do one of two things.  The first is to climb in behind the children, close the minivan door behind yourself, lock the car doors, and take your sweet time buckling the little ones in before you return to the shopping cart and unload its contents into the trunk.  It may be the safest option, but if it isn’t practical or possible, then your other choice is to buckle the kids in while the door is open.  To do this, take another look around you to scan for threats, then start buckling a kid, scan for threats, buckle, scan, buckle, scan… always looking around you and always ready to implement a plan of action if you are alerted to a threat.

Now the children are in the car and properly belted up, and whether I’ve climbed in behind them to make sure they’re secure or I stood at the open door and did so, I close the sliding door, pop the rear door, lock the other doors, return to the shopping cart, angle it against the trunk the way Tammy Pinkston taught me to so it furthers its career as a barrier, and place the groceries into the van as I continue to scan the area.  In hot weather, the open rear door provides a little relief from the blazing heat of the car interior where my children are complaining that their DNA is being denatured, and I make quick work of the groceries so I can get the engine started and the air conditioner going without unnecessary delay.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I always get the children into the car and lock it before I begin loading the trunk.  If they are in the car I know where they are and, more to the point, I know where they are not, which is in the middle of parking lot marveling at the careening FJ Cruiser bearing down on them.  I also know that if they are strapped into their car seats and some lunatic decides that a minivan with miniature fingerprints smeared all over the windows somehow isn’t full of children and would make for a nice carjacking prize, that person is statistically likely to change his mind when he realizes that three little tykes in the back seat will have the undesirable effect of jacking his arrest charges up from carjacking to kidnapping.  If he’s foolish enough to risk it anyway and somehow gets past me, then at least I’ll have (the admittedly cold) comfort of knowing my children are safely restrained rather than being mowed down as the perp attempts to drive off in my car.  Knowing where the kids are also frees up my hands and mind to fend or fight off a threat, which could make all the difference.

Groceries loaded, I close the trunk and… oh, good grief, this cart can’t sit here behind the van now that it’s empty.  Fortunately, I have anticipated this and parked close to the cart return.  I check that the minivan doors are locked, stash the cart in the return space, unlock the driver door, get in, lock the door, put the key in the ignition and drive away with one exception:  in the heat of the summer, I’m not leaving my children in a car with the doors closed even long enough to walk two spaces to the cart return.  What if I were delayed in getting back to them?  It’s not worth the risk.  In that case, I push the cart out of the way as best I can and hope that being responsible about parking it properly more often than not will spare me negative karma.

My purse, by the way, goes where the children do.  When they climb into the car, the purse goes with them.  It may become a target there for marauding children in search of gum, but not having it on me as I unload groceries means it isn’t a target for unsavory sorts with more sinister intentions.

I have a couple of other scenarios of my own to discuss and would be delighted to hear any which may be of concern to you, but those will have to wait for another day.  In the meantime, be safe and teach those little ones your defensive awareness habits!

Project *55

By Trooper Betsy Randolph, #375

Oklahoma Highway Patrol – Public Affairs Division

(Oklahoma City, OK.)  There have been numerous times in my nearly 20-year career in law enforcement, when a person has called in to dispatch about a possible drunk driver on the roadways. In recent years, with the advent and prominence of mobile cellular phones, those calls have increased in number and severity. With more drivers on the road, the probability of more intoxicated or distracted drivers has also increased. On any given day, at any hour, in every city in America, intoxicated drivers are risking your life and those you care about by getting behind the wheel and choosing to drive. That’s why we have created a phone number where you can quickly and easily call the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for help or to report a drunk driver. Star 55 or *55 on your mobile phone works anywhere in the state and goes directly to the closest OHP troop headquarters.

We believe that drunk drivers are usually not bad people. They are just ordinary people who make bad decisions. The decision to drink and drive is usually made after a person has consumed alcohol and the first thing alcohol does is alter a person’s decision making skills. That’s why it is so important for people to designate a sober driver long before consuming any alcohol. We believe that operating a motor vehicle after consuming even one alcoholic beverage is dangerous and we strive to convince people to have a designated driver or an alternative to driving if you are going to drink alcohol at all.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol works to provide a safe environment for everyone on Oklahoma roadways, but even at our very best, we simply cannot be everywhere all of the time. That’s where you come in. If you happen to see a reckless, distracted or intoxicated driver, we implore you to call us on your mobile phone. Star-fifty-five (*55) is the number to call state-wide for assistance. That number will be routed to the nearest Oklahoma Highway Patrol troop in the state of Oklahoma. When the communications officer answers, they will ask you a series of questions to determine where you are, what direction you are traveling and what help you need. A trooper will then be dispatched to your location and you may be asked to provide a description of the vehicle or a license plate number to help identify the vehicle in question.

By dialing *55 on your cell phone you will aid not only the state troopers, but every other motorist who will come into contact with the possible drunk driver. You can save a life! It may be the drunk drivers’, someone you care about or your own. Together we can make a difference and together we can put the brakes on drunk drivers for good. Remember, call *55 and help the Oklahoma Highway Patrol take a drunk driver off the road and off to jail.

– of or pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired end or temporary advantage; showing adroit planning; aiming at an end beyond the immediate action. From the Greek word taktikós.

Man shoots self chasing would-be intruder

Submitted by KFOR-TV, KFOR-TV
Friday, January 20th, 2012, 12:33pm

MOORE, Okla. -- Scary moments for a family in Moore overnight. On Wednesday night around 11p.m., a crook tried to force his way into their home. The homeowner opened fire but wound up hurting himself. The man shot himself in the foot chasing the would-be thief.

The victim says he simply wanted to protect himself and his family.

It all started with a bang at the back door, then another.

"He banged on the door again, even louder. I greeted him with a gun," Waylon Fosters said.

The suspect quickly took off through the backyard; Waylon ran after him.

"I was just chasing him trying to get him. I stumbled and my gun goes off," Foster said.

His foot still in a wrap, Waylon broke two bones shooting himself in the foot.

The suspect got away.

"I would've loved to have shot him for trying to break into my house," Foster said.

"It's not a good idea to chase someone away from your house," Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said.

Moore police say homeowners should never pursue criminals into the open.

"The best thing is to contact us. Get a good description and stay in your house. Protect your family and property," Lewis said.

"I'm not real happy with the way police are handling their job," Foster said.

Waylon says a series of crimes in his neighborhood have put his family on edge and police haven't cracked down.

That's why Waylon took the law into his own hands.

"I just want peace. I want to feel my home is safe," Foster said.

As his wounds heal, Waylon admits if he had to do the whole thing over, there would've been a different result.

"I regret opening the door. I wish I let him come in. I would've had reasonable cause," Foster said. "If he would've entered and I killed him, I wouldn't have felt bad.”

Unfortunately in this incident, the would-be crook got away.

Police don't have any information to give out on that suspect.

I just taught an SDA class two weeks ago, and in that class as in all SDA classes, I taught about two hours on the laws of the state of Oklahoma. I told students that the laws in this state are very supportive of self-defense, BUT every time someone breaks the law, or does something stupid, it jeopardizes all of our future potential to carry a gun. I also told them that just because a crisis occurs does not mean safety, or the law, goes out the window! I've said it over and over again in classes, articles, speaking engagements, every chance I get: if you don't train, you'll just flail wildly about...or worse yet, you'll shoot yourself or someone else whom you don't want to shoot. This story is a perfect example!

First of all this man did an incredibly stupid thing by opening his door. It really doesn't matter that he opened the door gun in hand, if bad guy had just shot as soon as the door opened he could have come in and had his way with the man's family. To all those husbands who open the door when there's a knock, did it ever occur to you that if the person knocking blows you away he's then free to come inside and ravage your wife? DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!!! I stress this over and over in my classes. Bark an order, just like I teach you in BTB, and no it doesn't come naturally. Half the time when I demonstrate barking an order the women in the class jump out of their seats. It doesn't come naturally to any of us, especially women, but the correct thing to do is bark an order, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" "GO AWAY!" "I CAN'T HELP YOU!" All said in a commanding voice, not timidly but with force and're in control, not whomever is at the door.

If the person persists as in this case, ready your weapon and call 911. THIS IS THE SMART AND LAWFUL THING TO DO!! As I teach in SDA, which incidentally stands for Self Defense Act, we are neither trained nor commissioned to PURSUE bad guys, we only have the right to DEFEND ourselves! So his second incredibly stupid thing was that he ran out the door after this man. He indicates in the article that he would have felt bad if he had shot him while he was running away. Of course the media doesn't report, because they don't know, that had he pursued the guy and shot him HE would have been arrested, and he most likely would have gone to prison. And that's as it should be. That's one reason why the pharmacist went to prison, he ran out the door chasing bad guys and shooting while innocent bystanders dove for cover. If it had been your daughter or mother who was dodging bullets would you be signing a petition for his release from prison? I didn't think so. You see, it's of utmost importance to get all the facts, and that includes the facts about the law.

Finally, in the above he says, and I quote, "I stumbled and my gun goes off..." ARGH!!!!! That has got to be my number one pet peeve (besides people who drive slow in the passing lane on the interstate!). People, guns do NOT JUST GO OFF!! They go off because a finger is on the trigger. So yes, if you run around, as they do on TV, as most people do who have not had formal training in safety protocol, with your finger on the trigger, you WILL SHOOT YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE! Fact, guaranteed, over and out, period.

You know, it's really not that hard. I have told the story of waking up at 3:00 a.m. a fraction of a second before the dog alerted that something was wrong and hearing a man's voice outside my bedroom window. I got up, opened the compartment where I keep one of my M&Ps, picked up the M&P in my right hand and my Surefire flashlight in my left, and I walked down the hall. My finger was in register, my M&P was laying flat against my chest barrel down, my flashlight was in my left fist which was resting underneath my left the time I got to the living room I realized the neighbor had come home, apparently drunk, and was very loud as he got out of his car (hopefully the passenger side) and since his driveway is on the same side of my house as my bedroom window, I heard him loud & clear. I walked back to my bedroom, my M&P flat on my chest, finger in register, flashlight tucked under my left cheek, I opened the compartment where my gun stays, placed the M&P back in its spot and laid the flashlight down beside it...and then I got back into bed and went back to sleep.

At no time did I throw my finger on the trigger, and at no time did I turn on any light! I know my house and that's my tactical advantage because I can walk through my house in the dark and know where I'm going. So I didn't turn on a light, though I was ready if I heard someone inside my house to first light them up with my Surefire and once I identified them (Cardinal Rule #4) to next light them up with the flash of my muzzle...and then MOVE, always MOVE!

But not one time did I bump the trigger or come anywhere near it, not once did I point my gun at any part of my own body, not once did I stumble, and for heaven's sake not ONCE did I SHOOT MYSELF!!!!

People, guns don't just go off, it takes a finger on the trigger. I tell my students that any time you break even one of the Four Cardinal Rules you risk an accident...break two or more and you WILL have an accident. In this situation this man broke all four rules. To say his gun went off, as if he didn't know why it went off, just shows his ignorance. To say the police aren't doing their job so he feels he has to do it for them is arrogance. The combination of ignorance and arrogance is deadly. At least this time he only shot himself, and not an innocent one of you or someone you love.

Law enforcement really and truly does the best they can...but they cannot be everywhere at once and their job is to enforce the law, not prevent crime. I tell my students that what will really stop crime is not more laws, or more LEOs, or more is when the bad guy says, "I wonder if this woman will be the one who shoots and kills me?" or "I wonder if I kick in this door if I'll be met with the blast of a shotgun?"

This story emphasizes what I work so hard to express to women what you practice is what you will do in a crisis...and if you don't practice safe handling so much that it's engrained in you so that in the middle of the night in the dark you can do what I describe above and never risk your own (or a loved one's) safety, you'll have no frame of reference no muscle memory and you will do something stupid like plant your finger on the trigger because you think it should be there because you're chasing a bad guy...and maybe you'll just shoot yourself in the foot and not shoot someone else...not even the bad guy. Notice in the entire rigmarole above the bad guy got away and has never been caught. What exactly did this guy accomplish besides shooting himself?

Perhaps the above story doesn't convince you that you need training because you think you'd never do something like how about this one where a man was attacked, beaten and robbed in his home by two men and he shot at the car as it drove away. That sounds reasonable, right? Well, apparently the jury felt some aspect of it was reasonable as they convicted him of shooting with intent to kill rather than second-degree murder for the one year old he shot who was buckled into her car seat in the back seat of the car.

You see, criminals are stupid, they have no scruples, they're sociopaths, drug addicts, do you think they'll leave their child at home when they go to commit a home invasion so she's not hurt? Nope, they left her in the car, buckled into her car seat, and a 22 year old man after being beaten and robbed shot and killed her. Seven bullets struck the car when he fired upon it as they fled, and one of them killed her. He pleaded self-defense, but really, how good would you feel about claiming self-defense if you shot and killed a baby? What if that was your 22 year old son or daughter who shot an innocent child? Do you think you wouldn't shoot at a fleeing car or suspect after you were brutalized? It's the natural response UNLESS YOU'VE TRAINED! Unless you know the law! Unless you understand in your muscle memory that you are accountable for EVERY bullet that leaves your gun, and unless your muscle memory causes you to obey ALL FOUR cardinal rules even in a crisis, this is the expected result!

It's really quite absurd to take chances, to assume you'll automatically know what to do, when the solution to this potential problem is the training that's readily available to you. There's no excuse whatsoever to not get training, so just do it!

And then maybe one of these days we'll hear a story like the above that will say the woman barked an order for the home invader to GO AWAY! and when he ignored her and kicked in her door, she shot him center mass and he was DRT....and "no charges are expected to be filed against the homeowner..." because she LAWFULLY AND SMARTLY DEFENDED HERSELF!

Ladies, we are smart, we don't have to be pushed down to ignorance...the only reason for ignorance is lack of knowledge. So get the knowledge you need to truly defend yourself. And flush arrogance down the toilet where it belongs because talking big won't keep you safe. Those who seriously train and are well prepared need very few words...only a command just before the gun "goes off," which incidentally happens because you intentionally place your finger on the trigger after you've identified the threat!


Contact me if there's a specific topic you'd like to see addressed in this section.

Stooping to a new low
by Tammy Pinkston

The only magazines I subscribe to are gun magazines, and at that I only subscribe to about four which are reputable and have quality articles and information. I've noticed a trend in these magazines of ads by gun manufacturers with scantily clad women in some suggestive pose which they evidently think sells guns. Some of these ads appear to be geared toward women. Occasionally a self-respecting man will write a letter to the editor of one of these gun rags and complain about it, but he's always ridiculed by others who say they don't know what the big deal is. Therefore, I've considered it a waste of my time to comment on any of the ads and to date I haven't. That all changed when I opened the March/April edition of American Handgunner. An otherwise quality magazine with excellent articles and information has crossed the line with this ad, and so I did write to the magazine and I wrote to the manufacturer who placed the ad. Ya'll check it out (click photo for closeup) and if you are as disgusted as I am by this, please write, call or Email these people. There are thousands of you and you know what, that's a LOUD VOICE! Use that voice, don't just get mad about it, and don't just let this one ride! This is ridiculous!

And if you're an Oklahoma Personal Defense student, proudly tell them so! We are not quiet little dumb women, we are a serious training academy empowering women to defend themselves and you are our students...we all deserve a little respect!

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To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to voice my disgust and utter disbelief at the ad you placed in the March/April 2012 issue of American Handgunner which portrays a picture of a woman in a bikini holding four guns.  I am the owner and lead instructor of a firearms academy for women, I literally teach hundreds of women every year who are serious about the sport, and likewise serious about the firearms they purchase.  In case you’re unaware of the statistics, women shooters and gun buyers are starting to far outnumber the men.  I can absolutely assure you that we see an ad like this as nothing but soft porn.  It offends not only women, but any male shooter who is serious about the sport.

I would never even consider buying any gun your company makes, or anything affiliated in any way with your company after seeing this ad.  There is no point at all in the ad except to reach the degenerate males of society who think this kind of thing is sexy.  Let me explain it to you so you can understand: shooting isn’t sexy, and guns aren’t sexy – there’s nothing sexy about a woman learning to protect herself from scum who would rape and torture and murder her. If you had any true seriousness about making quality firearms, you’d have enough sense to be ashamed of an ad like that.

Very seriously yours,

Tammy Pinkston
Personal Defense Instructor
Oklahoma Personal Defense

American Handgunner

To Whom it May Concern:

I really like American Handgunner, I get a great deal of quality information out of it each month and I look forward to reading it.  But I have to voice my disgust and utter disbelief at the EAA Corp. ad you allowed in the March/April 2012 issue of American Handgunner which portrays a picture of a woman in a bikini holding four guns.  I am the owner and lead instructor of a firearms academy for women, I literally teach hundreds of women every year who are serious about the sport, and likewise serious about the firearms they purchase.  In case you’re unaware of the statistics, women shooters and gun buyers are starting to far outnumber the men.  I can absolutely assure you that we see an ad like this as nothing but soft porn.  It offends not only women, but any male shooter who is serious about the sport.

I know some of your male readers have previously commented in SpeakOut about the ads of scantily clad women in various “sexy” poses...all of them have been ridiculed, and that’s why I’ve never bothered to voice a comment on the subject.  However, this one crosses the line of decency.  There is no point at all in the ad except to reach the degenerate males of society who think this kind of thing is sexy.  Let me explain it from a woman’s viewpoint: shooting isn’t sexy, and guns aren’t sexy – there’s nothing sexy about a woman learning to protect herself from scum who would rape and torture and murder her.

Come on American Handgunner!  Even if you don’t care one bit about what your female readers think, or if you’re not that interested in acquiring and keeping female readers (you should be because there are hundreds of thousands of us), I cannot imagine that any of you would think an ad like that would portray or appeal to your wife or daughter or mother.

One more thing, before you ridicule me for voicing my concerns, why don’t you ask your mom what she thinks of the ad.

Very seriously yours,

Tammy Pinkston

Personal Defense Instructor
Oklahoma Personal Defense

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