John Farnam, police officer and decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, is one of the top defensive firearms instructors in the nation. He has personally trained thousands of federal, state and local law enforcement agency personnel, many private security agencies, foreign governments, and hundred of civilians in safe gun handling and the tactical use of the defensive firearms. I am one of those civilians. The below are from his Email Quips, my thanks to John for his permission to share these with my students. Tammy

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...coming to a place near you! Ready or not?
A Police Career Violent Crime Prevented!
This from a friend in UT AUK, Israel, and the USA
Theater shooting in CO Proud to be stupid

...coming to a place near you!
6 Sept 14

"I recommend the Statue of Liberty be supplemented with a 'Statue of Responsibility.'"

Viktor Frankl

1.  Self-defense shooting
2.  Gunfight
3.  Massacre

Number one occurs a number of times each day within CONUS, and has for as long as anyone can remember. Some involve police. But, the majority involve non-police (but armed) citizens justifiably shooting burglars, muggers, rapists, robbers, and assorted other domestic VCAs. NRA's magazines
immodestly publish a number of such accounts in every issue.

Prolonged "gunfights" are still pretty rare, but sometimes occur between police and gang-members, and between gaggles of rival gang-members. When bullets start flying, the vast majority of "regular" people (armed or not) wisely disengage and separate as quickly as they can!

Most modern "massacres" are gunfights too, with only one side having guns!

ISIS' frequently demonstrated speciality is Nazi-style massacres, and, since we no longer have a southern border, ISIS agents are now here, training, operating, and radicalizing domestic Islamics, all with scant interference from the Administration.

The Administration is exhausting itself trying to deny the foregoing, but the rest of us should not be surprised when we see Kenyan-style massacres starting to occur within CONUS, particularly in places like NY, NJ, and MD, where gun-ownership among citizens is officially discouraged and denigrated,
and concealed carry cannot be done legally by the vast majority of citizens. Even police in these states are often discouraged from carrying "off-duty!"

In states where gun-ownership and concealed carry are common, such attacks may well be thwarted, and are thus less likely. But, but no locality is "safe."

Thus, all of us need to ask ourselves:

"Is my routine level of personal preparedness adequate for the current threat-level?"

Put another way:

"Am I prepared for a protracted gun-battle with an organized team of ISIS terrorists, or just a self-defense shooting involving conventional domestic criminals?"

As noted, the current Administration is doing little to protect us, and is planning on doing even less.  We individual American citizens have to squarely confront this unsavory truth and make sound, personal decisions

... while we still can!

"Success is the child of audacity."

Benjamin  Disraeli


John S. Farnam
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A Police Career
15 Apr 14

"An honest man speaks the truth, though it gives offence. A vain man, in order that it may."

William Hazlitt

With regard to the foregoing, without vanity nor immersing myself, once more, in the endless discussion about calibers and capacities, here is a sage note from a friend, recently retired, who worked in a large metro PD for many years. This particular metro area is famous for its high rate of violent crime:

"During my career with the PD, I was personally involved in eleven shootings, all of them fatal. I didn't shoot eleven people, but I was personally present when bullets were flying!

Most of my time was spent ducking bullets and getting injured officers into paramedic vehicles for evacuation.

I did fire numerous shots at VCAs with various weapons (mostly pistols) at various ranges, from nearly point blank to fifteen meters and more. Some were standing; some were running; some were in vehicles, and some were otherwise barricaded.

I hit some and missed some! Of the ones I hit, some reacted immediately; others displayed little reaction. I was never hit myself, mostly due to dumb luck. The worst I got from it all were skinned knees and elbows.

As dust was settling in the aftermath, a thousand anxious, confused thoughts swirled through my cranium, as you might expect. They still do!

But, here is one thing I can't recall ever saying to myself, even once:

'Wow, I sure wish I'd brought a smaller gun and less ammunition!'"

Comment: No matter how you want to dance around the issue, nor sugar-coat it, one fact is inescapable:


It matters not whom you are, how you're dressed, whom you're with, where you are, what you're part of, how you "feel," nor the color of the horse you rode in on. VCAs aren't impressed and don't care in any event, and you still bleed red blood!

The degree to which you want to be armed is your call, keeping in mind the above sage advice from my friend.

The world is as it has always been: a harsh, brutal, dangerous, indifferent place, no matter what part of it you live in.

You either make reasonable preparations to go forward boldly and be victorious, or stick your head in the sand and wait for the executioner. Either way, nobody cares, and, when you don't either, that makes an absolute majority!

"Because you survived your last bad decision doesn't mean you're going to survive your next one. You may well have lived through it in spite of your personal decisions, not because of them!"

Roy Bethg


John S. Farnam
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This from a friend in UT
3 Sept 13

"Early Sunday morning, a veteran police sergeant was shot to death during a traffic stop in an upscale neighborhood (suburb of SLC).

He stopped his beat-car near a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road in an awkward manor. A man and a woman were standing near the car. Without warning, the male produced a pistol and opened fire on the officer, still strapped in his seat.

The officer accelerated to get out of the line of fire, and tried to radio for help. He lost consciousness and crashed into a tree three blocks away. He was transported to a local hospital where he subsequently died. Details on range, ammunition, number of shots fired, and impact point(s) were not disclosed.

Church services were canceled, and residents were told to stay in their homes, as hundreds of officers, from multiple jurisdictions, swarmed the area in an effort to contain what some calculated could have been a shooting spree.

What was ultimately discovered was the couple, both shot, still near their car. The male suspect apparently shot the officer first, then the woman, and finally himself. Both the woman and the male suspect were seriously, but not fatally, injured. They are both currently hospitalized.

Of course, local politicians immediately held a news conference, with all the usual, hollow promises about those guilty of this crime being 'brought to justice,' ad nauseam.

Both suspects were described as 'transients,' with the usual, 'routine' extensive criminal histories."

Comment: These are the kind of unstable, ever-dangerous "habitual criminals" who used to be confined to mental hospitals and prisons. Many are still in prisons (thank Heaven!), but many others, like these two, are currently at-large, and there is no fence between them and you!

The point is that we, police and non-police, need to continue to be extremely cautious about such "transients," "homeless," and "emotionally-disturbed." They are all unstable and can be exceedingly dangerous, even homicidal, under the right circumstances, as we see.

Most look "harmless," and most usually are, but you only need to be naively wrong once!

They need to be deliberately avoided. Approach, when necessary, must always take place with appropriate caution. There is much you're not seeing!

When you don't know everything, you really don't know anything!

Stud poker players' axiom


John S. Farnam
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I constantly tell students that law enforcement officers (LEOs) are people just like us...which is to say they have families they want to go home to at the end of the day. They're not like us in that any given day on the job could be their last, as was the case for Officer Johnson this past Sunday.

He was senselessly gunned down by a coward who turned the gun on himself and his female accomplice. Both of them survived and Officer Johnson bled to death and died just a few feet away...he never had a chance. As I teach in the Defensive Awareness class, "getting bad guy off the streets" is utterly meaningless. A career criminal was free to gun down an innocent man in cold blood.

Click here to read about Sergeant Derek Johnson.

This just breaks my heart for Officer Johnson and his family. All of us need to remember that LEOs, like soldiers, give their lives so we can have freedom.

I’ve made it a habit to look men & women who I meet that are soldiers in the eye and say “Thank you for your service.” I think I will start doing that with LEOs as well.

To start with, let me say to the one LEO I know is reading this, my friend Betsy Randolph – thank YOU for your service, both as a soldier and a law enforcement officer!


Theater shooting in CO
25 July 12

By this time, we're all familiar with events of early Friday (20 July 12) in Aurora, CO.

The suspect apparently purchased all guns and ammunition used, legally. He did not have enough of a criminal record, at least officially, to by rejected for purchase by NICS. However, a television interview with his mother revealed that his mental issues were well known within his own family.

Many other details are yet to be discovered, but the subject of this Quip is the reaction of the media.

I watched FOX News last night, where a normally conservative correspondent proposed a new federal law that would require purchases of all "heavy" weapons be reported to the FBI. His guest retorted that, had such laws been in place, they would have had no effect of the incident in question, as the suspect was not on any "watch list.".

But, that didn't seem to matter!

This reporter kept talking about "machine-guns," "howitzers," "mortars," et al. His guest, once again, pointed out that none of these weapons were involved in the incident in question.

Again, logical answers to this reporter's rant had no discernable effect!

This reporter just doesn't like guns, and no enlightened, productive discussion with him on this subject is possible.

And, like the rest of the anti-gun crowd in general, he: 1) Never gets specific 2) Never has his facts/terms right 3) Has never studied guns, their history and their use in America, to any degree. He doesn't want to listen to us, so never has an opportunity to see, nor sympathize with, any part of our point of view.

I expect we'll hear more of these silly proposals, but "gun-control," a fraudulent "front-term" for the absolute elimination of the private ownership of guns in America, has become the third-rail of American politics. Americans now know that "gun-control" is forced gun-confiscation, and nothing less.

Privately-owned guns are a wonderful, American tradition. They thwart crime every minute. Without that tradition, we would be little more than just another European weenie-state.

"First they'll tell you it will never work, and they can prove it. Then, they'll admit it works, but argue that it is not important. Finally, they'll concede that it is important, but insist they've know about it for years!"



John S. Farnam
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Ready or not? It's getting ugly in NYC, NJ Shore
2 Nov 12

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy's battery of the East Coast, things are not "getting back to normal" nearly as quickly as local politicians, and the media, would have us believe!

There is general panic over the unavailability of fuel. Power is still off in large areas and will not be restored for days, maybe weeks. Food in refrigerators and freezers is mostly spoiled by now, and large apartment buildings have no heat. Elevators are not working. There is no water for drinking, much less cooking and bathing. Toilets are not working. By now, batteries in cell phones, computers, and radios are mostly expired, so getting good, current information is impossible for many.

Shelves in supermarkets are cleaned-out. No food, no drinkable water, no fresh batteries, and, as noted above, no fuel. Many are now searching dumpsters for food!

Gunfire is heard often. Generators are being stolen out of back yards in broad daylight. Increasing incidents of assaults, thievery, robberies, and home-invasions by roving gangs are being reported, but are under-reported by our corrupt media.

Needless to say, guns and ammunition are unavailable.

I'm persuaded we have not seen the worst yet! For those who are still there, the next few days and weeks will be exciting!

For the rest of us, this calamity should serve as a warning. Many of us don't need to worry about hurricanes, but tornadoes, earthquakes, terrorism, and general societal breakdown ever hovers over all of us!

We all need to honestly confront the fact that we are on our own. Government's genuine ability to assist, prevent crime, protect, and rescue, as we plainly see in the current catastrophe, is extremely limited. They do the best they can, but, it takes little indeed to completely overwhelm the System. Their survival is vastly more important to them than is ours. In the final analysis, we're all expendable!

The individually heavily-armed, well-trained, determined, and otherwise well-prepared stand the best chance of seeing it through. Of course there are no guarantees, but being willfully gullible, handout-oriented, and utterly unprepared for even the slightest inconvenience, much less a wide-spread disaster, is foolish in the extreme, as many are now discovering, at their peril!

"A sensible man watches for problems ahead and prepares to meet them. The simpleton never looks, and suffers the consequences."

(Proverbs 27:12)


John S. Farnam
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Violent Crime Prevented! From an Instructor in TX
25 Dec 10

"One of our DTI graduates was involved in an 'incident' here in south Texas yesterday, Christmas Eve. Relying on his training, he engineered a good result! Our student is a forty-ish male. As with all our students down here, he has a current TX CHL, and carries regularly.

Yesterday morning, he was fueling-up at a local convenience store. We've both been to this same store many times. Nice part of town. Bright sunlight. Lots of traffic.

A car-full of youths pulled into the parking area, very fast, and then came to a sudden, screeching halt. They did not pull up to a gas-pump, nor into a marked, parking place. Our student noticed and immediately alerted.

One of the vehicle's slovenly occupants leaned out an open window, made eye-contact with our student, and said, in broken English, '... hey mister, give us some money.'

Adhering to his training, our student turned to face them, briefly glanced back over his shoulder, and replied, 'I'm sorry, Sir. I can't help you.' Another youth then exited the vehicle, slammed the door, and said in a loud, gruff, and threatening tone, '... you don't understand. You ARE going to give us your money!'

Our student gracefully assumed a classic Interview Stance, side-stepped, threw back his CCC cover-garment, and obtained a master-grip on his G23, although the pistol was not visible to the suspect doing the talking. Pointing at the suspect with his support-hand index and middle-fingers, he said,
clearly, and in perfect English, "No! YOU don't understand, Sir. I can't help you!"

The suspect, who, moments before, had been so intimidating and cocksure, glanced away, drooped his shoulders, mumbled incoherently, and then quickly turned and re-entered the vehicle, which precipitously departed as quickly as it had arrived.

No license plates on the suspect vehicle.

Our student then experienced an adrenaline dump, and noticed that his heart was racing. However, he knew from his training, that this was all perfectly normal He took a few deep breaths, and soon regained normal composure.

Police were not involved, and our student finished fueling his car and then went his way, in peace."

Comment: A violent crime was probably prevented, due to competent training, alertness, and adequate preparation. In this threatening situation, my student knew what to do, stayed in control, didn't panic, and was fully prepared to go "all the way," when necessary.

The hoodlum got the distinct, and correct, impression that he wasn't kidding!

Like all bullies, when his bluff was called, this sleazy punk promptly " folded his hand" and slunk away. They usually do!

This "happy ending" will never be reflected in any statistic, nor will it be part of any news story. Nonetheless, training, alertness, and preparation, once again, combined to keep a good person from being harmed by evil ones.

And, that's what it come down to: Good and Evil. Good people need to be armed, aware, competently trained, and prepared to successfully confront evil, when necessary. This world does not deal kindly with people, even "good" ones, who are clueless, naive, and willfully unprepared

"Second-place doesn't exist"!

G Pate

Merry Christmas to all!

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AUK, Israel, and the USA, paraphrased from a correspondent
19 Aug 11

"The unavoidable effect an armed citizenry has on all would-be rulers is the unrelenting fear of being deposed by force. It has naught to do with crime nor criminals. 'Crime' is just a diversion, designed to deflect conversation about the real issue.

It invariably leads to situations such as the current deplorable state of affairs in Great Britain. Even today, British royalty vividly remembers their counterparts in Russia being overthrown and ultimately murdered by Bolsheviks! Thus, the British government casually admits that it cannot defend its subjects, but, in the same breath, steadfastly prohibits subjects from defending themselves. Their very bodies are thus expendable, property of the Crown. British subjects today are no more 'free' than Russian serfs in the time of the Czars!

A brilliant point of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is the phrase: "... government of the people, by the people, for the people." In modern political science, there is no universal agreement on the meaning of the term "government," but there are commonly accepted indicators. One is a "monopoly of
force." So, to the extent that people of any nation are allowed to keep and bear arms, government by the people continues to exist. Absent private arms, it can be said that there is government 'of' the people, and perhaps even 'for' the people (in a case of a 'benevolent dictator'), but there is certainly no government by the people.

Israel, and even the USA, are currently working their way toward the British model, and for the same reason: politicians who fear the citizenry, more than respect it. So, when citizens fail to demand their natural rights, they have nothing to cry about when soldiers aren't around, and terrorists are!"

"The only power any government has is the power to crack-down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But, just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed, nor enforced, nor objectively interpreted, and you create a nation of law-breakers, and then cash-in on 'guilt.'"

Ayn Rand

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First-hand report on UK riots, from a friend there
10 Aug 11

"Ordinary folks here are utterly, and hopelessly, defenseless in the face of mob violence. Our doltish public policy of never fighting back, under any circumstances, that is so inexorably ingrained into the British mind, is
currently serving us poorly!

Even LEOs here are scared to death of any kind of aggressive, active policing. These excellent men and women are denigrated, even prosecuted, when they do, and murdered when they don't!

Mob violence has already spread to the Southeast outside of London, the West of the Country, and North into the Midlands.

Parliament meets in an extraordinary 'special' session today. I look forward to hearing at least a few good members say, out loud, that it is now time to re-arm our police and allow citizens to arm themselves, and to stop
punishing people for fighting back, or for merely trying to keep from being murdered!

Of course, I am not holding my breath. I understand our politicians are all safe and sound."

Comment: It is obvious to me that, as national economics continue to deteriorate throughout debt-ridden Western Civilization, we'll see more such mass rioting and mob violence, particularly since, at least in the UK, so little risk attaches to participating.

"Learn, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed"

Pope Julius III

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It is happening here too!
10 Aug 11

These comments, paraphrased from several correspondents:

"Mob violence, mostly racial, is currently erupting in rotting, dysfunctional urban areas on this side of the Atlantic too, like Detroit, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Milwaukee.

And, it's becoming increasingly difficult for the liberal media to maintain their embargo on news!

Chickens, set-out sixty years ago, are coming home to roost. Here, we call them 'entitlements.' Expectations have grown far beyond anyone's ability to satisfy, even with endless borrowing (read that: 'thievery') form
yet-unborn generations.

A large segment of Western Civilization is willfully, permanently unproductive, and has come to believe that they deserve to be paid, and paid well, for merely existing! And, it is their votes that are actively 'courted'
(read that: 'purchased') by Liberals.

Anybody not see this?"


Modern politicians, there and here, elected largely by the this ever-dependant, non-contributing class, predictably consist of flunkeys, drunks, cowards, posers, fashion-mongers, time-servers, and part-time pimps.

Their audiences are not much better!

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Proud to be stupid
23 July 10

"Who are afraid to fall on their face, will invariably fall on their ass!"

Tempestuous comments from the willfully naive, with regard to my last Quip:

"I'm perfectly happy, and willing, to deal with the consequences of my choices, because my choices are guided by a Higher Wisdom than are yours and have protected me from extensive, life-threatening, multiple perils in my life, without a gun ever having to be present..."

She says that now, while comfortably fat, dumb, and happy! Philosophical discussions are always best done on a full stomach, eh?

It is astonishing to me that there are still so many of these vain, conceited, self-satisfied twits, ever-dripping with religious overtones, who smugly insist that God will shield them from all the uncertainties of life, because they are apparently so wonderful that they have somehow earned it!

When it is pointed out to them that nearly all old-testament prophets, along with new-testament disciples and apostles alike were ultimately homicide victims, they continue to arrogantly claim that "divine protection" is their right. God apparently owes them!

When disaster strikes, her egotistical "amour-propre" will precipitously, piteously be converted to anguished cries of "... this is so unfair!"

... always the "famous last words" of losers!

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