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December 2010

Long Awaited Classes Are Here! (Gun Cleaning 101, SDA, private lessons)

I'm happy to announce I have a location for
Gun Cleaning 101 and will be holding the class on Saturday, January 8th. I also have two SDA (conceal carry) classes scheduled in February (see schedule below). I expect all three of these classes to fill up quickly because I've had so many requests for them, so if you're interested in attending, don't delay registering. I'm also able to do private lessons again by appointment.

Scenario Based Training (BTB-2)

I held the first Airsoft class last Saturday and it was
great fun. I did not announce this class but rather started with the first 10 students I knew were ready for the class and immediately had a full class. This class is the 2nd level of Between the Threat and the Bang, working through similar drills only this time students get to press the trigger. The next Airsoft (BTB-2) class will be in February or March. You must have attended both Girls Day Out and Between the Threat and the Bang in order to enroll in this class. Both of these classes are scheduled in January (and won't be held again prior to the next BTB-2) so be sure not to miss them if you're interested in the next BTB-2, or if you think you might need a refresher. BTB-2 moves pretty fast with more advanced skill sets so you need the skills you learn in both GDO and BTB in order to keep up. Comments from students who attended are below. See pics from the class here.

New Gun Range

I have recently discovered Thunderbird Range, located 10 miles west of Tecumseh on Hwy. 9. It is owner operated on private land but open for public use during certain hours. The owner, Ken Caudle, is an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and present during all live fire so safety is enforced.

This is a simple range, and a work in progress, so don't expect the comforts or convenience of a large indoor range. However, the building is semi-climate controlled, there are nice indoor restrooms, and most importantly it is a safe environment in which to practice. Ken has it set up so that shooters are inside a building, protected from the elements, and shoot out open windows into a dirt berm. There are 16 lanes which are plenty wide for comfort, a nice big table in front of each lane for gear, and even chairs if you want to shoot sitting down. He is offering OPD students a 50% discount on yearly membership. More Info...

Financial Aid for Classes

There is assistance available for anyone who has difficulty paying for a class. I understand that there will be times a person just can't afford a class, or perhaps wants to attend more than one and having the funds is a hardship. I charge minimal fees for classes to cover my own costs (facility, equipment, gas, food) but I don't ever want anyone to not be able to attend a class because of money. So if you need help with that, please let me know.

This is a neat way to send a Christmas blessing to those who are fighting for our freedom. (Click the green banner to send a free card)

Thanks to Diane Hamm for bringing this to my attention
Let's Say Thanks

Gun Cleaning 101
January 8th from 1 pm to 3 pm

Learn how to properly clean your handgun. This class covers the supplies you need, how often you need to clean your gun, and the best way to clean it. Students will learn how to take down (field strip) their gun in class so that they can do it on their own at home. Register

Girls Day Out.
A Prep Class for Carrying a Gun
January 22nd from 10 am to 4 pm
$45.00, includes lunch

This class helps you prepare for the conceal carry class and to become more comfortable with carrying your gun after you've taken the class. The class teaches you how to safely handle a gun, how to choose the right gun for you, and how to carry it once you have your gun.

Our special speaker this time will be Renee Brewer, Executive Director for the Native Alliance Against Violence. Renee has a lot of experience helping Native American victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. She is a part time police officer with the Seminole Police Department, and an
adjunct instructor with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. See her full bio here.

A lot of women come to Girls Day Out in groups because it's a whole lot of fun to do together! Register

Between the Threat and the Bang
January 29th from 10 am to 4 pm
Earl's BBQ, Moore
$45.00, includes lunch

This class identifies and teaches several steps that can and should occur between the time a woman feels threatened and the time she may need to draw a gun in self-defense. Students practice situational awareness, posturing and commanding, and ultimately drawing from a holster.

Training guns and holsters will be provided for drawing from concealment drills. Register

Double Class Discount – Anyone who wants to attend both Girls Day Out and Between the Threat and the Bang choose Double Class Discount on the Registration page for $10 off.

Refresher Class: If you've already BTB or GDO, you may take the class again to hone up on your skills for $25.00. Choose Refresher on the registration page.

Oklahoma SDA (conceal carry)

This is the class to get the required certificate to apply for your Oklahoma conceal carry license. This is NOT a beginner level class, you MUST be able to handle your gun unassisted during the shooting portion of the class, and demonstrate 100% safety, in order to pass the class. If you are unsure of your ability to do so, I highly recommend you attend Girls Day Out as this class specifically helps prepare you for the SDA class.

There is both a women only and mixed (men and women) SDA class scheduled in February. Pre-registration is required prior to the deadline in order to be admitted to the class. Class limit for each class is 22.

Women Only
February 5th from 9 am to 6 pm

Registration Deadline January 21st
February 19th from 9 am to 6 pm
Registration Deadline February 4th

Gift Certificates Available

Looking for a unique Christmas gift for the women in your life? Give her the gift of personal defense training. More info...

(From evaluations after class...)

Scenario Based Training (BTB-2)

What did you learn that you didn't know before?

~ Airsoft guns are wretched fun!
~ How it feels to actually shoot at a real person.
~ How difficult it is to aim and shoot at someone!
~ It was helpful to understand recoil and a way to overcome its effect on my shooting.
~ Working with the Airsoft pistol helped me to understand that much of my accuracy issues have to do with recoil
~ I learned how to improve my grip, and stance
~ Experienced, first-hand, how easy it is to get tunnel vision during the simulated attack scenarios.
~ I already filled this out once, but wanted to add something. I KNEW already that I could go to the range & hit a target from several feet away. Now I KNOW I can also draw from a holster and come on target within a few seconds. While I'm sure it's much more fun to shoot Tammy than a real bad guy, I know now that I CAN do it. THAT'S EMPOWERMENT.

What did you like the most about the class?

~ The psychedelic color targets.
~ Everything was great - relaxed atmosphere, being around women with similar goals and attitudes - it was a good learning experience for me and your instruction was clear and concise as always. Safety review at the beginning is always good for me.
~ Shooting the instructor! LOL
~ Meeting more ladies that are interested in improving our skills.
~ It was fun and encouraging to interact with other women.
~ Everything! It was great fun, yet still informative. It is always helpful to practice with 'live' drills, which help me gain the confidence needed should the real world situation arise.
~ I really enjoyed everything about the class. It was very beneficial, but still really fun!
~ Escalating levels of challenge. People with different shooting skill levels can find this class challenging.

Comments by Sara

When I decided to take the airsoft class, I knew it would be very beneficial but I was a little nervous about actually shooting.  I knew we were only shooting the airsoft ammo, and that it would be perfectly safe, but knowing I was going to have to imagine myself in a threatening situation and actually shoot at Tammy was a little unsettling to me, especially since I know I'm not the sharpest shooter.  

When we started practicing and shooting at different targets, I really began to enjoy the class, it was actually really fun! I was becoming more comfortable and confident with my abilities as we switched up the targets and scenarios.  When it was time to practice drawing from a holster and actually shooting at Tammy, I was more nervous that I was going to hurt her than anything else!  She assured me it wouldn't, and I made her show me all the layers of clothes and coats she had on so that I knew she was protected.  She started at about 30 yards away from me and she instructed me that as soon as she started coming towards me, to yell loudly "STOP!" then as she kept coming to pull the gun from my holster and shoot.  While in the back of my mind I knew it was pretend and that I was perfectly safe, I couldn't help thinking "I'm not fast enough at this, this threat would be approaching me much faster than her, and i can barely get my gun drawn and on target...What if this was real?  Would I be able to defend myself?" The thought that I might not be able to actually defend myself against a threat literally made me shake with nerves.  This class helped me to realize that carrying a gun does not protect me from all the bad people in the world.  The hands on training I'm getting from these types of classes is the only thing that is going to be able give me the skills to protect myself if a situation ever arises. I am so thankful for this class, and I am very much looking forward to any other situational classes I can enroll myself in so that I'm not only carrying a gun with me, but I'm also carrying the confidence to use it if I have to.

Hi Tammy,

Is it a better option to show my gun if I feel threatened than to actually pull it or heaven forbid, shoot somebody?
Thanks for the info,

A: Hi

Absolutely not! There is never any condition or circumstance in which showing a gun when you're threatened is a good option. Many things can go wrong in this situation. First of all, legally this is brandishing, and if you accompany it with a verbal comment such as, "I'll shoot you" that can legally be constituted as a threat. If the person you do this to decides to press charges you will be arrested, and you very likely will lose your license to carry. Secondly, there are many times a would-be threat can be warded off with aggressive posturing and verbiage (what I teach in Between the Threat and the Bang) and it never becomes an attack...however, if you prematurely bring a gun into that situation said bad guy who may not have been prepared to carry a threat through to an attack may decide he has no other choice but to take you down because now you're a threat to him. Thirdly, there are many reasons a person may seem to be a threat when they actually are not - what if the person you "show" the gun to is a man who has had an exceptionally bad day at work and he's mouthing off but he doesn't mean you any harm, but he has a conceal carry license and is carrying a gun...all of a sudden now he feels threatened and he shoots YOU because you threatened him! Finally, there's always the possibility a person who appears to be threatening is an undercover cop, and if you show a gun to any cop they have the legal right to shoot you.

Then there's the the amount of time it would take you to show your gun to someone and threaten them, that person could shoot you long before you'd ever have the chance to draw.

Pointing a gun at someone is another set of problems all together, and the above also outlines the kinds of results you might expect if you point your gun and don't shoot it. The addition is that statistically nearly all women who point a gun at a would be attacker get it taken away and used on them. We are not physically stronger than men, therefore threats – including showing a gun – are never a deterrent to a man.

Oklahoma law states that if you draw a gun in self-defense, you must be prepared to use it, and that you may only respond with lethal force to lethal force. Therefore, you can not simply show someone a gun and threaten them – if you do, expect to be arrested and expect to lose your license. That's the best case scenario, worse case scenario is you might lose your life. It won't matter at that point if you thought you were in the right, you'll still be dead.


Send me your questions.

Continued...from a publication that purports to teach women how to defend themselves. My comments are in blue.

I call this, uh, self-defense "grooming"...
You see, she's using tweezers, "strategically" (according to the book) reaching around the back of his neck and...well...I'm not sure what she's supposed to be doing that applies to self-defense, but it looks like she's plucking a hair!

And now she's brushing his eyebrows with a hairbrush.
...and sweeping off his face with a broom.

Tactical – of or pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired end or temporary advantage; showing adroit planning; aiming at an end beyond the immediate action. From the Greek word taktikós.

Last month in this section I talked about how I stress in Between the Threat and the Bang that it may not be obvious based on looks who your attacker might be.
Sometimes, however, it's quite obvious...and sometimes even your teacher has a chance to practice what she preaches...

In November I visited my mother in Southeast Oklahoma which has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country...yes, I said country. For any of you who wonder what I'm talking about think Smoky Mountains, and then think Oklahoma. Southeast Oklahoma has the western end of Talimena Drive, which is a 54 mile stretch of state highway that runs from Mena, Arkansas to Talihina, Oklahoma. In the middle of it, on top of Rich Mountain, is Queen Whilhelmena Lodge, named after a Dutch Queen. Would you believe this lodge was built in 1898? Equally hard to imagine is that people would take their carriages up to the top of that mountain to stay in the lodge. My mother and I moved to that part of the state in 1976, and I've been across it many times over the years in both car and motorcycle, but I cannot fathom going across that thing in a horse drawn carriage! If you've not been, it is well worth the drive any time of year, but most especially when fall foliage is at its peak. It's an easy drive from this part of the state to Ft. Smith, Arkansas where you could spend the night and drive to Mena the next morning and start the Talimena Drive. Coming across the other side will take you into McAlester just about dinner time where there are some fabulous Italian restaurants, and then it's a pretty easy drive back to central Oklahoma.

The middle entrance of Talimena Drive is less than 20 miles from my mother's house, and we drove right by it on this particular trip. We were headed further south to Beaver's Bend State Park for their annual folk festival and craft show. The leaves had literally changed overnight and it was a spectacular sight the entire way. At one point we stopped at scenic turn out to take pictures and that's when it happened...

The turn out was on the opposite side of the road from which we were traveling, so I crossed over and parked on the end closest to me with my car facing the opposite direction I'd been going. We had only taken a few pictures when all of a sudden a Wal-Mart semi comes around the curve in the opposite direction, meaning same side of the road as the turn out, and immediately pulls in.  The route we were traveling is a north south route between Texas and Oklahoma and truckers do travel that route (many trucks have driven right off the side of the mountain over the years), so it wasn't that unusual to see a semi in the middle of the day on a weekday.

My first thought was annoyance because we were trying to take pictures and now there's this giant Wal-Mart billboard right in our view. I was already on alert when I saw him pull in, but I immediately went on a higher level of alert of when a man got out of the cab and started walking straight towards us.  As he walked directly toward us I was tempted to just blatantly (rather than covertly) put my hand on my grip, not caring whether I revealed my M&P or not. I held my cool and didn’t brandish, but I did put my hand on the grip under my shirt tail.

The moment he got out of the cab he lit a cigarette and started walking toward us, looking too friendly (obviously fake) and trying to engage us in conversation by telling us he was from Houston and asking where we lived.  Neither of us responded. As soon as I saw him get out of the cab I started making my way to my car. I was keeping my eyes on him, but I snuck a glance to see where my mother was...she wasn’t too far from the car and was heading back to it. I don't remember if I left the driver's door open when I got out or if I opened it when I got to it, but by this time I was at my car with my back to the opening and the open car door behind me.

I was still watching him and also looking to see where my mother was and hoping she was getting in the car when he walked over to the side of the road, still on his way toward us, scuffed his foot on the ground, looked down at absolutely nothing and said “why do people do this?” in an all too obvious attempt to get us to go over to him (getting away from the about to be safety of the car) and distract us for the side of the head punch as we looked down.  I knew exactly what he was doing so I didn't budge from my position, and much to my relief my mother was now in the car, so all I had to do was sit (since my back was to the inside compartment).  I had already locked my car door as is my habit before I get in, so as soon as I sat down I pulled the locked door shut and did a U-turn back onto the road, leaving Mr. Smiley standing there looking a little bit surprised.  

The more I thought about it later, the more I realized how textbook his actions were.  This man was looking for prey.  He didn’t find it in us.

My mother needs a double knee replacement and uses a cane to walk, and as you all know I don't look scary at all...unless, of course, I turn on the self-defense aggression which I hadn't yet done because my assessment of the situation was that we could get away before he got to us. Flight is always the best option when possible and we were still in the position of being able to flee. Had that changed, had he charged at us, I would have gone straight into my gun stance as I drew my weapon and just dropped him on the spot – in this situation there was neither time nor call for issuing a "STOP!" command because as I tell you in classes, no gentleman is going to approach an isolated woman (such as in a parking lot and surely not on the side of a mountain at an isolated turn out) unless he means her harm. So if this guy had run at us, I was already prepared to I said, I had my hand on my grip from the moment he got out of the truck.

So Mr. Smiley no doubt saw two poor helpless women in an isolated location and thought he had a perfect opportunity to do whatever he wanted. Was he just being friendly? A lonely truck driver who just wanted to chat? Who cares!!! It was inappropriate to stop a big semi with a cab and plenty of privacy to pull a woman inside and do God knows what to her and try to talk to two women alone.

Obviously when we stopped there were no cars in sight (or I wouldn't have stopped in such an isolated place) so this happened very suddenly. I remember almost in slow motion seeing the semi turn the hairpin curve, seeing the driver get a big smile on his face as if to say, "aha!" hearing the airbrakes as he hit them and being very surprised that he had enough time to stop that big rig and get it into that turn out before he passed it. This man was on a mission, and I'm happy to report that it failed.

One of the things I try to accomplish with students in classes is to teach you to think outside of the box. You see, these things don't happen all nice and neat like you see on TV. It happens with surprise, out of the blue..."he came out of nowhere" is what I hear women say over and over again. You must understand that when these things happen you have to have the ability to do several things at once. You're assessing the situation – I see a semi, I see the driver's face, I hear the airbrakes, I see him make the pull in, I see him get out of the cab and start walking straight for us. The second his body came into view I was watching both his body language and his hands, first of all I was looking to see if he had a place for a weapon. He didn't. He was wearing shorts with a button down shirt tucked into the shorts...and since his beer belly was pouring over the top of his shorts I could tell there wasn't room for a gun in his pants. His hands were in plain view, as I said he lit a cigarette as he got out of the cab so he had a cigarette in one hand and a lighter in the other. Now I'm watching his movements, which were a consistent moving toward us. He never once stopped until we got in the car and drove away. He either wasn't smart enough, or was too brazen to understand our body language which was moving away from him. Again, a man who means you no harm is going to probably at least catch on that he's scaring a woman if she starts backing away from him. There are oblivious men (I was married to one!) who wouldn't know he was scaring a woman right up until she shot him, but most men who actually don't mean a woman harm will on some level recognize this behavior and realize he's scaring her and he'll stop. OR he will recognize the behavior and realize she's not an easy target. I've heard about and experienced both situations. If a man in a parking lot, or a roadside turnout, or any other isolated place comes toward a woman and doesn't stop, I can assure you he's not just after friendly chit chat. We must resist the temptation to feel sorry for the poor guy who just wants somebody to talk to him. Trust me ladies, that's not what he's after!

I stress this in my teaching, predators use distraction techniques to lure their prey in. The famous serial killer Ted Bundy, who looked like a handsome male model in many of his photos, used to wear his arm in a sling in order to con women into helping him, and once their guard was down he had them. There's a scene in Silence of the Lambs where the serial killer is struggling to get a love seat in the back of his van in an apartment parking lot, his arm in a sling. A young woman pulls in and heads to her apartment when she sees him struggling. You can see her as she first tries to ignore him and then as he drops the couch she feels sorry for him and goes over. The couch is stuck on something inside the van so she gets up inside the van to move it and the serial killer comes in right behind her, bashing her in the head with the ready made club he has in the fake cast on his arm.

Many of us see a movie like that and we think "it's just a movie" or, "it couldn't happen to me." Why not? Are you prepared to recognize the ruse and resist the temptation? Are you prepared to do several things at once as I detailed above? And by the way, the whole time I was doing all that mentally, I was placing my hand on my grip in case I needed to shoot the guy while moving to my car in case I could still get away while also checking to see where my mother was. See, I wasn't alone so I couldn't only watch out for myself. I didn't do anything every one of you couldn't do, but it does require preparation and training. Twenty years ago I'm not so sure I would have responded the way I did. But I've had a lot more training, and I've met too many women who have been victims of attacks or near attacks, so I know what's out there now, and I know the only way I'll fight it off is by being prepared.

Are you prepared? If there's any doubt, I've designed plenty of classes specifically for women with the sole intent of keeping you from becoming a victim. None of us can afford to remain asleep, thinking it won't happen to us. If it'll happen in the middle of the wilderness on the side of a mountain with the most beautiful scenery around, it'll happen literally anywhere. And as you can see by the local news, it's happening with more and more frequency in the Oklahoma City area.

See, I don't just want to lecture to you about safety, I want you to live in safety. That means preparation, and it means skill. It's skill every woman can acquire, I see to that by the techniques and methods I teach, they are things every woman can do. It's why I do what I do.

One of my students commented that I'm making dangerous women all over Oklahoma City. To that I say, "HOORAY!" It's about time some of these scumbags who think they can attack us find themselves on the losing end. There's absolutely no reason we cannot have the upper's not about brawn, it's about brains, and ladies, we've got that for sure!

Contact me if there's a specific topic you'd like to see addressed in this section.

OKC PD Citizen Alert

Composite Sketches of Rape Suspects

Incident #10-065669

Oklahoma City Police Sex Crimes investigators want to identify two rape suspects (sketches attached). They are wanted for questioning in the August 7th rape of a woman that occurred in south Oklahoma City.

On that day, the victim went inside a convenience store at SE 66th/I35. She forgot to lock her car. When she came back outside, the suspect was waiting for her inside of the vehicle. He forced her at gunpoint to drive to a heavily wooded area nearby.

Another vehicle, driven by the second suspect, pulled up next to them. Over the course of several hours, both men took turns raping the victim. She was eventually able to break free and call for help.

The victim was able to help with the composite sketches of the two suspects. If you recognize either of these men, or have information on the case, contact Crime Stoppers 405-235-7300. Callers to Crime Stoppers can remain anonymous, and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Sgt. Gary Knight

Police warn of holiday car burglaries
December 3, 2010

EDMOND, OK -- Tom Howell was planning to surprise his 9-year old-daughter with a new, white Christmas tree and pink lights. But he made a critical mistake; he left the gift in the SUV parked in the driveway overnight unlocked.

Howell says, "The crook checked the handles, noticed my wife's Avalanche wasn't locked. We'd bought the tree and ornaments. They took that. They then got into my car and got my garage door opener out, went inside while we were asleep in the house."

The intruders ripped off several hundred dollars worth of power tools.

The family had borrowed them to remodel their home for the holidays.

Police say crooks scour neighborhoods like the Howell's during the holidays, looking for easy targets.

According to Edmond Officer James Hamm, "This time of year the burglars live for. When people leave things in their car, the Grinch is going to come by and take your Christmas away."

Authorities suggest never leaving Christmas packages inside your vehicles, especially in plain view.

And It's also important to keep your vehicles locked to avoid being a victim this holiday season.

Real life stories in their own words from students of how they used
something they learned in class to deal with a potential threat
(used by permission)
me your story.

Not Helpless in a Gun Free Zone
by Dee

Where I work, is a weapons free zone, in both locations. On Friday, November 5th I had a parent come in to pick up their child where I work. I asked him for his identification since I had not seen him before. He told me he did not have it, I explained to him that since I have not seen him I would not be able to release the child, the child said to me, Miss Dee, this is my dad. I explained to her that I would need to see his ID; he told me then that he was taking his daughter, and proceeded to walk out of the building with her. I told him that if he walked out the door with her I would call the police, he told me to go ahead.

When he walked out the door, I yelled "stop" to him, he proceeded to his vehicle, I dialed 911, was connected to dispatch, gave a them a description of him, the make & model of the car and the license plate, as well as the description of the child, what she was wearing, etc. He did not leave the facility in his vehicle, but I was ready to follow him in the event he got in his vehicle. I had one of the staff contact my boss and inform him of the situation.

There were three responding officers who came to the facility; I had one of my staff call my boss who came to the facility. The police explained to him that he needed to have his identification when he picked up, and he needed to have his driver’s license with him when he was driving (which he did not have). All this time I had parents coming to pick up their children. I later explained to the parents what had happened and they understood.

I was not scared during this time, my heart was racing like there was no tomorrow, and I kept breathing (just like Tammy said we should do). I was extremely pissed off, that he put his child in this position. The guy bowed up to me trying to intimidate me, it did not work, my staff looked to me to see how I was going to react to this (they are all teenagers all but one are female), I know this definitely showed them that what we practice/talk about in our training sessions works and not to be afraid.

The next day one of my staff said she told her mom about what happened, her mom said what if she was armed, I told her to tell her mom not to worry about that, that I am learning how to handle that situation as well. My male staff member said to me “Miss Dee, we’ve never seen you like this!”

The training that Tammy offers is worth the time everyone puts in. Thank you!


Dee found out first hand that even though she experienced the effects of adrenaline (heart racing) she did not freeze, and this is because she has trained her muscles what to do through adrenalized drills she's done in classes like Between the Threat and the Bang and Everything Else. Her experience also demonstrates that in a potential threatening situation you will have SEVERAL things to think about and deal with at one time – just look at what all she was doing at once within a span of a few seconds.

Dee proved that the training really does work!

Excellent job Miss Dee!


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