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Summer 2011

Back from Summer Break

After teaching the June GDO and SDA class, I took the rest of the summer off and totally blew off the newsletter in June and was too hot to do anything anyway! So I'm calling this the summer newsletter to get back to it. New classes are scheduled (see below) and I'm very excited to announce a brand new class for moms is in the works (see below).

Upcoming Classes

I've scheduled an all women's SDA (conceal carry) class in October and Girls Day Out in September. The SDA class is limited to 12 students and it's already filling up so if you want in on the class, don't delay registering. Also in September is the new Defensive Awareness class. See below for details.

Brand New Class Especially for Moms!

I often have mom's in classes express concern about having a gun in the house with children. So when one of my OPD helpers, Cherise, told me her ideas for a class for mom's I was very excited. Cherise is in the process of writing the class and once we get everything ironed out I'll schedule the class and she'll teach it. Cherise is the single mom of three little ones 8 and under and she has already instilled firearms safety in all three of them. So this, as all OPD classes, will be written and taught by someone who's been there.

I'll post more info in coming newsletters and will announce it when I schedule the class.

Email me if there's something you'd like to see addressed in the class.

New Policy for All Live Fire Classes

It's been a long time coming based on experience and observations over the years I've been teaching firearms classes. I have discussed this in previous newsletters several times, OPD classes are in a series that allows women to advance in skills level by level. Therefore, pre-requisites such as Girls Day Out and Between the Threat and the Bang apply to classes such as Airsoft.

However, it is now a pre-requisite that in order to attend ANY OPD live fire class, including SDA (conceal carry), all students must take Girls Day Out or a private lesson from an OPD instructor. This is for the safety and comfort of students, range safety officers, and instructors. I have found that even (perhaps especially) those who have some experience shooting rarely understand appropriate safety protocol and basic handling...which makes sense because they've not had a formal class that teaches it. When instructors and safety officers spend most of their time watching and correcting a few students who don't know this protocol, the rest of the class suffers. When these students exhibit marginal safety, students and staff alike are stressed. This is contradictory to OPD's mission (see below).

Too many people just want to get their carry license and have no interest in further training. For those people, there are plenty of places that simply teach the class so that you can get the license. However, OPD is about preparing women with their own education to actually defend themselves, thus the series of classes which build one upon another.

This policy is posted on the SDA page as well as the classes page of the website.

Terrorism Alert

from the August issue of Journal of Counter Terrorism & Homeland Security International
published by the International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals (IACSP)
Jerusalem, Israel

The Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 is Coming Soon

Stay vigilant! Terrorists like to attack on anniversary dates. If you see something say something. If you see suspicious activity, please report it to your local police department. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911. We need your support and eyes. Thank you. IACSP

Financial Aid for Classes

No one will be turned away from Oklahoma Personal Defense training because they cannot afford a class. If you need assistance, please contact me.

Oklahoma Personal Defense (OPD) is a personal defense academy committed to the empowerment of women through their own personal defense education. OPD protects the dignity and comfort of women by providing a safe, secure environment in which they can learn without the stress of intimidation. Classes are developed by its founder and lead instructor, Tammy Pinkston, specifically with the needs of average women in mind.  Focusing on firearms training, OPD tactics and techniques are practical and doable for all women. Class helpers are women who have been students of OPD, learned the techniques, and expressed a desire to help other women learn. OPD was formed in response to the tremendous volume of women seeking their own personal defense training.

Glossary of Acronyms

Below are a few terms you may encounter in these newsletters and other publications regarding self-defense

BOLO – Be On the Lookout
LEO – Law Enforcement Officer
RSO – Range Safety Officer
SDA – Self-Defense Act
GDO – Girls Day Out
BTB – Between the Threat and the Bang
OPD – Oklahoma Personal Defense

Seen an abbreviation you don't know? Send it to me

A Success Story

A new student, Jamie, wrote on her SDA registration form that she was going to take her conceal carry class with a revolver. I Emailed her and told her it was a good idea to take it with a semi-auto as it qualifies you to carry either a semi-auto or a revolver. She wrote back that she'd shot her husband's 9mm Glock many times and handled it well but she couldn't operate the slide...she also struggled with loading the magazine. Therefore, she felt she had to take her class with a revolver. I asked to her wait and decide after Girls Day Out. In GDO I teach students proper grasp of the slide and my hold-push technique and then I let them try it on my M&P. To Jamie's amazement (not mine) she had no problem operating the slide. When I got to the part of the class where students see and try the UpLula she was so thrilled she had a fellow student video her loading a magazine and sent it to her husband. I was celebrating with her when I got this Email after class:


My husband picked up the UpLula for me yesterday!  I practiced on his Glock and had absolutely no problems with the slide!  He couldn't figure out why it was like night and day!  Maybe I was a little more confident!  Thanks!  Looking forward to Saturday!


Jamie represents the average woman who mistakenly thinks she's limited...when in reality the sky is the limit. The key is women specific techniques, which makes all the difference in the world because yes, we are different than men!

Jamie shooting my M&P .40 after the June SDA class

Q: Hi Tammy,

I probably should have asked this months ago as we started hitting 100 degrees. But since I don't carry outside the house often, it kept slipping my mind. Is there any risk to leaving ammo in the car with the high temps we've been having? Any chance of it exploding just due to the temps that it reaches inside the car.... whether it's in a box or loaded in the handgun... would that also make a differ



A: Hi Cyndi,

No, it won’t go off in a hot car, the temps it would require are too extreme.  Basically the only way for a bullet to go off in normal conditions is for the firing pin to hit the end of the casing. I read on a gun forum that Mythbusters tested this and I found in searching their website that they put loose bullets into an open fire and also into an oven and when hot enough they went off, but not with lethal force (they need the barrel for that). Then they put a loaded gun in an oven and when it was hot enough, it went off with lethal force. So I think unless you plan to put your gun into your oven and heat it to say 500 degrees you'll be quite alright to have guns and ammo in your car.

Now pepper spray will explode in a hot car so never leave your pepper spray in the car in the summer.


Send me your questions.

Defensive Awareness
Sept. 15th from 6 pm to 9 pm
Earl's BBQ

This class is more than situational awareness, it's tactics and techniques on how to keep yourself safe while out and about. The class focuses on things women may not have even thought of that will give them the upper hand in their surroundings.

This class is on a Thursday evening from 6 pm to 9 pm at Earl's. Dinner is not provided but I have the room reserved starting at 5 so that anyone who wants to come early and have dinner together, or just come shoot the breeze, can do so...this is a discussion based class (no drills) so students can eat while the class is going on if they don't get there early enough to eat between 5 and start of class at 6. Register

Girls Day Out
Sept. 17th, from 10 am to 4 pm
Earl's BBQ
$45.00, includes lunch

This class helps you prepare for the conceal carry class and to become more comfortable with carrying your gun after you've taken the class. The class teaches you how to safely handle a gun, how to choose the right gun for you, and how to carry it once you have your gun.

Special speaker TBA, check the Schedule page as I'll post it as soon as I get it solidified.

A lot of women come to Girls Day Out in groups because it's a whole lot of fun to do together! Register

Oklahoma SDA (conceal carry) Women Only
October 1st from 9 am to 6 pm

This is the class to get the required certificate to apply for your Oklahoma conceal carry license. This is NOT a beginner level class, you MUST be able to handle your gun unassisted, and demonstrate 100% safety, in order to pass the class. Girls Day Out or a private lesson from an OPD instructor is required to attend this class at OPD. I highly recommend Girls Day Out as it specifically helps prepare you for the SDA class. Register

Refresher Classes: If you've already attended a class, you may take the class again to
work on your skills for
a discounted rate. Look for Refresher Courses on the registration page.

Continuing with introductions of the OPD helper pool via a short bio and other contributions...

In the last newsletter I posted the bio of Denise Hughes, included below. Denise will be apprenticing as Range Safety Officer in the upcoming SDA class.

In this newsletter I'm adding the bios of Dee Cope and Cherise Barsaloux. Cherise apprenticed as Range Safety Officer for the June SDA class for those of you who attended and may want to know more about your RSO. Also in this newsletter Dee is the student story, and Cherise has a blurb about the new mom's classes in the works. Watch for the remaining OPD helper bios next month.

Dee Cope, OPD Helper

I have been married for 20 years, I have one son, a daughter-in-law, I am a Gammy (grandma) to a 3 year old grandson and have another grandbaby on the way.  

My interests include: quilting, scrapbooking, leatherworking, riding my scooter, card making, and of course shooting, I really love the new way to shoot my shotgun that Tammy taught us recently!

I became interested in being an OPD helper to expand my knowledge.  I felt it was a great
way to keep learning and to help others to continue learn.  I believe you can always learn, especially
when you are helping others.  I have been shooting between 2-3 years and I know that I have a lot more to learn.  I did not grow up with guns in the house, at least not until my parents were divorced.  Then my mom became an armed security officer in Las Vegas.  She carried a 357 revolver.

I too, noticed that there was an increasing amount of violent crimes happening.  I felt that it was time to get a gun and learn to use it.  I took a private lesson at a gun range by a male instructor.  He taught males, not many females.  I felt very intimated and said to my husband I wish there was someone that taught females.  The next thing I knew, he found OPD and I signed up for a class, as they say the rest is history.  I feel very comfortable in the classes, there is no intimidation factor in any of Tammy’s classes.  The number one rule always is SAFETY, and I appreciate that.


Cherise Barsaloux, OPD Helper

Cherise began training at Oklahoma Personal Defense in order to develop her confidence and proficiency with handguns when she first became interested in recreational shooting, but soon recognized the value of firearms in personal defense.  Of particular interest to her is assisting mothers who have an interest in keeping firearms safely and responsibly for personal and/or home defense, and instructing children about how to stay safe when they encounter a gun.  Cherise is an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.

Denise Hughes, OPD Helper

Denise has been shooting for about a year now. Prior to her attendance at Girls Day Out in February 2010, she had never given shooting in general and for personal defense in particular much of a thought. Not having been raised around guns and shooters, Denise had a fear of firearms and the thought of shooting them made her extremely uneasy.  But after attending GDO, she began to realize the importance of putting her safety into her own hands.  Shortly after the class she purchased a S&W 9mm and began going to the range. She very quickly discovered that the fear and unease started to decrease and that confidence took its place.  She still has a lot to learn but is excited about helping other women reach a place of security and self-reliance through OPD training.

Denise holds a certificate as a Range Safety Officer.

New Class for Moms

Any mother knows that curious children find ways, in spite of her best efforts, to get to the things they want.  If what the child wants is a gun, the consequences could be deadly.  Whether you own a firearm or just want to be sure your child is safe while she's out and about, this class will prepare you to safely keep firearms in a home where children are present as well as guide you in equipping your child to respond appropriately wherever she might encounter a firearm.

Cherise Barsaloux

The below are from recent Email posts from my teacher and friend, John Farnam, of Defense Training International. If you're not already subscribed to John's Email list, I highly recommend it...he'll keep you informed on what's going on around the country and world, and provide invaluable training information and insights. To subscribe, just send him an Email – tell him I sent you! Posted by permission.

19 Aug 11

UK, Israel, and the USA, paraphrased from a correspondent:

"The unavoidable effect an armed citizenry has on all would-be rulers is the unrelenting fear of being deposed by force. It has naught to do with crime nor criminals. 'Crime' is just a diversion, designed to deflect conversation about the real issue.

It invariably leads to situations such as the current deplorable state of affairs in Great Britain. Even today, British royalty vividly remembers their counterparts in Russia being overthrown and ultimately murdered by Bolsheviks! Thus, the British government casually admits that it cannot defend its subjects, but, in the same breath, steadfastly prohibits subjects from defending themselves. Their very bodies are thus expendable, property of the Crown. British subjects today are no more 'free' than Russian serfs in the time of the Czars!

A brilliant point of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is the phrase: "... government of the people, by the people, for the people." In modern political science, there is no universal agreement on the meaning of the term "government," but there are commonly accepted indicators. One is a "monopoly of
force." So, to the extent that people of any nation are allowed to keep and bear arms, government by the people continues to exist. Absent private arms, it can be said that there is government 'of' the people, and perhaps even 'for' the people (in a case of a 'benevolent dictator'), but there is certainly no government by the people.

Israel, and even the USA, are currently working their way toward the British model, and for the same reason: politicians who fear the citizenry, more than respect it. So, when citizens fail to demand their natural rights, they have nothing to cry about when soldiers aren't around, and terrorists are!"

"The only power any government has is the power to crack-down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But, just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed, nor enforced, nor objectively interpreted, and you create a nation of law-breakers, and then cash-in on 'guilt.'"

Ayn Rand

Dtiquips mailing list
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10 Aug 11

First-hand report on UK riots, from a friend there:

"Ordinary folks here are utterly, and hopelessly, defenseless in the face of mob violence. Our doltish public policy of never fighting back, under any circumstances, that is so inexorably ingrained into the British mind, is
currently serving us poorly!

Even LEOs here are scared to death of any kind of aggressive, active policing. These excellent men and women are denigrated, even prosecuted, when they do, and murdered when they don't!

Mob violence has already spread to the Southeast outside of London, the West of the Country, and North into the Midlands.

Parliament meets in an extraordinary 'special' session today. I look forward to hearing at least a few good members say, out loud, that it is now time to re-arm our police and allow citizens to arm themselves, and to stop
punishing people for fighting back, or for merely trying to keep from being murdered!

Of course, I am not holding my breath. I understand our politicians are all safe and sound."

Comment: It is obvious to me that, as national economics continue to deteriorate throughout debt-ridden Western Civilization, we'll see more such mass rioting and mob violence, particularly since, at least in the UK, so little risk attaches to participating.

"Learn, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed"

Pope Julius III

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10 Aug 11

It is happening here too!

These comments, paraphrased from several correspondents:

"Mob violence, mostly racial, is currently erupting in rotting, dysfunctional urban areas on this side of the Atlantic too, like Detroit, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Milwaukee.

And, it's becoming increasingly difficult for the liberal media to maintain their embargo on news!

Chickens, set-out sixty years ago, are coming home to roost. Here, we call them 'entitlements.' Expectations have grown far beyond anyone's ability to satisfy, even with endless borrowing (read that: 'thievery') form
yet-unborn generations.

A large segment of Western Civilization is willfully, permanently unproductive, and has come to believe that they deserve to be paid, and paid well, for merely existing! And, it is their votes that are actively 'courted'
(read that: 'purchased') by Liberals.

Anybody not see this?"


Modern politicians, there and here, elected largely by the this ever-dependant, non-contributing class, predictably consist of flunkeys, drunks, cowards, posers, fashion-mongers, time-servers, and part-time pimps.

Their audiences are not much better!

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– of or pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired end or temporary advantage; showing adroit planning; aiming at an end beyond the immediate action. From the Greek word taktikós.

Elderly Couple Attacked In OKC Home Invasion

UPDATE: Police have arrested seven of the suspects, who are all teenagers, on complaints of robbery and aggravated assault and battery. They believe they have arrested all the suspects involved in this crime.

Xin Xin Liu,

OKLAHOMA CITY – An elderly couple living in Oklahoma City was attacked during a home invasion on July 28, Oklahoma City police reported.

At 5:46 a.m., police received a call about a home invasion at the couple's house, located on Ranchwood Manor Dr. As police arrived, they found one of the victims lying in the front yard, and the other one inside the house.

According to the police report, at around 4 a.m. that day, the victims heard the doorbell rang so they answered the door. A man told them that he had gotten into a car accident and needed to use their phone. The man pushed his way inside the house when the victims opened the door, and put a black handgun in one of the victim's mouth.

The victims say six more men forced their way into the house and started asking for money. The men kicked both of the victims in their stomach, tied them up, and started searching the house for valuable items for about half an hour.

The men took the victims' 2004 Chevy Impala, a wallet that contains $70 in cash and some checks. After the suspects left, one of the victims crawled out of the house and yelled their neighbor's name for help. The neighbor later contacted the police.

Both of the victims were treated by EMSA at the scene for minor injuries.

Watch Video from KFOR

Another senseless vicious attack. Folks, if your doorbell rings in the middle of the night, it means something bad is about to happen. I don't even answer my door during the day unless it's someone I'm expecting and I know personally. Did you read the opening sentence? Seven TEENS...those of you who have taken my classes, especially Between the Threat and the Bang, know that I emphasize your attacker may look like a child (they are not children, they're hardened criminals) so you must be prepared. Ladies, the correct response does not come naturally...if it did, we wouldn't keep reading these home invasion stories of people answering the door!

Woman Sexually Assaulted In Parking Lot In The Village

Posted: Jul 29, 2011 11:02 AM
LaShauna Sewell,

THE VILLAGE, Oklahoma -- The Village Police Department is searching for a sexual assault suspect who attacked a woman in a store parking lot.

A woman says on July 18, she went to the Walgreen's at 2100 W. Britton Road. She says while she was in the parking lot, a man pulled up in an extended cab pickup truck. He motioned for the victim to approach the vehicle.

When the woman walked to the passenger's side, the man said something that she couldn't hear. She says when she walked to the driver's side to better hear him, the man opened the door and grabbed her. She says he pulled her into a tight hug and began rubbing his hands all over her body.

The woman says while the man groped her, he encouraged her to get in his truck. She says when she refused the man became angry, climbed back into his vehicle and drove away. The victim says the incident lasted about five minutes.

Surveillance cameras at Walgreen's captured video of the incident and of the suspect's vehicle. Police have released a photo of it. It's a 2003 to 2005 tan, Chevrolet extended cab pickup. It was pulling a concrete mixer.

The victim described the man as Hispanic, anywhere from 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall, with short black or brown hair. He was clean shaven and wearing a dirty silver or brown shirt, brown work boots, and navy uniform pants. Police worked with the victim's description and have released a composite sketch of the suspect. Anyone with any information about the suspect is asked to call Det. Ron Morrow at (405) 751-9569.

The Village police originally thought the man in the sketch looked similar to the suspect sketch created after a rape at Lake Hefner on June 21. The suspect in that case raped a teenage girl at Stars and Stripes Park. The victim in the Walgreen's case looked at the composite drawing from the earlier assault and did not think it was the same man. The Village police conferred with Oklahoma City police and agreed it was not the same man.

I cannot express in words just how very frustrated reading something like this makes me. I very specifically teach about this exact scenario in Between the Threat and the Bang, I tell women in that and several other classes that this is what's called an "interview" – bad guy is either testing you to see if you're an easy target or attempting to lure you to his domain. Note that it took 11 days for this to be reported to the public. In June a Hispanic male, an illegal alien, sexually assaulted several mentally disabled young women at the thrift store where they work (read story). During the time of the assault in July there was a rape (noted in the article above) in a nearby park. I'm sure, though, as mentioned above, it wasn't the same person.

COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! Do you see the pattern here? If we get the news, it's so late that many other crimes have happened in the meantime and then we're told not to worry because the incidents aren't related.

Let me just make it very simple because there is, in fact, a very simple solution. Bad guy attacks you for whatever reason (grope, rape, burglary) in whatever manner (at work, on the streets, in your house) and you kill him dead right then and there. He won't do it again, now, will he?

And you know what, enough of that starts getting around and bad guys will start thinking twice before they attack an Oklahoman! I for one am sick of hearing about criminals running free in the streets to do what the hell ever they want to do while we sit idly by and let them do it. I'm not talking about vigilantism, I'm talking about self-defense. I don't have to go after anyone, but buddy if someone comes after me I will not hesitate to take care of myself.

But as is noted again and again ad nauseam even in the news reports we read and watch, self-defense does not come naturally, it is not instinctive, if it was nobody would be attacked!!! Get the training ladies, it's right here in your own town, NOBODY has to be a victim of another who thinks they're entitled to take what you have (your money, your life, your freedom), but the only way to stop them is for you to stop them when they do it. Learn how to do that.

Contact me if there's a specific topic you'd like to see addressed in this section.

This is an actual ad from a national "personal defense" magazine.

Let me see a show of hands, who among you would like to use a Koosh ball on steroids against the seven teens who force their way into your home at 4:00 a.m. and jam a gun with real bullets in it in your mouth? This is beyond absurd, this is just evil. Yes, I said evil because that's what's behind such a ludicrous idea as this. What this is is more benefits to the criminals and trust me, they already have plenty of perpetuating crime, getting arrested (maybe), and then getting out in a few days/weeks/months to do it again. Evil is when everything is backwards, it's when things operate contrary to divine establishment and criminals run things while law abiding citizens are helpless victims. This insults my intelligence and I hope yours as well. Trust me, you want real bullets, and if you're concerned about a conventional slug or 00 buckshot going through walls, come to my next shotgun class and learn the facts about shotgun ammo – trust me, a rubber bullet is not the answer.

Ladies, if you'd like to be even more offended, click here to see this ad's companion ad...I actually have a folder titled "Offensive Ads" full of ads I cut out of national, upstanding firearms magazines which portray women as scantily clad bimbos doing almost everything with a firearm but seriously defending herself...the companion ad is one of the more offensive ones I've seen. Be sure to click the picture for the full size of the photo.

Real life stories in their own words from students
of how they used
something they learned in class
(used by permission)
me your story.

Another Side of Unawareness


I wanted to tell you about something that happened recently.
My husband and I were out at a club meeting recently at a local establishment.  We were sitting close to the restrooms actually.  We heard a woman scream from the women’s bathroom, no one did anything, even from the establishment.  I got up and cautiously pushed open the bathroom door, another female (there was only a couple of females in the group) from group at the other end of the table also got up when she saw me get up and head that way.  When I pushed open the door to the women’s bathroom, there were two women standing by the door who were yelling & screaming at each other.  I had my hand on my pepper spray, positioned myself with my right side (as I was carrying) away from them, the other woman (from the table was right behind me on the left holding the door open, the entire table was looking our way watching).  I asked them what was going on & if they were ok, they said they were just messing around.  
They had no concept that they raised concern by the yelling and screaming.  I told them that when our table heard that we came to investigate to see what was going on.  They acted like it was no big deal, and walked out.  Very frustrating.  
When we got back to the table, the rest of the group asked what was going on, so I had to explain. They all said they were acting like a bunch of elementary girls in the bathroom.  I told them my elementary girls don’t act like that, maybe middle or high school girls.
Anyway I wanted to share this with you.


Miss Dee was brave going in to check on what sounded like a woman in she aptly noted, no one did anything. This is very typical of today's society, you even see vicious crimes caught on tape with people walking by doing nothing. I'm not sure I would have gone in to investigate, I more likely would have called 911 but that's just me. This is one of those personal decisions. The point Dee makes here is a good one, not only did nobody do anything around her, but the "girls" in the bathroom were oblivious to their part....has anybody heard the story of the boy who cried wolf? Obviously these little girls had not. Let's hope they don't ever need real help.


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