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April 2011

Shotgun Class

I have exactly one (1) spot left in the April 16th shotgun class...I have already closed registration, but if you want that last spot, Email me – the first person who Emails me they want the spot gets it...

Upcoming Classes

There are several classes scheduled in the next few months (see Schedule page). If you haven't noticed the pattern, I try to go through the entire cycle so students have a chance to advance level by level rather than hit & miss training. As I've expressed in previous newsletters, this advancement is why some classes have pre-requisite requirements, and it's why I hold certain classes before others (like BTB before Airsoft).

Defensive Awareness – I've had to change the dates of the Defensive Awareness classes to Thursday, April 14th in Shawnee and Thursday, May 12th at Earl's. This is not your typical situational awareness class...recently I mentioned it to a woman who said,
"Oh, I already know all that, how to look under my car in the parking lot and stuff..." Well, first of all, that's a gimmick – stop and think about how likely it is someone can fit under your car and even if they do, how quickly can they get out to attack you? Worst of all, by bending over to look under your car you are putting yourself in a most vulnerable position (perhaps it was a criminal who started this gimmick). No, this class, as with all my classes, covers actual real self-defense tactics! For example, what do you do if some idiot tries holsters on with his LOADED gun while sitting in his car in the Bass Pro parking lot and you are in the vicinity when the gun "goes off" (you know, miraculously all by itself)? Now that's information you can really use, and it's just the kind of information I will teach in this new class.

SDA – I've scheduled the next women only SDA (conceal carry) class on Saturday, June 18th at the range in Pink. Girls Day Out is highly recommended prior to SDA, the next GDO is Saturday, May 7th.

Note: All classes now have registration deadlines. Each time I hold a class, much preparation and planning is involved including purchasing supplies, printing & preparing handouts, and scheduling building space. I cannot cancel or change a class at the last minute if there aren't enough signed up for the class as it effects people outside of OPD. I have always had a deadline on SDA classes to give myself time to do the class paperwork, but I also now have deadlines for all classes.

More Media Coverage

OPD will be featured in a magazine in the Shawnee area which goes to 25,000 homes and businesses – it comes out this week (probably Wednesday) so don't delay signing up for whatever classes you're interested in as they will fill up quickly once the magazine hits.

Speaking Engagements

This month I have the opportunity to speak to 150 or so junior high girls at a metro middle school. This came about as the result of a parent (one of my students) who spoke to her daughter's school counselor and said young girls really need to start learning some defensive tactics. I'll be talking to the girls about how to be aware of their surroundings, aggressive posturing and vocal commands, Krav Maga break away techniques, and things they can do with their person (hands & feet) to fight off an attacker. As always, the key is spotting and warding off a threat before it becomes an attack. In March I spoke to a sorority group at UCO, and this month I'll also be speaking to a church women's group. Speaking engagements are not full classes, but rather an introduction to personal defense and OPD classes. Email me if you'd like me to speak to your group.

Financial Aid for Classes

No one will be turned away from Oklahoma Personal Defense training because they cannot afford a class. If you need assistance, please contact me.

Click the button on the left and input the amount of your choice if you'd like to help women who may not be able to pay attend a class. Funds are kept in a separate account and used when help is needed. Contact me for more information.

Oklahoma Personal Defense (OPD) is a personal defense academy committed to the empowerment of women through their own personal defense education. OPD protects the dignity and comfort of women by providing a safe, secure environment in which they can learn without the stress of intimidation. Classes are developed by its founder and lead instructor, Tammy Pinkston, specifically with the needs of average women in mind.  Focusing on firearms training, OPD tactics and techniques are practical and doable for all women. Class helpers are women who have been students of OPD, learned the techniques, and expressed a desire to help other women learn. OPD was formed in response to the tremendous volume of women seeking their own personal defense training.

40 and 8's Nurses Poker Run Fundraiser
Saturday, April 30th

650 E. 45th Street, Shawnee

40 and 8 is the organization that owns the building in Shawnee where I've been holding classes – it's a wonderful big building that's perfect for OPD classes. Many of its members have passed on, but I've gotten to know the two guys who work diligently to keep the operation going.

When I first met Jesse and Rob, they told me about the fundraiser they hold each year to raise money to help pay college tuition for young ladies going to nursing school at Seminole Junior College. That fundraiser is coming up and I want to invite everyone to come out.


This is a "run" that starts from the building at 11:00 a.m. with the first one out, and ends with the last one back to the building at 5:00 p.m. Participants will travel a nearby route where they'll make three stops to pick up playing cards – prizes will be awarded for the high and low hand, and there will be various items (including a hand made quilt) you can buy chances on throughout the day. I've heard there may even be food involved! I know it will be a lot of fun, and
it's for a worthwhile cause!

Rob says participants typically drive motorcycles, but they're not picky, you can travel by car, helicopter or horse!

Entry fee is $15 for the driver and $5 for the passenger.

What is the Forty and Eight?
(from their website)

The Forty & Eight was founded in 1920 by American veterans returning from France. Originally an arm of The American Legion, the Forty & Eight became an independent and separately incorporated veteran's organization in 1960. Membership is by invitation to ALL honorably discharged veterans and honorably serving members of the United States Armed Forces.

The Forty & Eight is committed to charitable and patriotic aims. Our purpose is to uphold and defend the United States Constitution, to promote the well being of veterans and their widows and orphans, and to actively participate in selected charitable endeavors, which include programs that promote child welfare and nurse's training.

The titles and symbols of the Forty & Eight reflect its First World War origins. Americans were transported to the battle front on French trains within boxcars stenciled with a “40/8”, denoting its capacity to hold either forty men or eight horses. This uncomfortable mode of transportation was familiar to all who fought in the trenches; a common small misery among American soldiers who thereafter found “40/8” a lighthearted symbol of the deeper service, sacrifice and unspoken horrors of war that bind all who have borne the battle.

Recent Airsoft Class

We had a very successful and enjoyable Airsoft class a week ago Saturday. This is a really fun yet informative class, the warm up drills include knocking down aluminum cans, shooting a couple different target boards, and then we evolve to shooting SD with paintball BBs. Finally, students draw from concealment, come on target, and shoot a mock attacker running toward them. This is a continuation of Between the Threat and the Bang where students learn to turn on aggressive posturing and voice to hopefully stop a threat. Airsoft (BTB-2) adds the component of pressing the trigger after turning on the aggression if the attacker doesn't stop.

Here are three videos taken in the class as students progressed through the drills (click photos to watch). In the first video (right) you can hear a very aggressive "STOP!" but notice how close I am to Lynn before she gets her first shot off. I've said it many times, I am not built for speed, a real attacker who can move fast and is hopped up on drugs could get there a whole lot quicker than I do. The beginning of these drills is when it really hits home for students that self-defense with a firearm doesn't come automatically, and just having the license to carry does not make you safe. Without real life scenario practice, the sobering fact is most people will not be able to get their gun out in time.

In this video, Louise is a little hard to hear as she has a soft voice, but the entire time she's drawing she's telling me to goes like this, "I said stop!" BANG! "I said stop!" BANG! Grant it the bang is a pop because it's Airsoft, but you get the point. She safely draws, comes on target, and shoots me twice with the Airsoft long before I get to her.

In this scene, Dee gives me a firm "STOP!" command accompanied by aggressive posturing learned in BTB, she then places her left hand on her chest (proper safe draw protocol), draws her gun (finger in register), comes on target, fires two shots and her finger immediately goes back to register position as I've stopped because she shot me. Notice before she reholsters she takes a big look around to see if there are any more bad guys. Then she safely reholsters, finger still in register.

By the end of the class, all of the students had learned to do this and all were shooting the mock attacker long before we got to them. I teach why this is so important in Between the Threat and the Bang, and below in Tactical Ponderings I go into more detail about the importance of stopping someone before they get too close.

More photos from the class

Q: Hi Tammy,

I have a question, the gun I'm used to shooting is a .380, and recently I shot a 45 XDM Springfield.  I was accurate, but here is what I encountered. A short while after shooting, about 35-40 rounds, I noticed the outside of both thumbs were sore to touch.  My grip was tight, my husband said the gun jumped about 4" up when I pulled the trigger.   I kept my thumbs high.  The slide did not cut or pinch me.  So with that little information, what the heck did I do?????


A: Hi Mary,

When you say the gun jumped about 4” up, did your grip remain tight on the gun or did the gun itself jump in your hands? Did you have to readjust your grip every time or did the gun stay firm in your hands and you readjusted your sight picture?  

It’s normal for your arms to move up with recoil but it’s not good for your hands to move or the gun to move in your hands.  But if the gun didn’t move in your hands and your whole arms shock absorber moved (as we talked about in Airsoft class Saturday) it could simply be that you shot 35-40 rounds of a hefty caliber and your poor little thumbs weren’t calloused enough for that yet.  Yep, could be that simple.


Reply from Mary:

The gun, hands and arms all moved up  about 4".  I did not have to readjust my hands. The first few shots were dead on in the upper chest area.  I am glad to hear it's just my  "Baby Soft Thumbs"!  WOW - I don't think I like hefty caliber weapons! Mary

A: Hi Mary,

Well, if your shots were on target, and you did not have to readjust your hands, then obviously your technique was spot on (which is what I've observed from you).  So, yes, it was soft hands.  But that’s not unusual.  .45 caliber does, as you learned, have a good kick.  I’ve shot a lot of .45s on many occasions but I don’t think I’ve ever put 35-40 rounds through a .45 in one session.  It’s something you’d have to build up stamina for.

And this is why I really like 9mm, it has even less felt recoil than the .380, so you can shoot it for quite awhile without it starting to hurt...eventually any caliber will cause fatigue, which is why I tell students (and myself) that if you’ve been shooting well and after awhile you start having trouble with jams or hitting your target, you’re probably fatigued so time to quit for the day.  Remember, we don’t have the upper body strength men do.  Which is another reason why what works wonderfully well for men doesn’t always work wonderfully well for women....45 caliber for example.  It's certainly a self-defense caliber, and very nice in 1911 format, but you have less bullets and greater recoil (kick), which means more energy to keep it on target and less bullets to do what you need to do.  Men will argue that the bigger hole takes care of it faster. Maybe, maybe not...depends on a lot of factors, such as shot placement and condition of the attacker (on drugs or not). But yes, you may be able to stop an attacker faster with a .45 than you can with a 9mm...if you hit where you intend to, which is harder to do with greater recoil. This is yet another example of something men don’t think about that doesn’t affect them like it does us. And this is why it's so important for women to find a gun that works well for her, including one pleasant enough for her to practice with!


Send me your questions.

Defensive Awareness
April 14th from 6 pm to 9 pm

This class is more than situational awareness, it's tactics and techniques on how to keep yourself safe while out and about. The class focuses on things women may not have even thought of that will give them the upper hand in their surroundings. Register

Gun Cleaning 101
April 23rd
9 am to 12 pm
Women Only
1 pm to 4 pm

Learn how to properly clean and lube your handgun, a crucial component in keeping your gun operational. This class covers the supplies you need, how often you need to clean your gun, and the best way to clean it. Students will learn how to take down (field strip) their gun in class so that they can do it on their own at home.

This is a terrific way to get to know your gun.

Note: Please specify which class (mixed or women's) you want to attend in "instructions to merchant" during check out. Register

Girls Day Out
May 7th, from 10 am to 4 pm
Earl's BBQ
$45.00, includes lunch

This class helps you prepare for the conceal carry class and to become more comfortable with carrying your gun after you've taken the class. The class teaches you how to safely handle a gun, how to choose the right gun for you, and how to carry it once you have your gun.

Special speaker TBA, check the Schedule page as I'll post it as soon as I get it solidified.

A lot of women come to Girls Day Out in groups because it's a whole lot of fun to do together! I already have mother/daughter groups signed up for this class. Register

Defensive Awareness
May 12th from 6 pm to 9 pm

This class is more than situational awareness, it's tactics and techniques on how to keep yourself safe while out and about. The class focuses on things women may not have even thought of that will give them the upper hand in their surroundings.

This class is on a Thursday evening from 6 pm to 9 pm at Earl's. Dinner is not provided but I have the room reserved starting at 5 so that anyone who wants to come early and have dinner together, or just come shoot the breeze, can do so...this is a discussion based class (no drills) so students can eat while the class is going on if they don't get there early enough to eat between 5 and start of class at 6. Register

Between the Threat and the Bang
May 28th, from 9 am to 12:00 pm
$45.00, includes lunch

This class identifies and teaches several steps that can and should occur between the time a woman feels threatened and the time she may need to draw a gun in self-defense. Students practice situational awareness, posturing and commanding, and ultimately drawing from a holster.

Training guns and holsters will be provided for drawing from concealment drills. Register

Double Class Discount – Anyone who wants to attend both Between the Threat and the Bang and Everything Else choose Double Class Discount on the Registration page for $10 off.

And Everything Else
May 28th, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
$45.00, includes lunch

This class teaches students to use kubotans (keychain mini-baton), hands, flashlights, pens, canes/walking sticks, and common everyday items for those times when you cannot carry a gun.

If you're thinking, "I don't need a cane, why would I carry one?" Well, are you going to the courthouse and don't want to be "defenseless" when you come out to the parking lot (since you have to disarm)? Are you going on a plane and you can't carry any weapon? I'm going to show you how to take down one or more attackers with a wooden cane (see pics from the first class)...which of course you can carry right into a courthouse or onto a plane because it's not a weapon.

There will be times you simply can not carry a gun – you do NOT need to feel defenseless during those times! This class will empower you to protect yourself with everyday items. Register

Double Class Discount – Anyone who wants to attend both Between the Threat and the Bang and Everything Else choose Double Class Discount on the Registration page for $10 off.

Oklahoma SDA (conceal carry) Women Only
June 18th from 9 am to 6 pm


This is the class to get the required certificate to apply for your Oklahoma conceal carry license. This is NOT a beginner level class, you MUST be able to handle your gun unassisted, and demonstrate 100% safety, in order to pass the class. If you are unsure of your ability to do so, I highly recommend you attend Girls Day Out as this class specifically helps prepare you for the SDA class.

Refresher Classes: If you've already attended a class, you may take the class again to
work on your skills for
a discounted rate. Look for Refresher Courses on the registration page.

Gift Certificates Available

Looking for a unique gift for the women in your life? Give her the gift of personal defense training. More info...

(From evaluations after class...)

Gun Cleaning 101

What did you learn that you didn't know before?

More comfortable taking a semi-automatic apart
How to strip the gun and what all the different parts looked like and how they work
Entire process
How to field strip and clean my gun correctly and safely
I feel more confident taking apart and putting my gun back together
Parts of a pistol

What did you like most about the class?

Field stripping and putting the gun back together. It was neat to get it back to working after I stripped it and cleaned it.
Easy instructions
Getting all the gunk out of my gun and knowing how to do it over and over again
The hands on experience
Instructor patient and very knowledgeable
Taking my gun apart finally

Girls Day Out

What did you learn that you didn't know before?

How to hold the gun, rack the gun easier, use and see the UpLULA, holsters and other uses for concealment.
Stance and grip were helpful info; almost everything was new info for me.
I don’t really know much about guns in the first place, so I learned a lot today.
How to pick a gun that fits my personality and hand.
I learned to hold my gun more accurately and stance.
Pretty much everything from proper stance and holding a gun to ways of carrying.  I really enjoyed the class and look forward to taking more.
How to hold a gun correctly and safety.
Proper handling.

What did you like most about the class?

Individual instruction and interaction with other students.
Being able to ask questions with only females present.
Hands on learning, and women only atmosphere.
Learning about how to handle guns.
All of it.
Good learning environment – comfortable to be taught by a woman.
The material covered was relevant to the subject.  It wasn’t a monotone speaker and a slideshow and handout of what’s on the screen.  It was fun and informative.  I will definitely be referring other women, including my mom and sister.
Hands on activities.
The tips in the handout!  But all of the info was great!

– of or pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired end or temporary advantage; showing adroit planning; aiming at an end beyond the immediate action. From the Greek word taktikós.

Date: 4/5/2011                
Subject: In-Custody Death    

Incident #11-024472

Deceased: Johnson, Demetrius O. (B/M, DOB: 8/18/1972) of Oklahoma City

Involved Officers:
Officer Bradley Dunn (4 years of service)
Sgt. Scott Blankenship (12 years of service)
Sgt. Bryan Bartels (6 years of service)
Officer Joshua Minner (2 years of service)
Lt. Trevor Taylor (12 years of service)
Sgt. Matthew Morrison (12 years of service)

On 4/4/2011 at approximately 7:25 p.m., Officer Brad Dunn made a traffic stop near the intersection of NW 17th and St. Clair Ave. The driver/suspect, Demetrius Johnson, fled from the car on foot. Officer Dunn was able to catch up with Mr. Johnson, at which time he began fighting with the officer. Other officers arrived on the scene to assist as Mr. Johnson continued to fight. The officers were eventually able to gain control and take him into custody.

Shortly thereafter, they noticed he had lost consciousness. Officers called for EMSA and began efforts to resuscitate him. Mr. Johnson was transported to Baptist Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The State Medical Examiner’s Office will determine his cause of death.

Two of the six involved officers were transported to an area hospital for treatment related to taking the suspect into custody. Both were treated and released. All six officers have been placed on administrative leave.

MSgt. Gary Knight  

I want you to notice how many officers are listed above – six. This is how many men it took to subdue this one suspect. Keep that in mind as you read on...

I received the below from a student, I don't know the validity of the claim that
it's the story (and pictures) of a law enforcement officer, but the point it makes is a very good one...

Remember the 21 foot rule?

You may have seen this before, but the message is important enough to get it again --- and to remember that in 1983 Sgt. Dennis Tueller showed that:

• most handgun shooters have experience shooting at targets at 21 ft or 7 meters;
• the experienced handgun shooter can draw his/her gun and put two shots in a man-sized target at 21 ft in 1.5 seconds;
• and conversely a bad guy with a knife or blunt weapon can cover the 21 ft in 1.5 seconds;
• which makes 21 ft the danger zone and anything inside 21 ft life threatening

Ever wonder why cops shoot people armed with knives, broken bottles, glass shards, etc??   
If an experienced (or drug crazed) knife fighter gets in close, you may not have the opportunity to use your handgun before he can do his damage.  Remember the 21 foot rule? Well, don't forget the "Ego Rule" Below are photos of an officer trained in hand-to-hand combat.   The officer figured that due to his size and fighting skills, he could disarm a knife wielding aggressor. He figured wrong!
Here is why I am forwarding these pictures.  To all the idiots out there who always say, "Why did the cops have to shoot him?  He only had a (insert your choice of weapons here, i.e. knife, bat, club, whatever).  He didn't have to be shot.  To that, I respond, "tough shit ... Shoot 'em".  If an officer tells you to drop your weapon, just drop it.  If you're a retard, stupid, on crack, mental or just "scared"... Too bad. No one deserves what this cop got for just doing his job. If you got a knife and are hell bent on using it, then you should die... Period.  This is vivid proof of how deadly people who are "only armed with a knife" can be.  Some of the public think that officers should try to disarm someone armed with a knife but anyone who has had training in knife fighting will tell you - even if you win you are going to get cut. Keep this in the back of your mind when confronting someone armed with an edged weapon.  


NOTE: These are very graphic photos, don't click the link to view the photos if you are squeamish. Photos

In Between the Threat and the Bang I work students on distance drills. I tell them they need to recognize a potential threat at 50 feet and start responding (telling that person to STOP!). I teach them how to turn on aggressive posturing and voice to start stopping a potential threat in this 50 foot range. As the distance closes, there's another warning, and if the person does not stop I teach students that at no closer than 25 feet it's time for action. I demonstrate in BTB, as I do in Airsoft and as you can see in the photos and videos (above) of the recent Airsoft class, that it takes me no time at all to get to them when running toward them...I'm not built for speed, and I'm not ON speed! Add even one of those factors (let alone two), and most people simply would not be able to get their gun out in time to stop an attack.

Understand, the law enforcement application is different than the civilian application. It's always best to go on the offensive (take control) as soon as possible, but the very nature of who we are means we must be on the defensive....we are not law enforcement, we do not engage, but this doesn't mean we have to be helpless in facing an attacker. For our application as civilians, especially women, it is quite valid to notice if someone is coming at you at a 50 foot distance and begin evasive maneuvers. This is not very workable for a LEO who may be stopping a suspect only to have that person turn on him or her.

In the Everything Else class, I work students on using various items to defend themselves when they're not able (or choose not) to carry a gun. We spend a fair amount of time with cane work, whacking the mannequin in various places to practice stopping someone. I've had students ask me well why would I carry a cane, I don't need one, I don't have difficulty walking, and it's embarrassing to carry a cane. Well, those of you who have taken Everything Else know that one of the drills I have you do is knocking a knife out of SD's apply that to a real life situation such as the man in the above photos faced. A hardwood cane or walking stick (rake, shovel, broom handle) which puts distance between you and a knife, with which you can (because you practiced it) knock said knife out of an attackers hand, what do you think? Would you opt for the training in the Everything Else class? Would you carry a walking stick or cane in your car, just in case?

If it took six trained male law enforcement officers to subdue one suspect, what do you think it will take you, a _____ pound five foot ___ inch tall woman? As I said above, I do not know if the forwarded story and photos are of an actual LEO (law enforcement officer) but I do know the photos are of a real person who was actually slashed with a knife. I have seen such photos before (as well as gunshot wounds), I have seen the devastation, I have read the reports and seen the parts that were once a human being, no longer recognizable. And the Citizen Alert from the OKC PD is real, six trained male officers versus one suspect. Somebody, somewhere will bellow out how unfair it was this poor person died. Well, I have to say I agree with the forward my student sent me. I tell my students that a weapon can be fists or body, it does not have to be an object...this is especially true for women because we lack the physical strength men have, but as you can see from the Citizen Alert, it can also apply to men. There is no mention of a weapon, yet two of the six officers were transported to the hospital so they were obviously injured.

Are you getting the picture here? You cannot assume that you, Jane Q. Public, will automatically know what to do if you're attacked. If six professional LEOs have that much difficulty taking down one suspect so that two of them are treated at the hospital, and a man (whether trained in hand to hand combat, LEO or not) can get slashed to pieces like that, what do you think is going to happen to you? This is precisely why I have developed layers of classes, to take you from one level to the next in training. Only through practice and learning techniques will you succeed in fighting off an attacker, it absolutely does not come automatically as too many of you assume now that you have your conceal carry license and carry a gun you're safe. The knifed man wasn't safe. Six OKC PD officers weren't safe. Why do you think you with so little training will be safe? Do you think standing flat footed shooting a still paper target will prepare you for such an attack? The answer is no, scenario based training is what prepares you, but you can't jump straight into that, you have to be able to do a few basic techniques well (which you learn in the basic level classes, GDO and BTB) in order to do scenario based training. I intend for Airsoft to have several levels of advancement, but if there are so few students going through the levels there's really no point in holding the next level Airsoft class. Women are really great at taking the first couple levels of classes, getting their SDA license, and then stopping there. This is where you're doing yourself a real disservice and taking an unnecessary risk with your own self-defense. You can't stop with the basics and have the ability to carry this stuff out should you get in a real life self-defense situation. Again, if professional LEOs have that much difficulty taking one man down, what chance do we have if we don't train? LEOs are required to train for their job. You're required to train for your life.

I didn't have the chance to talk to any of the students after the Airsoft class, but I had the strong sense just by watching their progress when we started the mock attack drills and they could not draw their weapon fast enough to shoot me before I was on top of them that they were beginning to understand just how much they need to train. Even by the end of this one class, they were already demonstrating great improvement in skill. This tells me it's not so difficult as to require some comic book hero abilities, but rather the commitment to do the deed...that is, take the classes, train level by level to defend yourself. It starts with stopping the false sense of security that you will automatically, miraculously, know what to do if you're attacked. Don't believe it, it's a dangerous lie.


Reference Links:

The below are from which is an online resource for the law enforcement community. Though a professional resource, there's a lot of really useful information on the site for civilians about products, news about law enforcement goings on around the country, articles and videos about tactics, a wide variety of topics regarding crime. For those of you with an iPhone, they have an app, search PoliceOne in the App Store.

Excellent video called Defending Yourself Against an Edged Weapon Attack. The trainer talks about using your body smartly (not brawn but brains) in a way that puts the most force where you need it – this is the principle of Krav Maga, a few tactics of which I teach in the Everything Else class.

See a whole h
erd of LEOs try to take down one crazed man with some kind of blade here. I don't know why they weren't using real bullets (you can hear a taser go off at least once), but you can see just how dangerous a LEOs job is. Always they (and we the people) should be allowed to use lethal force against an attacker hell bent on killing us. Thank God we live in Oklahoma where that's still allowed.

Article on the 21-foot rule. Remember, law enforcement's application is different than ours, but there are many good points for civilians in this article. None of us can set a hard and fast rule that in this situation I will do A, B, or C. And this, again, is why training is so important, you're not only training your body, you're training your mind to think under pressure.

A challenge for those of us who carry a blade as a backup wea
pon, Practice Getting to Your Knife Under Stress (article)

Contact me if there's a specific topic you'd like to see addressed in this section.

Continued...from a publication that purports to teach women how to defend themselves. My comments are in blue.

This is a close second to Defensive Dental Floss (see last month's newsletter)...death by Sonic straw!

Come on, seriously?

Real life stories in their own words from students
of how they used
something they learned in class
(used by permission)
me your story.

Confiscated my Kubotan

Well, it finally happened in the Denver Airport.  I have traveled with my kubotan on my keychain, a tactical pen, and a Surefire light in my carry-on in the following airports: Oklahoma City, Dallas, Atlanta, O'Hare.  This last week my luck ran out.  In the Denver airport, my kubotan got taken away.  Meanwhile, they made a copy of my drivers license and my boarding pass so they could file a report. The kubotan is a class C weapon.  The tactical pen and surefire light are still in my bag.  They did tell me I could check it, but I had no checked bags. Lucky me I'm on file now. 


Bummer! I'm really sorry to hear this happened...especially since TSA is usually (sorry) so incompetent – I've heard it so many times, they pull an obviously harmless woman out of the line and tag her as suspicious so as not to profile anyone...heaven forbid they should do like the Israelis do and tag people based on body language (psychological profiling) or an actual dangerous object. Instead they go to the opposite extreme so as not to offend an actual criminal (the trend today, criminals have rights when they should have NONE!) and take away dangerous nail clippers...or a kubotan.

I had received reports from several people across the country that they were able to take tactical pens on board because they put them in with the rest of their regular pens. Grant it, the reason we law abiding citizens would want to do this is so we have something, anything, to defend ourselves from the panty bomber terrorist (geesh, I hope TSA doesn't start confiscating underwear!). But I recently heard from someone "on the inside" that they were on to tac pens. I still think it would be a bit difficult to tell it was a tac pen, particularly with the Smith & Wesson pens which really are pens...yes, they can be used as a weapon but they are very non weapon looking unlike some of the other tactical pens.

Well, for all who fly, to prevent this from happening to you I recommend you check out TSA's Prohibited List and learn what you can and can't take on a plane and how. For example. you CAN carry up to one (1) four ounce container of pepper spray (the Fox I refer my students to is a two ounce can) in your checked baggage. You can also carry kubotans in checked baggage. As for tactical pens, it's your call. I'm always interested in hearing what people encounter out there...I prefer not to fly as I want my guns on my person at all times possible!


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