September 2014

Gun Law Seminars

We had a great Gun Law Seminar on August 9th at Messiah Lutheran Church in OKC. The speakers covered very interesting and pertinent topics, and it was clear by the questions and interaction from the audience that those in attendance were really benefiting from the conference.

Our next Gun Law Seminar is on September 27th at Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond. All of the speakers will be different, so even if you attended on August 9th it will be worth coming to this one. Houston attorney, Michele Byington, will be our keynote speaker. Michele is an expert in firearms laws and will be speaking on justified use of force, Castle Doctrine, and how to protect yourself legally. See her bio here. Our law enforcement speaker is no stranger to OPD students, she is Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Betsy Randolph.

This will be a very exciting conference, you can expect fantastic speakers and plenty of opportunity to ask questions during the conference. For details and to register, click here.

Upcoming Classes

We have a number of classes on the Schedule for October (September is already booked) including Girls Day Out and Between the Threat and the Bang. Cherise and I are also doing a new class for little kids called Tough Kids Tactics. See the Classes Tab for class listings and to register.

Be aware, while the classes are scheduled for October we anticipate them to all fill up after the Sept. 27th conference so if you're interested in a class, don't wait too long to register.

Keep Your Children Safe!

Also on the schedule is Cherise's class for parents called Firearms and Your Young Child. This class teaches parents how to teach their children to be safe around guns. It is not about teaching kids to shoot guns (that's a different class), it is about teaching your children how NOT to get shot! There have been several children shot in Oklahoma since the August newsletter, and this is absolutely 100% preventable it is a matter of education, and we have the class to provide you that education! If you have children, I urge you to attend this class. See Cherise's Mom's Corner on the Articles Tab for more on the class and why every parent should attend.

NOTE: It is my personal policy to never turn anyone away from a class due to finances. I set class costs as low as possible to cover expenses for a given class, but if the cost is difficult please contact me and I will work with you. Tammy

We had excellent speakers at the August 9th U.S. Law Shield Gun Law Seminar. From left to right: USLS Oklahoma District Manager Kyle Baggett, Oklahoma City PD MSgt. Julie Weatherly, and USLS Oklahoma Attorney Robert Robles. See photos from the conference here.

New Column

This month marks the beginning of a new column I'll be writing on my experiences as a student in Class #37 of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Citizen Police Academy. Class started on August 19 and goes for 12 weeks. I'm writing an article after each session for publication in the newsletter. I thought at first that I might be able to combine some of the sessions, but they're so interesting I'm writing a full length article on each one. So look for an article each month for the next year. Check out the Articles Tab to read the new column.

Note: I did add an extra bonus column in this newsletter documenting my first ride-along...I was there after an officer involved shooting Wednesday evening which made all the local news headlines (I'm in one video that I know of).

By the way, the Articles page was quite full this month so I moved Tactical Ponderings to the Fun Tab...there's a reason I put it there, you'll just have to read it to find out. It'll return to its normal place on the Articles Tab next month. Tammy

Fox Pepper Spray gives OPD a discount

I mentioned in the August newsletter that Fox Labs is giving OPD a significant discount on their products, 20% off, making it only a little over $12 for the 2 oz Flip Top. Favorite products of OPD ladies include the 2 oz Flip Top Cone Fog and 3 oz Firemaster Top. They also have some nice holsters, and the jogger strap which lets you carry it hands free. You might also consider getting some of their Sudecon decontamination wipes, they're in small packets like hand wipes that you can carry in your purse along with your Fox (highly recommended in case you get any on you spraying the bad guy!). Links here go directly to Fox; the same links are on the OPD Links page. Use the promo code opdcfw at checkout to receive the discount.

Please read my article The Myth of Wasp Spray to learn about why wasp spray is NOT a self-defense tool and Fox pepper spray IS.

There were ten women and four men in the August SDA class...everyone did a very fine job following safety protocol and demonstrating good technique. I'm very proud of this class! More pics.

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