September 2013

Don't cop an attitude with a cop...

This is my ongoing advice in general, but especially when you have an official encounter with a LEO while lawfully carrying a firearm. For a law abiding citizen who has gone through the process of getting your license to carry, there's nothing to be nervous about if you get stopped for accidentally pushing down too hard on the accelerator. There is a process, however, required by Oklahoma law and appreciated by law enforcement. Check out the Articles tab for Law Enforcement Perspective by Trooper Betsy Randolph, and the Q&A section for more information.

Who is that short person with the awesome stance and the really cool shirt?

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Pray for our men & women in uniform

The men and women of law enforcement guard our right to life, liberty and property each and every day. It's easy to be distant from the kind of danger they face, but sometimes they actually pay for our freedom with their lives. Be sure to read the last story on the Articles tab to learn about one such hero.

This website lists by agency all the law enforcement officers in Oklahoma who have died in the line of's very humbling to read their stories.

May we never take for granted what these men & women do, and may we always remember them in prayer...we may not know all their names but God does!

I'd like to let all my friends at Oklahoma Personal Defense know that I will be releasing my new book Tokens of the Lonely on September 13, 2013. This is the sequel to my first book Tokens of the Liars which was published last August. My friends at OPD have been so gracious to welcome and befriend me while speaking at various OPD classes. I think you’ll enjoy a special surprise in the new book!

Check out my website for ordering info, and upcoming book signings.

Here’s to women supporting women in their quest to be independent and strong!

Betsy Randolph

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