4th of July 2013 How to Save Our Country

One of the greatest attacks on our freedoms has been the attack on the law abiding citizen's right to keep and bear arms. The anti-gun crowd constantly demonstrates their ignorance and disconnection with reality such as recently when in a Mayors Against Illegal Guns rally the name of the deceased Boston bomber was spoken while reading a list of people who had died by gun violence (article). Excuse me? A terrorist who blew up innocent Americans on American soil killed legally by law enforcement in the line of duty is a victim? The Mayors Against Illegal Guns aren't against ILLEGAL guns, they're against guns owned by law abiding citizens which we acquire, own, and carry legally!

Historically, a country is invaded once guns are taken away from law abiding citizens. Think about the Jews of Nazi Germany, Hitler enforced gun registration and then his minions went house to house, removing all firearms from the Jewish people. We all know what happened next. My friend and colleague, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, wrote an article entitled, “A Dire Warning to American Jews Supporting Gun Control” in which he said that what happened to the Jews at the hands of the Nazis can happen to the Jews of America. It can happen to all Americans! What stands between us and being invaded – from within or without – is the fact that so many Americans own firearms.

Our country was founded on biblical principles of Divine Establishment, which center around freedom. Freedom is the exemption of arbitrary control. Freedom requires privacy, the right to own property (including guns), and the adherence to authority. True authority as designed by Divine Establishment is not tyrannical – tyranny is authority without freedom. This is what we have under the current national administration.

Freedom without true authority is anarchy and revolution. We are on a fast track to anarchy and revolution. This is why so many Americans are preparing.

The tyrants who want to control people claim that "gun control" stops crime, but in reality it only takes away the law abiding citizen's ability to defend herself. I've asked this question in classes many times, "Is murder illegal?" Of course the answer is yes. "Then do you think a murderer will pay any attention to a no guns sign? Or turn in his guns because they are outlawed?" You see, criminals don't go to a gun store and legally buy a gun, they steal them (another illegal activity). They steal them when they break into your house and your gun is not secured. They steal them when they attack you on the street and you don't have enough training to shoot him before he can get to you. Do you know why criminals don't legally acquire guns? Because every time you buy a gun, you have to pass a simple background check called NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). This is what's going on while you wait the few minutes for the salesman to call some mysterious place and see if they can sell you a gun. Criminals can't pass this BG check because they have a criminal history! Do you get it? Making guns illegal does nothing to stop the criminal! It does, however, keep you from being able to defend yourself against criminals.

Things look bad in this country, and to be sure things are bad. Talk to someone who was alive in the 50s, 60s, even 70s and they can tell you the vast difference in now and then. From human viewpoint it appears there is no solution. Re-election? Well, maybe, but will we last another 3 years? Will BHO actually leave the WH? Will a different president solve anything? Maybe, maybe not. But none of these are actual solutions. The solution is spiritual. But it is more than prayer or memorizing scripture or going to church, it is making God's word a part of our very being. The Word of God is the mind of Christ and Jesus Christ is the only answer to all of our problems. God responds to His word in us, not our words.

Understand, a part of Divine Establishment freedom is your right to or not to choose Christ. I'm not saying everyone becoming a Christian will save the country, nor am I saying it's my goal to make everyone a Christian. As Christians we have no right to demand anyone accept Christ – a person's right to choose is the very essence of the freedom I'm talking about! What I'm talking about isn't the responsibility of the unbeliever, it is the responsibility of the Christian.

For the last four years I've been studying the Bible with a Hebrew and Greek scholar named R.B. Thieme, Jr. He is a WW II Colonel (now deceased) who says it like it is. He talks a great deal about firearms – he personally knew Colonel Jeff Cooper and often mentions him in his teachings. For those who don't know, Colonel Cooper was the founding father of firearms self-defense training and his methods are the basis of most modern firearms instruction. I highly recommend a compilation of various teachings (a four-part series) by R.B. Thieme called “Deliverance in National Crisis” – you can order the four MP3s free of charge and with no obligation (they'll never contact you) by calling (713) 621-3740. You might also consider asking for a copy of “A Prayer for America” as it is an excellent guide on how to pray for our country.

For those of us who are Christians, taking in the Word of God is like eating food each day – if we go a day without food, our body suffers. If we go a day without taking in His Word, our soul suffers. If we eat junk food, we are physically unhealthy. If our relationship with God consists solely of going to church and quoting scriptures, we are spiritually unhealthy. And yet we can transform our bodies into a healthy (balanced) system by taking in quality food and exercising, just as we can train and transform our souls into a healthy (balanced) system by taking in God’s Word and exercising that Word by applying it to our lives. 

By taking in the Word of God so that it becomes a part of you, you form a pivot with other believers who do likewise, and God will respond to a pivot of believers who contain His Word because God will respond to His Word! By this we maintain our status as a client nation to God, one which represents Him...again, that doesn't mean all in the nation are Christians, it means there is a pivot of Christians who protect and preserve Divine Establishment freedoms by embodying the Word of God. This is how we can save our country.

Christians, let’s be the pivot.


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Divine Justice

Convicted triple-murderer dies in Oklahoma prison

By Jesse Wells
Story posted 2012.09.03 at 04:58 PM CDT

MCALESTER, Okla. — An Oklahoma man on death row for triple murder dies in an Oklahoma prison. That prisoner passed away at the state penitentiary Monday morning in McAlester. The victim's family confirms the prisoner to be 55-year-old William Davis. Although we don't know how Davis died, the victim's family called it a glorious day for justice.

The week of Labor Day in 2007, inside a Norman home, three people were shot to death. Joe Link still recalls giving his wounded wife, Tami, CPR after she suffered a gunshot to the neck and head. I remember holding my hand over her throat and trying to block it so the air could go in," Link said. "There was just no way. I didn't have the hands to breathe life into her. When you go through that, it lives with you everyday."

In addition to his wife, Joe's elderly mother, Letannah Bishop, and sister-in-law, Sheila Ellis, were also murdered inside the home.

Prosecutors arrested William Davis for the killings and in 2010 jurors recommended he be put to death. A sentence the state now won't have to carry out, after Davis passed away this week behind bars.

"Every bit of the family I've been in contact with has said, 'Thank God. It's a good day,'" Link said.

Link, a legally blind Vietnam vet, said Davis' death will allow the family to move on and not have to wait another 10 to 15 years for justice. "That dark cloud of anticipation of when he's gonna die on death row, that's over. It's a relief to our family," Link said.

One of the things I do is scan the local headlines for violent crimes happening in our area. I vividly remember this story because one man with a 12-gauge shotgun killed three women and that one man was taken down by a legally blind man, the homeowner, husband/son/brother-in-law to the victims. The assailant, William Davis, was the brother of two of the women. Joe Link heard the shotgun blasts in his home, went toward the sound and on his way someone brushed past him and went out the front door. Joe found the first body (he's blind so he saw nothing) and, believing it was the attacker who brushed past him, went onto the front porch. This is where he disarmed his brother-in-law and beat him so severely he thought he had killed him (read details). In fact, Davis was in intensive care for several weeks before he could be released to jail. I remember thinking how the actions of Joe Link proved so many things I tell students in classes – just because someone points a gun at you doesn't mean it's over, take it away from him! (a blind man did it here); fight as if your life depends on it because it does; yes, you might be hurt, bleeding, but if you're still alive you can still fight and you just might win; never, ever give up!

This article states that, "Davis has pleaded not guilty. Davis' attorney said his bipolar disorder and alcoholism made it impossible for him to know he was killing." This is another thing I constantly tell my students, there will always be some attorney who will plead in court that the guy had a bad childhood or some other reason for which he is not responsible for his heinous crimes. And this is why I tell my students when self-defense is justified, never hesitate to shoot to kill. By the way, you should click that link just to see Davis' mugshot when he was finally released from intensive care into jail – a blind man did that to him.

I saw Joe Link briefly interviewed after Davis' death was reported and he said he was dreading having to relive the horrible event over and over as the case went back to court over and over for appeals. And then he said, "Thank God we don't have to go through that." I also found a lengthy web interview by News 9 with Joe Link in which he talks in detail about what happened that day, how horrific the crime was, how he tried to save the life of his wife and mother – his mother was still alive when he got to her, but they all had (as he describes it) a massive hole in their neck/chest from the blast of a 12-gauge shotgun. The damage he describes is precisely why I advocate the use of a shotgun for home defense – if you're a woman and two guys on drugs just kicked in your front door (with a third coming in the back), you want immediate stopping power. Joe talks in the video about he and his family being spiritual, but that he doesn't really believe God had a direct hand in Davis' death in prison.

Personally, this is what I call Divine justice and I do believe God had a direct hand in it. I believe that when the rules of Divine Establishment – such as laws which are intended to protect the innocent and punish the criminal (in today's society this is flipped, and Joe actually talks about it in the video) – are utterly ignored, that there are just times when God steps in and, as it were, orders a hit on a vile criminal. Davis was a lifelong criminal and overall scumbag, he did not just have a few drinks one day and accidentally kill three innocent women (including an 87 year old who pleaded for her life before he shot her point blank). He planned to murder everyone in that house that day. You can hear in Joe Link's voice and words on the video that he regrets not getting to Davis before he killed them all, but he saved the life of his son and himself by his actions (versus standing there and letting Davis execute them too). His guide dog (seen in the video) was present that day as well and it seems from what Joe says, the two share a common soul sadness. I also believe that dogs are a special gift from God, they comfort and love us in an unconditional way not possible by most human beings.

Yes, this is Divine justice, and God's great mercy on a family who has already been through enough.

The video is long but you'll find once you start watching it you'll be glued to it. Joe Link would have a right to be bitter, yet he still smiles and still enjoys life with his guide dog as his constant companion. Joe Link was a combat veteran who fought on foreign soil for the freedom of each of us who live in these United States, and then he fought on American soil for the life of his family...he is a true American hero.

Click photo to watch video

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Respect the Uniform

I've never been in the military nor law enforcement, but I have a tremendous respect for what they do. I was a teenager in the 70s when slang words like fuzz and pig, and the vilifying of men who had fought in Vietnam, was almost a cultural thing. Even then I didn't get that, and I never thought it was okay. We may not agree with some policy or action – a controversial war, getting a ticket for speeding – but that doesn't justify treating the person wearing the uniform with disrespect.

September 11, 2001 was a typical morning. I got to work – at the time I was the New Media Director (managing the Internet Department) at a local newspaper – opened my office, started up my computer, and headed to the newsroom where the coffee pot was. I was standing there watching the "breaking news" alert on the newsroom television when the first plane hit the tower. We saw it live and before we could catch our breath we saw the second plane hit. After that it was a blur; reporters scrambled to their desks in an effort to find out what was happening and get the news out to the public. All the typical news sources quickly became overloaded and hardly any information could come through. But being a newspaper, we had an AP Wire service and could receive direct feeds from reporters on the ground. My office had the high speed connection and the high tech computers so when everything bogged down, I was the only one who could get the information. For the next several hours I fed the newsroom the images and reports. That night I was scheduled to sing and play my guitar for a special service at a local church which had been planned for months – I had prepared a particular song that I had written, and I was practiced and ready.

I began playing guitar and singing at the age of eight (same year I learned to shoot), so I had spent most of my life performing in many different situations – funerals, weddings for close friends – and I never once broke down while singing. So I thought I could do it that night, after all, I was a professional, and I was prepared to do the song.

But when I began singing the images of the day began to flood over me and I heard my voice crack and for just a moment I couldn't sing. It was the first, and last, time it happened.

It seems that from that day forward my respect for those who wear the uniform grew even more. The firemen who run toward, not away, from danger. Military men & women who have trained and prepared, whether or not they stood on foreign soil and fought. And the law enforcement officer who quite literally puts their life on the line every single day. Since 9/11 I have made an effort to look in the eyes of the veterans I meet and thank them for fighting for my freedom.

But the people I have gotten to know most personally are law enforcement officers. LEOs live with the understanding that any routine traffic stop could be the one in which they are murdered. I have watched the dash cam video of my friend, Trooper Betsy Randolph, physically fighting with a man much bigger and stronger than she, being shoved into the outside lane of I-35, traffic flying by at 70 mph, hearing her scream and him shouting he's not going back to jail. I've seen the video a few times now and every single time I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, even though I know she lives through it.

When you know someone personally who wears a uniform it gives you a special appreciation for what
they do. That's one of the reasons I like to have a law enforcement officer speak for my Girls Day Out classes, it gives you a chance to see them as real people...and it is my hope, helps you to appreciate and respect them all the more.

I read Betsy's bio quite awhile ago when we first met. I knew from reading it, and after getting to know her, that she was very proud of the uniform. Not "proud" in a negative way because this is not a person who promotes herself, but meaning she takes great pride in her military and law enforcement training and service. To me this represents the excellence and integrity which is her foundation, it is a foundation built on her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I recently designed and built a website for Betsy in celebration of her first published book and when I added the bio page, I too felt pride...proud of a remarkable woman whom I have had the honor of coming to know simply as my friend Betsy.

So thank the veterans you see, and appreciate the work firemen do. And the next time you encounter a law enforcement officer, even if you're getting a ticket, remember they are people too who just want to go home safely to their families...you might just find it will change your whole outlook on the uniform.

And by the way, don't ever use the word "pig" when referring to a law enforcement officer in my presence or you'll be promptly punched in the face.


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Beware Self-Defense Gimmicks

In the wake of the above mentioned jogger attacks, there's quite a lot of so called self-defense being promoted on the local news. One such promo I saw recently is stun guns. The woman selling them told the anchor how she talked to a college group and one of the young ladies can only jog at night at 1 a.m., but she told her she was safe if she had a stun gun....after all, it's a gazillion jolts (or however many it's supposed to be).

OPD is about REAL self-defense. REAL is defined as that which will actually WORK TO STOP AN ATTACK. A stun gun is questionable at best, but I consider it a dangerous self-defense gimmick.

Let me explain what it takes to use a stun gun....you must hold the device up against the bad guy.

So picture this, your college age daughter is jogging at 1 a.m.
because some woman selling stun guns told her she was safe...and a van pulls up behind her, then speeds around, comes to a screeching halt just in front of her and the driver's side door opens...a man grabs her before she even knew he was there. This is basically what happened to the 20 year old in the above story. Let's give your college age daughter the benefit of the doubt, in fact I'll give her several.

1. She's in better shape than a 40 year old woman because she's still young.
2. She's very smart, after all she's majoring in bio chem.
3. She's fast and quick thinking, can get herself out of jams (she's done so in her car).
4. She took a self-defense class in which she learned martial arts.
5. She's carrying a stun gun.

Now you, the parent, think about your college age daughter and tell me which one of the above will get her away from a man in a vehicle who just wrapped his arms around her and dragged her into his van?

In the actual cases discussed above, the attacker obviously delivered a quick blow to the head. The 20 year old received severe head trauma as a result; the 15 year old was knocked out so completely she was unconscious through being transported to another location and raped.

What self-defense move can a young woman accomplish after she just had a severe blow to the head?

Can she overpower him even if she hasn't? If you're a dad, think about if you put your daughter in a bear hug, can she actually break out of that if you don't want her to?

How will her high I.Q. help her in this situation?

Being fast doesn't matter if she's already been grabbed....but even if she is fast, she can't outrun a car...and probably not even a man chasing her on foot.

Can she bring her foot up in a martial arts kick and stop him?

But let's say for the sake of argument she still has the stun gun, here's what she has to do....

She has to hold it up against her attacker long enough to actually push the button and zap him with the gazillion volts.

If you're a dad, think through this scenario as if you're the bad guy....even good men can think through a scenario like this because men are hard wired to be predators and this is a predator behavior.

If you're a mom, think about it in regards to both your daughter and yourself. In that type of scenario, at what point will you be able to push an object against a man and hold it there? Do you think the bad guy will stand there and let you do it? No, he won't!

And herein lies the danger of such a gimmick as a stun gun....bad guy will take it away from you and use it on you.

Any time a woman gets in a close quarter fight with a man she has about a 200% disadvantage because no matter how strong we are, we simply do not have greater physical strength than a man. Yes, we may be very smart, but in the seconds it takes for a man to slam your head into the side of a van, you have no time to use your intelligence the time to use your brain is BEFORE a potential attack.

At OPD the only close quarter techniques I teach are break away techniques. Best case scenario, spot the potential threat far enough away (minimum 30 feet) to give yourself time to do something (preferably escape). Next best case (less than 30 feet), shoot the bad guy before he can close the gap and put his hands on you. The least favorable option, fight with your hands and whatever tool you have to get away from him...a break away tool is a kubotan – a keep away tool is pepper spray (Fox 5.3 is the only one powerful enough for me to recommend). These are not lethal defense, they are break away and keep away. Therefore, you must have a secondary plan after you utilize one of these tools.

Beware combo items like kubotons that also have pepper spray – the combination of the two renders each tool less potent. Flashlights with stun guns in the end are another popular combo, but remember you have to hold a stun gun against someone in order for it to work. If you want a flashlight weapon, carry a large Mag-Lite in your car, used as a keep away tool, these are heavy enough to inflict some serious damage. This is what I have and it's very heavy...I know a guy who used one in self-defense and actually broke the attacker's skull (it saved his life).

In the Everything Else class students do drills with kubotans and canes to learn how to use these items to get someone away from them. Our potential attacker is a 6'3" tall male mannequin. I always have to push the students to actually get close enough to make contact...they all say it's extremely uncomfortable.

You see, when you actually get into the real life scenario, women don't want to make physical contact with a man who is attacking them...everything in us screams "get away" and that instinct is correct, we are not made to physically overpower a man...even with an inanimate mannequin, women from teens to 70s have a really difficult time working through these keep away drills.

Your greatest self-defense weapon is your brain...before you buy into a gimmick like a stun gun, or martial arts physical contact moves, think through the scenario. If you're a husband or a dad, think about it from the viewpoint of the attacker – could your wife or daughter get away from you if you were a bad guy? If you are a mom or a college student, think through the scenario and ask yourself if you could actually use _________ (whatever it is) to get out of a situation such as described above.

As always, the training is of utmost importance as it builds both confidence and actual ability. However, you must also choose your tools wisely. Don't buy into the self-defense hype that's out there!

I don't sell anything, I don't get any kind of compensation for any product I promote. The benefit I receive is that I can with good conscience refer you to a tool that I myself have tested and tried and found to be worthy of my own self-defense. No doubt the woman selling the stun guns on the local OKC channel carries a cute pink one that she believes will save her life....I truly hope she never has to find out for her self nor for anyone she promotes this useless product to.

My commitment to teaching comes from sitting across from a mom and dad who are sending their 18 year old off to college and need to know that she can actually defend herself. And from the two hour lesson that turned into a half day of working with a woman who was so traumatized by being attacked that we had to keep taking breaks for her to cry. And the women I've met in the celebrity realm who just want to have a normal life and not be stalked by nutcases who may escalate. Or the times I've started a lesson with the question, "why are you here?" and heard, "Because after I took out the VPO on my ex husband, he tried to kill me and I need to know how to save the lives of myself and my children."

And then there are the thousands of women of all ages who, thank God, haven't been attacked and haven't had some kind of trauma and they just want to live a normal life.

That's what I do. I teach normal, average, every day women (and the traumatized ones) to actually be able to protect themselves and their children. That's my calling and my passion.

I've trained since I was a child in mindset and tools, I've formally trained as an adult, I've carried a gun my entire adult life, I've been a woman who just wanted to live a normal life free from being attacked. I've never been attacked...evidently what I've developed for my own lifestyle works. This is what I share with you.

And by the way, if you tell me you can only jog at 1 a.m. I'm going to say that's fine if it's in your own house on an elliptical...otherwise I'm gonna tell you to your face YOU ARE INSANE!


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4th of July 2012 How to Save Our Country

We the people of the United States of America face complete and utter loss of all freedoms should Obama get re-elected.

We have watched the past three and a half years as he and his administration systematically took away one freedom after another. If Congress didn’t vote in what he wanted, he simply overruled. This is called a dictator. The NRA calls him an extreme radical – they are absolutely correct. They have put together a very eye-opening set of videos which details the systematic eradication of our freedoms, and what lies in store for us if we stand by and let it happen.

Folks, we are way past political correctness, it’s time to call a spade a spade and take back our country! This is not about racism, it’s not about politics, it’s about FREEDOM!!! This 4th of July we need to take a long hard look at our role in saving our county and set about doing it…we’ve only got five months to do it.

I constantly talk and write about why crime is so rampant – the question I’m asked over and over is, “Is crime getting worse, or are we just hearing about it more?” The answer is yes and yes. We are hearing about it more as an insatiable media pounces on every opportunity to dramatize human suffering…we don’t have this problem so much in Oklahoma, but in other parts of the country the media often depicts the law abiding citizen in a negative light while the criminal is presented as being mistreated. The reason for more crime is because there is no real consequence for criminals. This is no longer a minimal issue with a few bad apples, it’s a nationwide problem that starts at the top!

When the Attorney General of the United States is found in Contempt of Congress by a vote of 255-67
and he brushes off the horrendous debacle of “Fast and Furious,” an immoral and illegal operation in which a US border patrol agent was slaughtered, calling the Congressional requirement for answers a “misguided and politically motivated investigation during an election year,” we are looking at a criminal who gets away with crime because there is no real consequence. And when those at the top commit – and get away with – crime, those below will follow. There is no real consequence for crime, and that is why I teach my students to protect themselves with lethal force.

So how do we save our country? I’m here to tell you the solution isn’t simply in voting – if it were, Obama would not be in the White House because he was not actually elected by a majority of the people of these United States! Rather, the solution is Divine. And God must have a reason – a justification if you will – to intervene and deliver us from the evil that has befallen us. Only God can save us, and He can only respond to HIS Word (not ours).

Our country was founded on biblical principles of Divine Establishment, which center around freedom. The Ten Commandments are not old inapplicable rules, they are about freedom under the principles of Divine Establishment. Freedom is the exemption of arbitrary control. Freedom requires privacy, the right to own property (including guns), and the adherence to authority. True authority as designed by Divine Establishment is not tyrannical – tyranny is authority without freedom. This is what we have under the current national administration.

Freedom without true authority is anarchy and revolution. This is where we’re headed if Obama gets re-elected. His “authority” as Commander in Chief is pseudo, it’s built upon lies, deceit, underhandedness, decisions contrary to the will of the people…and therefore, it will fall apart because it isn’t real. What will happen when it falls apart? Do you think he will protect us from criminals? Will a criminal protect you from other criminals? Maybe you don’t yet understand, but we are on our own…and we must not sit by and wait to see what happens because the outcome is devastating both personally and nationally.

Most people are afraid, even terrified, and many of my students ask me what will happen if he’s re-elected? My response is that we will have civil war. The thought trends I’m reading from various sources (law enforcement, instructors, trainers and trainees) across the country back this up. Obama’s agenda is tyrannical rule, and the best way to imprison a population is to disarm them…and then those who do have arms (the criminals) can come in and have their way. This is what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany. My friend and colleague, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, wrote an article entitled, “A Dire Warning to American Jews Supporting Gun Control” in which he said that what happened to the Jews at the hands of the Nazis can happen to the Jews of America. I wrote about it in a two part article which you can find here.

Civil war will occur when guns are outlawed (as they were in England) and you are required by your government to turn in your guns. It’s painful to watch this video of what happened in England for so many reasons, not the least of which is seeing all the guns cut apart, crushed, and melted down into scrap metal. This is what we’re headed toward, so think about your beloved guns – and when so many of us have named our guns, they are very personally beloved – and now think about someone cutting it in half, crushing it, and throwing it in a scrap metal heap to be melted down. Anybody okay with that?

Worse yet, think about the utter frozen in fear feeling by untrained, unarmed women that you’ve read about in the articles in this and last month’s newsletters…what are you going to do to protect yourself when you can’t even possess a firearm?

We all remember the horrific scenes from London of people in the streets rioting and burning everything in sight…guns are outlawed in England, so only criminals had guns, leaving innocent civilians to defend themselves with baseball bats and rolling pins while the police stood idly by as they were so directed by their government. This is a picture of what lies ahead for us should Obama get re-elected. Watch the video.

And if you want to see and hear actual Mexican drug cartels, identities obscured, mocking gun control (because it only affects the law abiding citizen), watch this video. Think it won't happen here? Have you watched the local news lately? FBI raids OK ranch where Mexican cartel launders money (Lexington) Carina Saunders' Murder (Bethany), Mexican Mafia infiltrates Oklahoma (Statewide), Mexican drug cartels are Oklahoma's most dangerous threat (Statewide), 40 arrest warrants served in meth bust (Shawnee)

For anyone who thinks I’m overreacting, or this couldn’t happen to us here in the US, all I can hope for is that you’ll pull your head out of the sand and look at reality before it’s too late. But if that’s your attitude now, my words are probably lost on you. And so I’m writing to those who have enough common sense and ability to think to understand we are in serious trouble…we have, quite frankly, been complacent too long and the damage the current administration has done to our country in the past three and a half years is irrevocable. We will all tremendously suffer the consequences for decades.

But God’s grace is a free gift. He does not give it based on merit (how good you are), nor withhold it based on weakness (how many mistakes you’ve made). “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9 NIV)

We must, however, understand that saving our country is more than saying some words, our own words, in prayer. Even quoting or memorizing scriptures will not save our country, going to church, nor the mere fact that you believe in God and therefore you think nothing bad will happen. To the contrary, as a nation we have turned our backs on God by our own free will and we deserve to be devoid of His grace.

And so it is His grace that we must diligently ask for, but not only in our words, we must back our continual requests with HIS Word (the Bible)…God will respond to HIS OWN WORD!

Next month I’ll be 48 – I chose to accept Jesus Christ as Lord at the age of 14. Because I was not raised going to church, I did not have the disadvantage of thinking relationship with God was about going to church. Quite the opposite, to me even at that young age going to church seemed to be quite unrelated to relationship with God (then as now church seems to be mostly about entertainment and socializing). So I turned to the only place I knew for sure I could find Him, and that was in His Word. For 34 years I have studied His Word as a means of knowing Him, yet I’ve never understood the importance of that process so much as I have the past three years. Three years ago I listened to my first mp3 teaching by R.B. Thieme, Jr. He is a WW II Colonel (now deceased) and is very much in your face, to the point, and even downright rude at times…but this man studied the languages of the Bible and he teaches verse by verse (the whole picture rather than plucking out pieces) from the original languages. At this writing I am 232 mp3s into a 496 mp3 study on the life of David (I’ve been working on it for about two years). Each mp3 is typically an hour long, but it often takes me two hours (and sometimes two or more days) to get through one teaching because it is so in depth.

And this is where I have learned that God, being just and righteous, cannot respond to sinful humans based on our own merit…and there’s absolutely nothing we can do to change that. He, likewise, does not hold our mistakes against us – this is why David with all his terrible and repetitive sins (like adultery and murder) was called by God, “A man after My own heart.” (1 Samuel 13:14)…David sinned, confessed it, and moved on. Most of us sin, and then proceed to beat ourselves up about it indefinitely, thereby never moving on past the sin. Others wear past sin almost like a merit badge – “I must be a super Christian because what I did was so bad.” Still others are more than happy to beat you up for whatever they think you did!

God doesn’t respond to any of that nonsense. God does, however, respond to His Word within us. Taking in His Word is like eating food each day – if we go a day without food, our body suffers. If we go a day without taking in His Word, our soul suffers. If we eat junk food, we are physically unhealthy. If our relationship with God consists solely of going to church and quoting scriptures, we are spiritually unhealthy. And yet we can transform our bodies into a healthy (balanced) system by taking in quality food and exercising, just as we can train and transform our souls into a healthy (balanced) system by taking in God’s Word and exercising that Word by applying it to our lives. 

And so for anyone who wants to join with me in working to save our country, this is how we can do it. Whomever your pastor/teacher is, commit yourself to taking in the Word of God every day by listening to that pastor/teacher teach the Bible. This is not a once a week, twice a week, or every other day thing – how well would you function if you only ate on Sundays, or Wednesdays and Sundays, or Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays? To be sure, we must eat every day to maintain a working body.  We, likewise, must eat spiritual food every day to maintain a working soul. I can tell you first hand that after three decades of studying the Bible in a hit & miss fashion, I have found myself miraculously transformed from daily study these last three years! I own the peace that goes beyond comprehension (Philippians 4:7), the calm and stability to face any storm – it’s something we all need, especially now.

If you don’t have a pastor/teacher, I highly recommend R.B. Thieme, Jr. He’s not for the faint of heart or easily offended, but you will truly learn the Word of God as you study with him. The teachings are free and can be ordered on mp3 or DVD. Though he passed away in 2009 there are virtually thousands of hours of teachings on all subjects and sections in the Bible. A current compilation of various teachings (a four-part series) called “Deliverance in National Crisis” is an apropos place to start. While you’re at it, order “A Prayer for America” as a guide how to pray for our country.

Incidentally, Colonel Thieme talks quite a lot in his Bible teachings about the evils of gun control (it is a principle of tyranny) – he says what common sense people say today, "Gun control only punishes the law abiding citizen because criminals don't obey the law so they will still have guns!" He is also a history buff so it's very interesting to listen to him discuss historical events throughout the world, and see how history is a trend which we can see in the Bible.

By taking in the Word of God so that it becomes a part of you, you form a pivot with other believers who do likewise, and God will respond to a pivot of believers who contain His Word because God will respond to His Word!

Let’s be the pivot.


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Being Christian and Carrying a Gun

I have a lot of students ask me about the validity of being a Christian and carrying a gun. Many people believe that the Bible, and even Jesus Himself, teach that it is not okay for a person to be a Christian and carry a gun...this because of the inevitable potential of killing someone. I have addressed this issue several times on an individual basis, and I recently addressed it in response to a newsletter post by one of my teachers, international firearms instructor John Farnam. John is an excellent instructor whose practical, no-nonsense tactics just work. He has been around the world and he knows what's out there (most of us have no true grasp of the evil that ravages women every day). John tells it like it is. He gave me permission to repost his letter here.

Proud to be Stupid?

23 July 10

"Who are afraid to fall on their face, will invariably fall on their ass!"

Tempestuous comments from the willfully naive, with regard to my last Quip:

"I'm perfectly happy, and willing, to deal with the consequences of my choices, because my choices are guided by a Higher Wisdom than are yours and have protected me from extensive, life-threatening, multiple perils in my life, without a gun ever having to be present..."

She says that now, while comfortably fat, dumb, and happy! Philosophical discussions are always best done on a full stomach, eh?

It is astonishing to me that there are still so many of these vain, conceited, self-satisfied twits, ever-dripping with religious overtones, who smugly insist that God will shield them from all the uncertainties of life, because they are apparently so wonderful that they have somehow earned it!

When it is pointed out to them that nearly all old-testament prophets, along with new-testament disciples and apostles alike were ultimately homicide victims, they continue to arrogantly claim that "divine protection" is their right. God apparently owes them!

When disaster strikes, her egotistical "amour-propre" will precipitously, piteously be converted to anguished cries of "... this is so unfair!"

... always the "famous last words" of losers!

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Dear John,

I have to say as a believer in a Higher Wisdom than yours (or mine) that I wholeheartedly agree......with you!  

Evidently this woman hasn’t actually read and understood the Bible, where capital punishment (the best crime deterrent ever) is not only commanded but accepted as a way of life; believers (including those closest to Jesus, the apostles) did in fact carry and use the weapons of their time – knives, swords and rocks – to stab, slash and bludgeon their opponents; and Jesus himself was no doormat, though many Christians would have those too lazy to read and comprehend the Bible believing so (read Revelation to see what kind of a warrior Jesus really is).  The Bible is filled from Genesis to Revelation with God’s people killing their enemies, and anyone who reads the Bible historically and in its original context and languages can understand that this also included SELF-DEFENSE.  Of course they defended themselves from those who would kill them, otherwise why did they take up arms and why was it recorded in history in the Bible?

I happily admit that I too am guided by a Wisdom higher than yours (or mine) and He has in fact protected me many times in my 45 years from many perils, including death and worse than death...

He is the Creator of my brain, which I exercise and grow every day, and that enables me to make wise and healthy choices.  One such choice is understanding that at 5’2” I am no physical match for a 6’2” man.  And so I am thankful for the many tools at my disposal that help me in my fight...my greatest tool is the one between my ears!  

He is the Author of grace, which gives me the greatest freedom ever known because I am free to become the best ME I can be without guilt, worry, or condemnation from any other, and in so doing enjoy life to the fullest.  Being the best me I can be includes my enjoyment of learning how to use various tools to protect my life and freedom, and my most rewarding task of teaching other women what I have learned so that they too can protect their own lives and freedom.  

He’s that NQR that tells me something is “not quite right” and I, paying attention to that Wisdom, take appropriate steps to protect myself...which of course I am capable of because I have prepared (and keep on preparing) to do so!  Being able to protect your life and freedom doesn’t happen miraculously in a vacuum, it happens because you work for it!  

And so I have never been raped, tortured or murdered, and while it is entirely possible I might someday be overpowered, I unapologetically and with God’s blessing plan to maim and kill that person(s).  I have no doubts about my ability to fulfill this plan because I have first learned what I teach my students, to care enough about myself to get beyond furious if someone dares to think they can assault me, and to turn that aggression adrenaline back on the would be assailant(s).  

Now having many tools, including guns, to assist me in my ability to protect myself is a nicety, but it is not all encompassing.  Most of the time all I have to do is turn on the aggression and the would be attacker quakes in his boots and runs away like the coward he is (it’s worked for me and for my students in real life many times over), but I am also prepared to go beyond that and cause bodily harm and death in any number of ways.  

This is not bravado, it is confidence, a permanent part of my entire being for the very reason that God is my foundation.

I have this confidence because I know that God is the Creator of life and the Author of grace, and that means part of my God given freedom is His permission (and help) to PROTECT my own life! This couldn’t be more obvious to me, but then I have read the Bible cover to cover and considered its original and historical context to understand what it actually means.

I have a growing student following of some 300 women in the OKC metro, many of them guided by a Higher Wisdom than mine (or yours), and they come to me to learn to protect themselves so that they aren’t raped, tortured and murdered as even Christians are!  And once in awhile ignorance does strike out at me but it is merely a mosquito, which I ponder momentarily and move on without a second thought to continue teaching those who want to be taught and have the capacity to learn.

May God continue to bless you and all of us who do His work in this field of training others to protect themselves!


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Time to stop believing hype, gimmicks and political correctness...

Recently I found a notice taped to my front door…when I read the first two sentences, I thought it was perhaps an invitation to a new neighborhood watch forming…

Our streets are dark and inviting to burglars and other criminal elements.  Six out of every ten burglars escape their victim’s home before police can arrive on the scene.”

But I was quite surprised as I read on to realize that it was a curb painting service advertising that they’d paint home addresses in highly visible paint for a nominal fee.  Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad service, and in fact last year I opted to have this done because it had been a few years and the numbers on my driveway had faded.  So I’m not dissing the service, and while I can appreciate their creative marketing, I have a problem with anything that would serve to placate the public about safety.  The notice goes on to say...

“Without a series of addresses located in a standard place, police and emergency vehicles must drive slowly to locate your home.  Stopping to use their spotlight and checking addresses along the way wastes valuable time. In order to provide prompt rescue response in life threatening situations, your home must be clearly marked.”

Finally bringing it home it states,

“These addresses will give emergency vehicles (fire/police/ambulance) needed numbers to follow to your home in case of emergency day or night.  While this is not a mandatory project, please keep in mind the address on your home, no matter how large, is not visible until emergency vehicles have reached your front door.”

This suggests to the unsuspecting, uneducated public that having numbers painted on your driveway somehow makes you safer

Please understand, when I say “uneducated” I’m not talking about a college degree, I’m talking about being educated about your own personal defense.  That kind of education is available to anyone who wants it here in central Oklahoma. It’s what I’m all about with Oklahoma Personal Defense, teaching average women the whole picture of personal defense, including skills that can be done by anyone.  I take classes and train my own self so that I can both improve my own personal defense abilities and to find out how workable techniques are.  Most of the time I find the techniques being taught not doable by everyone.  So I have worked through ways to modify, without infringing upon the integrity of good technique or safety, so that all can carry out their own personal defense.  This is what I teach to average women like all of you.

Those of you who have taken more than one of my classes may have noticed a pattern of repetition. This is by design.  Through the classes I build layer upon layer that which will give you a whole picture of personal defense.  This is why it’s very helpful to take the classes in order (Girls Day Out, SDA, Between the Threat and the Bang) because I build layer upon layer through these classes, repeating and reinforcing skills you learn along the way.  Once I find a place to teach live fire, my live fire classes are designed to take students into deeper levels of self-defense giving you real life practice – not for ultra tactical situations because most of us average women will never face such a thing, but for whatever threat you might face in your daily life in the mall parking lot, at the grocery store, in your car at an intersection...

The foundation of everything in personal defense is mindset, and when I read the notice taped to my door I thought to myself, “You know what, it’s time somebody stands up and starts speaking the truth, loud and clear.” 

So here it is…

Alarm systems, lighting, locks are deterrents, they are not safety devices…they do not keep you safe, they give you a warning, and time to take steps to defend yourself.

Law enforcement at best can arrive after the fact, if they’re really lucky they might arrive while a crime is being committed, but it takes mere seconds for someone to brutalize and murder another human being, so law enforcement needs to be seen it context.  Their job is to enforce the law, but they are not bodyguards and  cannot be with you at all times and therefore you cannot count on them to protect you.

This is why you need to be prepared to protect yourself in proper perspective.  We do not ENGAGE.  Our best option is to avoid danger through situational awareness, when we can’t avoid retreat if at all possible, and only when there is no other option use deadly force (I teach extensively on this in SDA). 

Law enforcement engages, we do not go after bad guys, or clear our houses, or chase down a robber…this is the role of law enforcement and they do not need our help.  They are trained differently than we are, and we are very blessed in central Oklahoma to have some of the best trained law enforcement (who are way underpaid for what they do).  So if you come home to see your front door kicked in, call 911 and wait for law enforcement to arrive.  But if you are inside your house and someone kicks in your door, you will likewise want to call law enforcement but steps 1 (barricade yourself in a safe room) and 2 (arm yourself) should occur before you dial 911.  I teach about this in greater detail in SDA.

Yes, having your address clearly visible makes it easier for emergency personnel to find your house, but unless they develop the ability to beam into your home, it’s still going to take time to drive to your location (it takes seconds to kill someone).

If there’s a reason you cannot carry a gun, then absolutely learn other methods to defend yourself, but I’m just going to tell you that a gun is your best defensive weapon in protecting yourself.  A man with fists, a baseball bat, a knife does not trump a well trained woman with a gun. 

The bottom line is, I cannot tell you what’s best for you when it comes to personal defense, but I can tell you that as long as we the public believe or give credence to hype, gimmicks and political correctness, we are allowing ourselves to be lulled to sleep while very real threats go on around us…and we are grossly unprepared to deal with those threats when they come upon us suddenly, as surely they will. 

My invitation, join me in standing up for and speaking the truth…start with yourself, stop allowing yourself to be fooled by these dumb concepts of false security.  Consider everything in context of what it actually is.

And then get the training you need to be able to proficiently carry out your own personal protection!

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Jews for Guns

Yesterday I was searching the web – I don't even remember now what I was looking for – but I came across an article entitled, "A Dire Warning to American Jews Supporting Gun Control" by Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Rabbinic Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). In the article, Rabbi Bendory says, "Jews – and always remember, we are a tiny minority – live safely in America under the beneficent protection of Righteous Gentiles. If that protection evaporates, and especially if Jews purposefully and willfully keep ourselves disarmed, we are in grave danger." I had always had the sense that Jews were against firearms, yet clearly he was for our 2A rights and against gun control. I wanted to know more.

I had never heard of JPFO before so I looked them up. The first sentence on the About page states their twofold goals, "To destroy gun control and to encourage Americans to understand and defend all of the Bill of Rights for everyone."

I looked around the website and was very fascinated by what I read, these were not compliant Jews who would lay down and let a people annihilate them, they were Jews who support our Constitutional right in this country to KEEP AND BEAR arms. It reminded me of the Bielski Brothers who formed a Jewish resistance during World War II and saved some 1200 Jewish people who came with them into the forest near their home in Nazi occupied Poland. The 2009 movie, Defiance, is their story (I highly recommend this movie).

So I Emailed Rabbi Bendory to tell him I appreciated his article and support what he does. I received a very nice response back from him which in part said, "I had a look at your website and am very proud of what you are doing. In the US, the largest segment of the population that can benefit from firearms is women -- because you are 50% of our population and are targeted by the filth of society because you are (generally) smaller and weaker. But the handgun is the great equalizer, it makes you strong & powerful enough to defend against even a career criminal. So please, keep up your training, and may G-d bless you in your work. May none of the women or girls you teach ever need to use the skills you give them, though if they do, may they be blessed to successfully protect & defend."

I Emailed back and feel I have found a new friend and colleague. And then I joined JPFO (because, as Rabbi Dovid told me, it is not just for Jews!) and I ordered a copy of "The Ten Commandments of Self Defense" by Rabbi Dovid. The subtitle in the description says, "Would you be surprised by the Orthodox Rabbi who tells you G-d says, Buy a gun and defend yourself!"

Why yes, prior to yesterday I would have been surprised. I'm looking forward to hearing what Rabbi Dovid has to say in "The Ten Commandments."

Rabbi Dovid is an NRA Certified Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer. Both NRA logos are on his website, The Gun Rabbi. I don't know why, but I love the fact that an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi is an NRA Certified Instructor and RSO...it just makes me smile.

This afternoon I received a call from the Public Affairs Director for JPFO, Kirby Ferris, and had a very lovely conversation with him. It was clear we are on the same path. Kirby has a number of articles on the JPFO website that I look forward to reading over the next few days. I did take the time today to read his touching tribute to Aaron Zelman, the founder of JPFO.

I know at least a couple of my students are Jewish, and many others are Christian. I think sometimes we don't realize how much on the same path we really are. Often Christians have difficulty reconciling self-defense with the Bible. As I shared with Rabbi Dovid, I am not fluent in Hebrew but I have studied the Old Testament in transliterated Hebrew in order to understand it's original meaning. This gives me a very clear picture that self-defense is both taught and commanded in the Old Testament (what Jews refer to as the Torah). Some Christians would argue we are under the "new covenant" and very often take passages such as "turn the other cheek" out of context. In studying the transliterated Arabic and Greek of the New Testament, it is also very clear to me that self-defense is taught under the "new covenant" as well. In other words, both the Old and New Testament agree. The key, as always, is education and research...don't just take someone else's word that the Old and New Testament are against self-defense, read it for yourself in its original context.

And by the way, self-defense is NOT in conflict with the Sixth Commandment. The English word "kill" in "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13) does not convey the original meaning found in the Hebrew. The Hebrew word is , transliterated it is ratsach. It means PREMEDITATED MURDER.

I'm looking forward to receiving the information coming to me from JPFO and I'll give a report in next month's newsletter on it.

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Jews for Guns (continued...)

Last month I told you about finding the article, "A Dire Warning to American Jews Supporting Gun Control" by Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Rabbinic Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). Rabbi Bendory is an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who is also an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer. He teaches both men and women in the use of firearms for self-defense. After reading the article, I Emailed Rabbi Dovid and we have been corresponding ever since.

I joined JPFO, and ordered a copy of Rabbi Dovid's "The Ten Commandments of Self Defense." It's on the way, but I don't have it yet so I cannot yet report on it. However, I did receive a copy of "No Guns for Jews" from Kirby Ferris, JPFO's Public Affairs Director. I've watched it twice now and it is most sobering. This is a well thought out documentary on the history of gun control, particularly as it applies to Jews. But I can tell you there is an eye-opening message for all Gentiles, truly for all Americans, as well. It is a wake up call if ever there was one.

We see and hear things these days that scare us half to death, and so often this is what paralyzes us. But just exactly as I tell my students over and over, yes, you will be frightened if you are attacked, any sane person would be, but the training and preparation will get you through the fear. This is why I use adrenalized drills to teach women how to defend themselves, because punching holes in paper is not going to prepare you for the adrenaline rush and the adrenaline dump that follows. And when women press through that in training, they train their minds and their bodies to keep going and not end up paralyzed by fear.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a time for us NOT to be paralyzed by fear. If we stand idly by, we will face a fate such as the Jews did when the Nazis slaughtered them by the millions. What stands between us and that? Pressing through the fear so that we are not paralyzed. What does it look like? Write and call all of your representatives on a regular basis, tell them you will support them as long as they support your 2A rights.

Our right to keep and bear arms was established by the founders of our country, it is not up for discussion by liberals who incorrectly believe gun control makes us safer ("No Guns for Jews" addresses this phenomenon), it is not a decision for individual states, it is a Constitutional birthright of EVERY American! Now is the time to stop being paralyzed by the fear of what's going on around us in our country and fight for the rights penned by the founders of this great country so that we remain great. "No Guns for Jews" has sobering facts about what the UN, the liberals, millionaire Jews and Jews in Congress are trying to do. They want to take all guns out of our possession. They want to leave us defenseless. We must stop this before it goes too far. It's not enough to beat our chests and say "They'll pry my guns out of my cold, dead hands!" cause what good are any of us dead? Rabbi Dovid poses the question in "No Guns for Jews," what would have happened if instead of turning in their guns (because guns were outlawed in Nazi Germany for Jews) Jews remained armed? Would the Holocaust have occurred? We will never know, but we can know how our future here in the United States of America can go...for Jews and Gentiles alike.

Click the graphic to watch the film

And like King David when he faced Goliath, we are an unstoppable force when our source is the one true God. David was a young man when he killed Goliath, inexperienced as a soldier (though not inexperienced as a fighter, he had killed a lion and a bear by this time), yet none of the experienced soldiers had the courage to face the insurmountable task of killing the giant. David knew he could do it because he knew God was with him.

In the movie about Esther, "One Night With the King," her character says, "David won not because he fought well but because he believed well." David went on to be the greatest king that's ever lived, and his greatness was because his source was always the one true God.

We are doubly blessed when we have access to a great leader. Not everyone is a leader, and not all leaders are great leaders. When you find a leader who is a great leader, put your efforts there. This is a fight we can win, and great leadership can guide you there. Great leaders may be in public office, in law enforcement, in public schools, and teaching people effective self-defense. We are a greater voice than many of us realize, it's just that we are dumbfounded by the louder more obnoxious ones who falsely believe that somehow violence will go away on its own, or that taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens stops crime. All that does is leave us defenseless against those who would come in and slaughter us. It's time to stop putting up with that crap and start standing up for our birthright. This country can be great again!

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of the numbers against us? Think about this, a lever (long plank) can move a giant rock because of one small pivot.

Let's be the pivot.

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Merry Christmas

Yes, I said it, Christmas (and yes I created the graphic).

I have no problem with those who don't believe, or who want to be politically correct and not offend those who don't believe.

But I do believe in the Christ of Christmas, and Christmas to me is about a living Being who came to earth so that we could have hope and joy and a wonderful destiny and future. Christmas joy is meant for now, and all year round, and for our daily lives from zero till the end of our life on earth and then beyond. Yes, everything around us seems to be falling apart, but the Christ of Christmas is in complete control of it all, and that's why we can have joy and hope year round. This is a time when we can remember that joy.

I'm not ashamed or embarrassed in any way about my relationship with the Christ of Christmas, and so I want to wish all my students and all those affiliated with OPD a very Merry Christmas! Tammy

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