October 2013

Book Recommendation

Friend of OPD, Trooper Betsy Randolph's new book has just become available. I've read it and it's really good, so I'm excited to recommend it! You'll be hooked from the very first chapter, will enjoy all the local landmarks, and will have fun trying to figure out just who the murderer is. And as Betsy alludes below, there's something special that OPD fans will particularly enjoy.

Betsy is doing a book signing at Rick's Fine Chocolates & Coffee in Guthrie (109 W. Oklahoma Ave) on Friday, Oct. 11 from 2:00-4:00 pm. and also at Full Circle Bookstore (50 Penn Place) on Wednesday, Oct. 16th from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

These are great opportunities to pick up a copy and have it personally signed by her. Stop by if you can, and be sure to tell her you're an OPD student!

I'd like to let all my friends at Oklahoma Personal Defense know that my new book Tokens of the Lonely is now available. This is the sequel to my first book Tokens of the Liars which was published last August. My friends at OPD have been so gracious to welcome and befriend me while speaking at various OPD classes. I think you’ll enjoy a special surprise in the new book!

Check out my website for info about the book, ordering info, and upcoming book signings.

Here’s to women supporting women in their quest to be independent and strong!

Betsy Randolph

Man accused of accidentally shooting wife to now face charges
Posted: September 26, 2013, by KFOR-TV and A. Edwards

OKLAHOMA CITY – Police said a man accused of shooting his wife will now face charges for her death.

The man who said he accidentally shot his wife Monday is still in the hospital Thursday for chest pains.

Authorities now say 57-year-old Bernard Eugene Morris will be charged and when he is released from the hospital, he will be taken to jail.

Right now he is facing one complaint of first-degree murder.

Investigators said he was handling a firearm in a careless and reckless manner.

At OPD we never assume anyone knows safe handling of a gun, and this is exactly why we have a prerequisite for all live fire classes, including Oklahoma SDA (conceal carry). Most (individuals, ranges, instructors) leave it to chance that no one will get shot, and most of the time no one does. However, gun accidents are 100 percent preventable. All OPD staff are NRA Certified Range Safety Officers and have been trained by me to enforce safety without exception. Unsafe handling will never be tolerated at OPD, nor will it ever be assumed a person knows how to be safe just because they've shot before. Anyone attending an OPD class which involves live fire is required to first attend either a private lesson from an OPD instructor or Girls Day Out in order to learn safe handling of a firearm. The Live Fire Policy is posted on several pages of the OPD website, please read it. Tammy Pinkston, OPD Founder and Lead Instructor

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