November 2013

First Annual OPD Christmas Buyer's Guide

OPD Assistant Instructor Cherise has put together a fabulous Christmas gift guide for the self-defense and tactically minded...there are great gift ideas in all prices ranges for women, youth, and even men! In fact, she's found something extra special for men. Ladies, you will not believe it until you see it but be prepared, if your husband sees this he's gonna have to have one.

So if you're wondering, what is that to the right...well, you'll have to read the Buyer's Guide on the Articles page to find out. (Hint: it's a gun guy's dream come true!)


Self-defense when you have children

At OPD we often have a difficult time convincing women to be aggressive when they need to be. This is almost an innate cultural thing as women are raised from birth to be polite and nurturing. Frequently I hear women say in classes that they just don't know if they could actually hurt another person, even in defending themselves. In response, I've heard OPD helpers ask them the question, "Could you hurt another person to protect your child?" The answer is an immediate yes. But having children with you presents its own set of issues. Cherise previously addressed this in her 2012 article "Defensive Awareness When You Have Children." A woman was recently attacked leaving Gordman's in OKC while she had her two small children with her. I address this in this month's Tactical Ponderings, and Cherise's Mom's Corner article describes her plan of action for a recent outing with one of her children. You really can practice self-defense while you have your children with you. Check out the Articles tab for more information.

Cowboy Action

I recently attended an SASS ( Single Action Shooting Association) Cowboy Action shooting match. I'd heard of it before, and I've seen the props out at the OKC Gun Club, but I've never seen it. Some long-time friends of mine were participating in a match at the Old Fort Gun Club in Ft. Smith, AR and I decided to check it out. It was so much fun to watch!

One of the first things I found out is they all use these strollers to carry their guns (I was informed they are "shooting carts" not strollers). Well, whatever they're called they're awesome and I decided we need some of these for the next shotgun class!

There's a great description of Cowboy Action on the Old Fort Gun Club website. And if you're interested in getting involved in the OKC area, check out the Cowboy Action page of the OKC Gun Club website.
My friends, Shirley and Paul, with their gun cart.
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