November 2012

Defensive Awareness Class

I have a Defensive Awareness class scheduled on Thursday, November 15th. This is a class that every woman, including (perhaps especially) teens, should attend. This is not just about being aware of your surroundings, it teaches you how to spot bad guys who are very skilled at blending in, and how to use your every day surroundings to your advantage. See the Student Story at the bottom of the Articles page for an account by a student from the last Defensive Awareness class on how the class helped her stay safe. Registration deadline is Monday, November 12th so I must hear from you by then if you want to attend. See the Classes tab for details.

Open Carry in Oklahoma

Congratulations Oklahomans with a conceal carry license, you can now openly carry a gun! As I have been telling my students for the last six months (since open carry was signed into law), I will continue carrying concealed most all the time. The two exceptions are 1. when I'm with a group of other trained, armed persons and 2. if I feel threatened and want quick access to my gun. Oh, perhaps a third, my Sunday dress gun....but I plan to get a pearly handled, nickel plated revolver to wear to church for that occasion! Ladies especially, don't make yourselves more of a target by wearing a gun in plain view...unless you're in a herd of other armed and trained ladies!

This is what you call good form, just look at that finger in register!

The second Cardinal Rule is finger off the trigger. I stress this in all OPD classes, constantly reminding students of this rule because I know muscle memory will kick in one day and they will automatically put that finger up on the frame.

This is Caleb, age 11, at a recent lesson. I explained to him that even though he's been shooting since he was 8 (when I started shooting), the Cardinal Rules are always important. We have a Responsibility Contract on the youth website to help young people commit to following the rules at all times.

This photo proves that anyone can learn safe gun handling. Keep up the good work, Caleb! (more pics here)

From this week's group shotgun lessons (more photos)

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