May 2014

Upcoming Classes

Girls Day Out, May 10th from 10-4
Stay Safe, Stay Legal, May 17th from 9-12
Defensive Awareness, May 17th from 1-4

Girls Day Out

I will be closing registration for Girls Day Out on Sunday so if you want in on the class register ASAP. Whatever your level of experience, if you have an interest in guns this class is a must! This class is on Mother's Day weekend and I already have some moms & daughters signed up what a fun thing to do with your mom for Mother's Day!

Stay Safe, Stay Legal

Whether you took your SDA Class years, months, or weeks ago, it is essential that you stay current on the laws of the state of Oklahoma for carrying and using a gun...and the laws are constantly changing. This class is a refresher on the gun laws from the SDA class as well as to let you know what new laws have come into being (over 30 in the last few years). The class is only open to those who have already taken the Oklahoma SDA (conceal carry) class.

Defensive Awareness

This is a very eye opening class, and I always get lots of comments from women that they thought they were very aware of their surroundings....until they attended the class. You can read comments from students about a recent private Defensive Awareness class on the Articles Tab. Also, check out Tactical Ponderings on the Articles Tab for yet another an example of why the Defensive Awareness class is so important.

Registration deadlines are approaching, see the Classes Tab for dates & details on the above classes. Tammy

On the Articles Tab there's an article by national firearms instructor, John Farnam. John is a combat veteran and retired LEO. In the article John uses the acronym VCA. Do you know what that means? Do you know what LEO means? Did you know on the Helps Tab there's a glossary of acronyms that includes LEO and VCA? If ever you encounter an acronym in the newsletter you're unsure of, check the Helps Tab, it's probably there!

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