May 2013

When Neighbors are Burglars and Neighborhood Watch

Last summer a student named Laurie Emailed me about her experience of having her house broken in to. Last month she Emailed me again that they had caught the burglar, her neighbor. She asked me if I could send her information on forming a Neighborhood Watch. I have another student named Lori who was developing a Neighborhood Watch program a couple of years ago, so I Emailed her for details. I've copied the Emails and my responses from both of these ladies at the end of the Articles page under Student Stories. This is invaluable information. The things I teach in classes really come through in Laurie's story, and the Neighborhood Watch Lori developed is a powerful means of prevention.

Gun Cleaning and BTB Classes

We had a terrific day last Saturday with Gun Cleaning 101 and Between the Threat and the Bang. Gun Cleaning seems so simple, and yet every class I enjoy watching women become more confident with their guns as they take them apart...who knew gun cleaning could be so fun!

In BTB, the first part of the class is lecture and rather intense, but then students get up and start doing drills...first they learn to safely and properly draw a training gun from a holster, and then we start doing the scenario drills – that's when the real fun begins! You can see photos from the class here. And if you're wondering what Louise is doing in the middle picture below, check out the videos on the Just for Fun page.

Great Books on Kindle

Many of the photos I show in the Girls Day Out class come from the book Women Learning to Shoot by Vicki Farnam and Diane Nicholl. This is an excellent resource for women to have diagrams and descriptions of techniques I teach in OPD classes to read over and review. I always promote the book in GDO, and when I'm able I'll get a case of the books to sell in class. I'm happy to announce this book is now available on Kindle, you can get it here.

Also now available on Kindle are John Farnam's books The Farnam Method of Defensive Shotgun and Rifle Shooting
and The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning. Both are great books and I highly recommend them!

OPD Facebook Page

Last month I launched an OPD FB page specifically for OPD students to share their OPD class photos and experiences. Several students have done so already. If you have pictures from a class you want to share, or want to tell other women about your experience at an OPD class, feel free to do so. And remember, ladies who haven't attended an OPD class can't always imagine what it's like. Gun Cleaning 101 is a prime example of that. So many women think gun cleaning is boring, or "man's" work," but it's an OPD favorite among classes! You can find the OPD FB page at

April 27th Gun Cleaning 101 Class

See more photos here

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