March 2015
Upcoming Classes

I have a number of private classes and events this month so there are no public classes scheduled in March. I'm not sure yet what I'll have going on in April. Keep watch on the OPD Schedule page as I post classes there as soon as I schedule them.

Life Safety Seminar

We had a great Life Safety Seminar in February at Earl's BBQ in Moore!
Twenty some students attended, and everyone seemed to get a lot out of it (good food, fellowship, and information). OPD instructors Dara and Tammy spoke about personal defense and treating traumatic injury, and security expert Todd spoke about keeping yourself safe at home.

Here are a couple comments from the eval form:

What did you learn that you didn't know before? A lot of things I'd never thought of before and will definitely use now.

What did you like most about the seminar? New information, and open discussion encouraging questions from students. Also bringing students into discussion as examples.

See more photos and read more student comments on the Fun Tab.

Special Guest Post

In January I did a personalized training session for three teen girls, and I learned through my interaction with them that one of the young ladies is involved in Police Explorers through the Midwest City Police Department. This is a really cool program that gives young men and women a working knowledge of the operations and procedures of law enforcement. It's not a citizen police academy for youth, but rather it prepares youth for a career in law enforcement. Allison wrote a great article about it for the newsletter, which you can read on the Articles Tab.


(L-R) Allison, Helen, and Terra doing drills in their personalized training session.

Tools & Services Links

I want to remind everyone that there are lots of resources on the Links page of the OPD website. You'll find links to order defense tools we regularly recommend such as Fox Pepper Spray, kubotans, collapsible batons, and tactical pens. Since most of these things are not available locally, I have found the best prices and sources for the tools and directly linked them so you can order them yourselves. You'll also find links to my holster recommendations (one leather, one kydex), law enforcement resources, and SDA (conceal carry). I've organized the page by headings so you can quickly find what you're looking for.


We Must Never Forget

In this month's Law Enforcement Perspective on the Articles Tab, Lt. Betsy Randolph writes about the heartbreaking loss of Trooper Nick Dees at the end of January. I didn't have the honor of knowing Trooper Dees, but I do know Betsy and she shared her pain with me. A week later I saw images of a sea of troopers, and so many others who traveled to Broken Bow to attend his funeral. On the OHP Facebook page are pictures like the below that will make you cry even if you didn't know him.

I've written before about a webpage I visit called the Officer Down Memorial Page. This website lists all law enforcement officers, including K9s, who have died in the line of duty in the US. Each state has its own page where you can read about the officer and how he or she died...Oklahoma has lost 32 officers since 2000. You can see Trooper Dees' page here.

I want to encourage everyone to check this website out frequently, and perhaps even subscribe to receive notices of officer deaths. And if you're a praying person, pray for the families of these fallen heroes. Tammy

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