March 2014

Upcoming Classes

I've scheduled several classes in March and April including Gun Cleaning 101, Between the Threat and the Bang, Defensive Awareness, and Girls Day Out. See the Classes Tab for dates & details.

Recent Classes

We've had a lot of fun in recent classes...check out the Fun Tab to see more pics.

Betsy Randolph Book Signing

My friend Betsy Randolph has published book two in the Cat Carlyle Mystery Series. Tokens of the Lonely is a real page turner...if you've read Tokens of the Liars, you don't want to miss this one! In addition, she is about to publish her first young adult book, The Elbow and the Invisible People. I've read it and I have to say, I enjoyed it as much as the Cat Carlyle books. OPD is hosting a double book signing on Sunday, April 27th from 3:30-5:30 at Earl's BBQ in Moore. This is a come & go event for anyone who wants to get a signed copy of her book, or just come hang out and eat great BBQ! Tammy

Does the element of surprise really work?

I told students in last Saturday's Everything Else class, as well as a recent Defensive Awareness class, to be unpredictable as it can throw a potential attacker off long enough to get away. In the January newsletter I wrote about using this very tactic (here) when I faced a situation over the holidays. On the Articles Tab Lt. Betsy Randolph gives us an account of someone she knows who used this tactic to thwart a potential bank robbery. Yes, ladies, it really works! Tammy

A Concerned Mom's Questions

1. How can a mother of small children really be aware? 2. How can you teach your children to be polite and respectful but still wary of strangers? 3. As I started up my car, I noticed that he had parked right next to me and was also leaving the store but I never saw him with any bags. I drove off, noticing that he turned opposite of me.  Am I being paranoid or was this just a nice guy helping out a busy mom?

Check out Mom's Corner to see how Cherise expertly answered this student's questions.

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