March 2013

New Youth Website

The youth website has been renamed and relaunched. Cherise and I spent some time recently working on a name for the youth academy that would better represent what we're all about. We came up with SafeKidsU, and Cherise had the terrific idea for the acronym S.A.F.E., which stands for Safety and Firearms Education. I created a new logo for the new name and updated the youth website as well as OPD. Now in the top right hand corner of all OPD inside pages you'll see the logo (right), and when you click on the logo, it takes you to

If you're new to OPD, be sure to check out the youth website to see what we have to offer for kids of all ages. And if you've been with us for awhile, check it out anyway to see the new color scheme.

Guns with Names

Have you named your gun yet? A few ladies who caught the bug and now love their guns have named them...see the Just for Fun tab to read their stories.

The Myth of Wasp Spray Revisited

It continues to amaze me how many people perpetuate the myth that wasp spray is a valid self-defense tool. This week I received two Emails about wasp spray for self-defense. One was from a woman asking me where I got my information that wasp spray was ineffective for self-defense, and the other was from a man who has a self-defense academy for women in New York thanking me for my article.

For anyone who hasn't already asked me this question, and therefore heard my passionate response, WASP SPRAY DOES NOT WORK ON HUMANS!!!! If you haven't read the article I wrote, please read it so that you can understand for yourself why this is an extremely dangerous myth to believe or perpetuate.

See the Articles page to read the Emails I received and my responses.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Tom Gresham, host of GunTalk, worked a deal with the NRA for an unprecedented discount on lifetime memberships for $300 (normally $1000). The NRA is our greatest voice to protect our gun rights...if you're not a member, consider becoming one. See the February newsletter for more details.

February 9th SDA Class

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