June 2014

Upcoming Class Stay Safe, Stay Legal

If you own or carry a firearm, it is essential that you stay current on the laws of the state of Oklahoma for carrying and using a gun...and the laws are constantly changing. This class covers gun laws in depth, as well as new laws that have come into being (over 30 in the last few years). This class is a must even if you've taken the SDA class. The class is open to any woman who wants to learn more about Oklahoma gun laws you don't have to own a gun or have attended the SDA class to attend this class. Check out the Articles Tab for comments two women who attended the May class.

Class is on June 21st, and the registration deadline is in just two weeks so don't delay registering if you're interested. See the Classes Tab for details. Tammy

OPD Partners with U.S. Law Shield

I had read about U.S. Law Shield in one of my professional publications, researched them, and decided to become a member. U.S. Law Shield is a legal defense program that provides legal protection for gun owners. As a member I have many benefits, not the least of which is 24/7 access to their Oklahoma attorney should I ever need it. After meeting with their Oklahoma District Manager, I decided to partner OPD with them because they, like OPD, are very interested in firearms education.

I'm adding U.S. Law Shield to the ongoing columns in the newsletter, and am pleased to present their article, Behind Enemy Lines: A Guide to Traveling through Firearms-Hostile States in the June issue on the Articles Tab.

The more I get to know the attorneys and staff at U.S. Law Shield, the more I know I've made a very good decision, both personally with a membership and professionally partnering OPD with them. Not only are they expertly skilled in what they do firearms laws but they are a company of great integrity! Tammy

Mom's Class in July

Firearms and Your Young Child is a class I wrote that teaches parents how to teach their children what to do should they encounter a firearm, and it's not what most would assume. For example, running away seems like a good option if a child's friend brings out a gun, but would you believe it's one of the worst choices? Parents with firearms in the home learn how to demystify the gun to their children, and in addition to learning how to properly store firearms for defense and recreation (they're different) you'll learn how to gunproof your child.

The techniques really work, I've taught all of my children firearms safety and they all safely enjoy the sport of shooting. Check out this month's Mom's Corner on the Articles Tab for a great story about my youngest's first shooting experience.

See the Classes Tab for details and to register for the class. Cherise

Kyle Baggett, Oklahoma District Manager for U.S. Law Shield, speaking to the May
Stay Safe, Stay Legal class about lawful use of force.

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